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zombtracker.the-zomb.com ZOMB Torrents aka ZT is a live music sharing and trading community for lossless audio CD and DVD videos. Registrations are open to the public, but ZOMB Torrents reserve the right to grant accounts. Most of ZOMBS’s lossless music torrents can be downloaded in SHN (Shorten), FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and APE (Monkey’s Audio) format.

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About website

You’re allowed to create one account on this website. Creating more than one will likely result in one or both being prohibited, together with the upload/download stats combined on a single account.

We do not like banning people from our website, but so as to promote appropriate sharing and also to stop hit and runners, the Automated Banning system is in place and functioning. If your ratio drops within the ranges below, you will receive a warning personal message in the System:

” 5 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.10
” 10 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.20
” 20 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.30
” 40 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.40
” 60 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.45
” 80 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.50
” 100 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.60
” 150 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.65
” 200 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.70
” 350 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.75
” 500 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.80
” 750 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.85
” 1000 GB downloaded using a ratio less than or equal to 0.90
If you get a warning from the System about your ratio, saying that you’ve got 7 days to fix it, DO NOT ignore the message. If you don’t correct your share ratio prior to the expiry date, then the System will disable your ability to download any new torrents. The warning will persist until the expiry date.

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For those who have adjusted your share ratio after the 7 day period your account will return to normal and the warning will be increased.

Should you reduce your ability to download new torrents you may continue to seed torrents you have downloaded upload new torrents to fix your own ratio. When your ratio return to 1.0 or better your account will automatically have the ability to download torrents again!
We don’t allow spamming in our forums, comments, or personal messages.
” Art, Lyrics, or any other substances that have been published and are owned and protected by copyrights.
” we don’t let software in any form.
Downloading rules

No Strike And Running Allowed. Please keep your customers connected to all torrents you’ve downloaded till you’ve shared as much as you’ve downloaded. Attempting to do so on a consistent basis may result in the loss of your rights.
We don’t care if you share what you’ve downloaded here elsewhere.
Don’t share the . Torrent files you may download from here with anybody or post them to any websites. Doing this would provide public access for everyone to connect to our torrents with your accounts.

Uploading principles – Torrents violating these rules may be deleted without notice

Absolutely no audio in lossy formats! This implies no MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, etc.. Lossy webcasts will be deleted once confirmed as lossy.
Only uploads over the classes listed are allowed. No . TS video.
DVD videos hashed with VIDEO_TS as the primary directory will be deleted, no questions asked! Create a folder using the DVD’s name, copy the VIDEO_TS to that folder and hash the main folder with the title.
When uploading a DVD please specify in the “Bootleg Title” area whether the release was encoded as NTSC, PAL, or SECAM.
First look to determine if the series has already been uploaded. Torrent file, please remove any ads for products, websites, or any other information not directly pertinent to this launch. For instance “Tracked by a website.com” files should be removed in addition to any emblem files or other kinds of visual advertisements. When a source text file has had advertising information or “monitored by/seeded” to text inserted into it remove the offending text and save the document. When uploading your torrent you may increase the details on our website that it was “Uploaded to ZOMB on XXXX-XX-XX”, but please don’t add it to the permanent source text rather than append it on an current source text file.
All releases should include appropriate information, including the source text files and md5 or flac fingerprint checksums.
Choose the right category for your launch.
Don’t upload any commercially published material. Including out of print releases. The one exception is when a group has an official statement regarding out of print releases.
Make certain your torrents are well seeded for at least 24 hours and the torrent has plenty of seeders.
You have to do the job to be certain the ring for the torrent you’re uploading as a policy allowing digital online sharing.
We’re in complete compliance with policies of the band Phish, listed here: Phish Guidelines.
Pro-Shot Video Rules – Significant
– How DVD/VHS was initially acquired – Total lineage. In other words, the lineage from before you have it until what you have done to seed it .

No Video is permitted that is sourced from commercial releases, Pay-Per View Occasions, Official Website Video, or PROMOTIONAL DVD’s.

Whenever possible please connect to websites that show the validity of the bootleg content and post any other pertinent details.

Videos which are seeded and contain RAR or ISO files will be deleted. Just VOB files are permitted.

Please set the VIDEO_TS folder inside a directory using the DVD/SHOW name and HASH your torrent off that directory! Attempting to do so may cause your torrent being deleted or banned by the staff.

If cover artwork is available, please included it in the torrent. Do not make a new torrent just for the cover artwork.

Videos that don’t comply with these rules will be removed without prior warning and without notification. ZOMB Torrents Staff can eliminate any torrent for any reason without prior warning and without explanation. For those who have any questions about whether it is permitted or not, you can contact the team.

For a comprehensive list of bands that have AUDIO or VIDEO restrictions please see this list: Not Allowed Artists/Bands

General Forum Guidelines

Don’t post pornographic or violent images or link to pornographic or violent websites.
Don’t post nude images.
No competitive behaviour or flaming in the forums. We’re friendly and ready to answe legitimate questions. gif, . jpg and . png. (Browsers will rescale them anyway: smaller images will be expanded and won’t look good; larger images will just waste bandwidth and CPU cycles.)
For avatars don’t use and at the forums don’t post possibly offensive material like pornography, anti-religious, including animal cruelty or ideologically charged images.
Torrent with 0 seeds for 14 days are automatically deleted.
User account that aren’t triggered in 24H are deleted
User accounts that are inactive for 30 days or longer and don’t have any background (upload/download/posts/etc) are deleted every 180 days.

Full list of ZOMB Torrents Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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