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zelka.org Zamunda aka Zelka is one of the most popular torrent trackers in Bulgaria. The original Zamunda.net team moved to the new domains zamunda.se and zelka.org when it was hijacked in 2009. Zamunda(Zelka) is blocked for most visitors outside Bulgaria. The private tracker is one of the most popular bulgarian torrent trackers with all kinds of torrents. To access Zamunda abroad you will need to use a Bulgarian proxy.

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About website

According to several charts, Zelka.org is described as the greatest torrent tracker in Bulgaria or at least the most visited. Zelka.org is alternative name of Zamunda.se torrent tracker. Zelka.org is a place where you can meet an assortment of torrents, arranged by type and groups. The content is published online in categories: movies, music, games and software. To use the functions of Zelka.org must make a valid registration in the site. Currently this service is free.

You have access to all content torrent, where by using type and the search engine of torrents you desire, you can get the information that is desired. As power and ordinary users, you may view and download the torrent content and read and write comments. It is important to note that the publishing of content to the site is disabled for users. Uploaders on the site are concealed and unclear, and the receipt of these rights is clearly explained in the forum or in the FAQ section of the website.

Like every torrent tracker, Zelka.org not responsible for the content of your website. This website is a system of links and nothing more. The files you download, not physically located on their servers and are shared among all users through Bittorrent technology. Use downloading and uploading of content and only responsibility of users, something which everyone has agreed upon enrollment in the system. At the time of the article, Zelka not offered to rights’ owners to protect their content illegally or at least that possibility remains hidden to the public or when it’s used.

Access to the site of Africa, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and the USA is prohibited or at least limited. Thanks BGtorrentz, simple and completely safe, you can use and access functions Zelka.org. Just enter the URL zelka.org top of the homepage or simply use the link above. The information you enter secure and not copied from a third party. Web proxy is part of the connection, but communicating remains between you (as customer) and Zelka.org (as host).

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The default class of new members. Power User A user that has been registered for a minimum of 30 days, has uploaded at least 50 GB and has a ratio above 1.05. The promotion is automatic when these conditions are satisfied. Junior Uploader A user who has the rights files to the site. Submit this form if you want to be an uploader here and meet the standards written below. Uploader A user with the rights to upload torrent files. The promotion is provided by a moderator. Super Uploader A user with the rights files to the site. The promotion is given by an administrator. VIP A user with the rights has contribution to the website and files. Junior Moderator Appointed by a moderator for a probation. Moderator Can edit/delete uploaded torrents, moderate user comments and disable user accounts (IPs too). Administrator Takes care for almost everything in the site. Boss The owner of the website. Uploading

Q: I can’t upload torrents. Why?

A: Uploaders have the right.

Q: How do I become a Junior Uploader?

A: You should have an upload speed You should have been enrolled for at least 8 weeks. You should have uploaded over 500 GB. — If you want to be an uploader, submit this form. The promotion is not automatic. You must be approved by the staff. If you have not uploaded a torrent for 2 weeks, you’ll be demoted. Then, you can submit the uploader form at least a month .

User information

Q: I forgot my password.

A: Use this form so that we can send a new password.

Q: I registered but I didn’t recieve a confirmation email.

A: We don’t send confirmation emails. In order to login, write in your username and password.

Q: Why is my IP visible in my profile?

A: Everyone can see IP but it’s invisible for the others.

More info

Q: Can I download a torrent?

A: By the Torrents section pick a torrent you want to download and click on it. A new page will open with information about the torrent. There is a Download button which leads to the . torrent file. Download that file and start it. Then start the torrent download task. Click here if you don’t have a torrent client.

Q: What does “leech” and “leecher” mean?

A: Leech is the procedure for downloading a torrent. You’re leeching when you are downloading a torrent and you are a leecher.

Q: What does “seed” and “seeder” mean?

A: Seed is the process of sharing a torrent. You are seeding, when you’re sharing a torrent and you are a seeder.

Q: How can I create a torrent file?

A: Here you can upload a torrent. First, you have to make your own . torrent file. If you’re using BitComet, you can create it by selecting the “File” menu and then “Create Torrent”. A window will open and there’ll be a “Torrent Maker” blank. There you have to select whether you’ll add a single file or a directory(Multi-Files). When you select that, you’ll see the “Source File” blank. There’s a button “Browse”. Pick the file or the directory. After that, you’ll see a blank “Tracker server”. Add your server there: http://tracker.zamunda.se/announce.php In the “Output” blank, you will see where your torrent file will be stored. Mark the “Generate . Torrent File” box, write down the name of the torrent, we recommend you to write the name of this file Now you only have to save the . torrent file. Click the button “Browse” and choose where to save it. Click “Save” and your . Torrent file is prepared.

Q: Why did a torrent which was in the site hours or days past disappear?

A: The reason is that the seeders had stopped seeding it. Why was my comment deleted by the torrent/forum? A: The most probable explanation is that your remark broke the rules of the website.


Q: Which port can I use?

A: The forbidden ports are from 6881 to 6889. Use larger than these, we recommend ports with 5 digits and smaller than 60000 (Example: 54321).

Q: What’s a passkey?

A: A passkey is a genuine key which substitutes the IP recognition of the users. Every user has his/her own key, which he must not share with other users to be able to prevent any abuse. If that key gets understood to some other user, you can change it through the option “Reset passkey” on your Profile menu.

Q: What is an account parking?

Q: What’s an account parking? A you can prevent your user nickname for deleting inactive accounts, from getting deleted by the system. Use this option only when you go away (on holiday or business for example) and you won’t be using the tracker for quite a long time. After browsing and parking the account your access to some sections such as the tracker some pages will be forbidden. Before parking have been deleted accounts with no traffic realized. For copyrights owners For those who have copyrights and you find information on that website which violates them, please notify us by calling this email address: abuse( @ )zelka.org so that we can delete that information. The mail should contain evidence and a link of the copyrights. User’s questions

Q: When I was downloading “My Wife Giving Birth”, I was uploading with 120 KB/sec, now when I am seeding, my upload speed varies between 4-30 KB/sec?

A: It is typical for networks that the upload and download speed do not depend on you but also on. As an example, if you’re downloading HL2 and there are 10 leechers who are downloading, also, the documents are being shared by you and you are uploading with 120 KB/sec. After that there is only one leecher and you are the only one who is seeding the file, you’re seeding it with 120 KB/sec so that you can’t reach the utmost of your speed, but the user’s download speed is only 20 KB/sec.

Q: What’s the difference between leeching and seeding. Do I share files all the time?

A: The leecher downloads a torrent file and the seeder shares it. Things can be shared by you during the downloading if there’s any leecher who has downloaded information that is less than you or when you have downloaded them. You begin seeding it, after you have download a torrent and you become a seeder – there are other people that are downloading the file from you. The seed process is a share process. You share the file so that it can be leech/downloaded by users.

The uploader is the person who shares the info. Then the job of the uploader is done when there is one person that has downloaded the file.

Q: What is that “Rating”? Can I increase it ?

A: The rating is truly the ratio between leech and seed. Try to be high since the high rating gives some benefits – it is possible to become a Power User. Your rating becomes higher when you seed documents. If you seed more, you’ll get a better rating. Your rating becomes lower if you download.

Q: Why can not I use some sections (Upload, Requests)?

A: That is because you’re an User. You have to become a Power User and over if you want an access. There’s information about the classess up here.

1 . Arguing with the staff is forbidden!

2 . Look FAQ for information before asking a question.

3 . Rude and improper behaviour in the posts or comments will lead to warning (). You will receive one warning!

4 . Latin alphabet is mandatory for each English forum.

5 . Do not SPAM!!!

6 . After being seen thread that’s not in the perfect forum will be locked, right!

7 . Do not discuss anything except the torrent from the comments of the torrent. All other comments will be deleted by the staff.

8 . Rasist behavior is strictly prohibited and won’t be tolerated!

9 . Do not cheat or you’ll lose your account straight away!

10 . Avatars should be at most 250×250 & 150KB. Avatars which violate the rules of this tracker or are bigger, unappropriate will be deleted.

11 . Uploading a torrent – When the user is higher than 1. – Announce the document is downloaded from here.

12 . Any effort for advertising without consent and the knowledge of an administrator is forbidden!

13 . You have the right for just 1 account! If you violate these rules you will be banned!!!

Full list of Zelka Proxy Sites:



Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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