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yts.ag YTS.ag is a copycat of the shut down YIFY torrent site. Many movie torrent sites claim to be a legit replacement of the defunct YIFI Torrents / YTS Movies site. The site YTS.ag is a popular imposter claiming to be the original YTS.

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About website

YTS is a clone of the former and original YIFY torrents. The website is supposed to be operated by the same firm that does takeover the EZTV site. For that reason YTS.ag is avoided by many users in the torrenting scene. When Torrentfreak reported about YTS.ag, the firm behind YTS.ag updated a former article to say it was only attempting to recover YTS torrent files and the sites look and feel for fans. TorrentFreak posted a long article revealing that this site had no affiliation with the YTS. Thousands and thousands of people had gone into the site, believing it to be the YTS because they used the logo and site design.

The blog of YTS said they took action salvage YIFY data and to get releases back out. It states: An answer to each of the negative allegations made to our team: YES, YTS.AG is the nearest thing that anybody can get to being the REAL site for new the YIFY group releases. Unfortunately, classic YIFY releases are not any longer… Many YTS.ag/YTS copycats came up claiming to be the real YTS YIFY website. Anyhow, YTS shut down it’s operation in 2015.

There is no YTS torrent site. Everybody has to decide on its own wich YTS site is legit or not. Torrent sites warn lovers that YTS.ag is impersonating YIFY/YTS Ever since the demise of popular YIFY/YTS scores of YTS impersonator sites have come to the concern of genuine torrent lovers. Most notable among them is YTS.ag which claims to be the official ressurected YIFY/YTS torrent website. Now popular pirate sites have come together to blacklist the hordes of YIFY (YTS) impersonators that have appeared after the original group was shut down by the MPAA in New Zealand.

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Additionally it is revealed that YIFY, the film release group, and YTS.to, the site from where the group operated, are officially dead, as we previously reported here. YIFY/YTS’s closure was sealed when the American film maker’s association, MPAA was able to zero in on YTS leader, a man living in Auckland, in New Zealand. Once his identity was confirmed, MPAA sued for damages after. According to the arrangement, YTS.to was closed and handed over to MPAA. However, many counterfeit YTS websites popped up in order to profit on YIFY/YTS popularity.

While others sprang up to milk from many YTS fans on the advertising income, some of them are fly by scammers. Some users have reported that these fake YIFY sites spread malware and dont have torrents hosted on them. Among dozen of counterfieters, YTS.ag is the most popular one of these so-called YIFY impersonators. In fact many of our readers suggested YTS.ag to us, but instead of being promoted from the pirating community such as the Popcorn Time clones were, YTS.ag appears to be despised. The reason for YTS.ag being blacklisted by major torrent sites is that people behind YTS.ag are the very same people who snore the EZTV portal from its true owner.

Torrent redistribution portals like ExtraTorrent, Kickass Torrents, and RARBG, have officially announced their plans to obstruct YTS.ag film releases from their databases. The torrent community wants to make sure that capitalize YIFY/YTS departure. You are suggested to have a look at the top five YIFY/YTS options suggested by us and not fall prey, if you are a lover who overlooks the quality torrents from YIFY/YTS.

The YTS site and won’t be returning and YIFY release group have closed down following pressure that was legal. This has left room for other people to fill the gap, with YTS.ag leading the way. If they may be the new 27, the site, which is linked to this EZTV hijack this season, has requested several torrent sites. Its operation was ended by ytsagLate month one of the biggest piracy icons. Confronted with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from Hollywood the operator of YTS and the YIFY release group decided to throw in the towel. That doesn’t imply that these famous have disappeared permanently. Several unrelated sites are trying to take over YIFY’s dedicated followers, with YTS.ag being the most successful thus far.

The website, which is linked earlier this year, to the men and women who snore EZTV, want the public to feel they are the YTS. They use the name of a part of the YTS team, as an example, and suggest that YTS decided to move to a new domain. This strategy seems to have worked because hundreds of thousands of people have viewed the site already. And after the ‘fake’ YTS chose to encode their own rips, many believe that it’s business as usual. Hoping to push the traffic numbers up even farther, YTS.ag also contacted several of the most popular torrent sites, asking if they could release their torrents there as well. The operators make it clear they don’t have anything to do with the team.

They say they’d like to pick up where the group left off. “Do we have acknowledgement from previous YIFY staff to do this? The answer is that we couldn’t reach them,” the email reads. “We do our best to continue their work, thus so far we’ve uploaded our own encodes/releases with very similar quality/size of previous YTS team as well as improving a bit the audio part of the encodes. We have our own seedboxes and upload very quickly the releases.”

The YTS.ag team gives the torrent sites a “partnership” and expects it will have the ability to add their releases to these sites, utilizing the popular YTS brand. “You have a very strong community and your users are searching daily for new YTS releases. Despite the fact that they can find them at yts.ag we would like to partnership with you and add our new releases to your website,” they write. ytsagmail TF spoke with several torrent website operators who say they won’t permit YTS.ag to publish on their sites with a YTS or YIFY motivated label, stating that it would be inappropriate.

RARBG is not letting any YTS.ag rips on their site and ExtraTorrent is banning YTS and YIFY impostors as well. “They are cheap groups who wish to benefit and make a fast name by jumping on something which was already there,” the ET team tells us, adding that the identical thing happened when aXXo vanished several years ago. “They will fade away, even though many downloaders will fall prey to the scam,” they add. KickassTorrents is another site taking a similar stance. The KAT team says it will only accept releases if YTS.ag utilizes an unrelated name. ”

Here at KAT we don’t think it’s a good idea for a release group to use the name of another group confusing our users. So no stage will be provided at least until they choose a different title,” the team advises us. KAT administrator Mr. Black understands that other groups want to exchange on the popular YIFY/YTS name but adds that in addition to the possible confusion, KAT would never allow it out of respect for the first group.

“This is something which is always going to happen but we also understand that the quality of these groups will never be the same. To permit this would be insulting to the original release group who we trusted in the past and gained so much respect with us,” he says.

“Over the past months we thanked YIFY for his input to our site over the years. His reply was that the appreciation from ourselves made them happy and he thanked us for having trust in them.” That having been said, KAT can not ban users from uploading the releases. None of the torrent websites we spoke with enables YTS.ag to take over from the old group but the releases are currently appearing on some automated search engines such as isoHunt.

Many users do not appear to care while the operators and moderators in the major sites are absolutely loyal. They are happy as long as they can get their weekly dose of pirated films. At the time of writing thousands of people are sharing the YTS.ag releases as if nothing ever happened.

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