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Are you watching movies and serials with subtitles? Watch out for hacker attacks


If you watch a lot of movies and series using subtitles – you have to be on guard. Hackers have found a major vulnerability in some programs and can take control of your computer.

Watching foreign films and series with Polish subtitles is an important part of almost every one of us. We do not always catch English so well to understand the characters, but the subtitles (often created by the users themselves) save our lives. However, it turns out that the process of finding matching subtitles can cause problems for us. Viruses are already quite common, especially if you use torrents. Just download a virus-written subtitle file and load it into the program (VLC, Kodi, Popcorn Time and Streamio are vulnerable), so that the hacker can take control of your computer. The error was detected by CheckPoint’s IT staff. Their film shows how exactly the attack goes. It was always the way to load subtitles by the movie player.

Portals have reported that VLC, Popcorn Time and Kodi have already released fixes for the problem. However, how many public programs can be fooled by this.

How to protect yourself from malicious inscriptions?

Most importantly, the basis for updating the subtitles to the most recent versions should be the basis. It is best not to use automatic matching and subtitle downloads, but only download them from trusted sources and (at least skimically) view them before loading into the program (if the file contains strange lines of code in the file – the file may be faulty).
The best way to do this is to still watch movies with the lector, or a quick English course, or download movies with the lector, for example, with torrents.

Convicted website owners with subtitles for movies and serials.

Undertexter was one of the most popular movie and movie subtitles for almost a decade. Users of this site may also upload their own captions to the public domain. In 2013, the site was shut down as a result of a police raid, acting in turn at the request of Hollywood producers (the case was built on 74 specific titles, out of the “millions” available in the database), among other things to shut down the servers. The natural consequence was the allegation of Eugen Archa, who – I am able to believe it – did not realize that the activity of his site and its users is illegal.

There were arguments similar to those often occurring in such cases, that is “we would not have come to mind” and “especially because we did it for free.” The defense strategy was focused on the fact that the inscriptions could not infringe on the copyright of the film, which is built from the image and sound, but the court did not agree with such arguments.

The page with subtitles for movies and series is a bad idea
This week Archy has been found guilty of copyright infringement, but will not go to jail. He was ordered to pay a $ 27,000 fine, which will be charged to advertisers and users.


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