Watching movies in cinema vs Video on the small screen at home


    Do you prefer to watch movies in the cinema or at home? I’ve noticed that fewer and fewer people go to the cinema. Maybe this is because movie ticket prices are getting more and more expensive? Many people may not be able to afford to spend money on tickets and popcorn and coca cole. It seems to me that it is also much fun watching home movies at home cinema or with friends. I myself am a proponent of such a solution.

    First of all it is very easy now to download all kinds of videos from internet just to find a good torrent. Probably all of you have already heard about torrents and you use them yourself. However, not everyone is aware that this is illegal. Very rare, however, is that people who distribute such files are subject to copyright. This happens sporadically, but more and more often than it was in earlier times.

    Still, Internet users continue to do so, and there is no indication that this is due to end. You really have to ask yourself whether it is possible to stop this kind of activity of all people using the internet? I’m afraid not because there is a huge number of them. Emerging organizations that have virtually no influence on online piracy are banging their heads against the wall. As a user of all kinds of torrents I am so calm about this method of downloading for years to come.

    Returning to the subject of films, it is noticeable that the files uploaded to the web are getting better and better quality. Namely, the resolution of films has improved considerably in relation to previous years. So there is nothing that could hinder the comfort of watching a movie at home. I suspect even that the quality of movies downloaded from the torrent is better than movies in theaters. By the way, more and more films are very weak that appear in theaters. I am a fan of the cinema of the 90s and also of the early twentieth century.

    Many of today’s films are designed to get the most out of ticket sales, and most often such commercials can not give us a quality product. The fact is that movie budgets from year to year are getting bigger but unfortunately this does not affect the quality of these films.

    In order to download as comfortable as possible and as soon as possible to make the film from the Internet should of course remember the good statistics of the torrent. It must contain as many seeds and peers as possible. This is very important because as you probably know downloading this method involves exchanging files between users. So if the number of sources of the file we want to download will be bigger then we will be able to suck it up faster.

    Of course after downloading we can watch it on the computer but I am a fan of losing it to the hard drive and connecting it to the computer for maximum viewing comfort. It really does not cost anything and we can save on a movie ticket and also do not waste time leaving the house.


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