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torviet.com Torviet is a Vietnamese private torrent tracker for general content.

Language: Vietnamese

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About website


Torviet (Originally HDVNBits) is a excellent general tracker. It has a base that is content that is decent. It’s excellent for not vietnamese folks, but for the individuals that are general too. Torrents which are not present on such trackers or IPT, many times, Can be found here. It is home to EPiK. Naturally many scene releases are present here. A bonus point system complements the tracker.

The downside to the public that are general is that the forums are completely in vietnamese. HDVNBits had shut down for sometime and then resurrected with Torviet. Overall its a good general tracker. Where most parts of its interface are in English orViet a personal tracker. It’s the home of the renowned encoder EPiK who’s well know for best quality in adequate mHD size.

Both Scene and P2P releases are permitted there and they come with speeds. Many HDbits.org encodes like VietHD and TayTO are uploaded there. It’s shut down for months then came back after changing tracker name and domain names as it was formally called HDVNbits.org. It invites and has bonus system that can be transferred into upload credits. Pre-Times are sometimes extremely fast and other times average.

Community is very good and helpful and not too many rules are enforced. Like trackers,you can not change your mail after registration and their forum is only in Vietnamese.

Torviet Proxy List >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

About Tracker

How does the BQT donate money to members?

The donation amount of the member is used by the administrator to rent server running tracker, hosting public forum and hiring coder coding necessary functions.

What benefit do I get when I donate?

When you donate you will get the corresponding HDP, you can use HDP to upgrade to VIP account or change HDP to upload.


How to write Funbox?

A topic expires in 24 hours. However, if the topic has 20 or more votes, and its “comic” votes are less than 20%, then it will expire. After a topic expires, you will be allowed to post new threads.

How to calculate Funbox reward points?

The topic if the other members vote for “Humor” will be rewarded as follows:

* Over 25 votes, the comedy index reaches 50%. Member is 5 points.
* Over 50 votes, the comedy score is 50%. Member is added 5 points.
* Over 100 votes, the comedy score is 50%. Member is added 5 points.
* Over 200 votes, the comedy index reached 50%. Member is added 5 points.
* Over 25 votes, the comedy index reaches 75%. Member is 10 points.
* Over 50 votes, the comedy index reached 75%. Member is added 10 points.
* Over 100 votes, the comedy index is 75%. Member is added 10 points.
* Over 200 votes, the comedy index reached 75%. Member is added 10 points.

About User – Top

How to register to tracker?

You need to have an invite to be able to subscribe to the tracker.

I forgot my username \ password, how can I get back on the tracker?

Use this recovery function, the registration information will be sent to your mailbox.

Can I rename my account (or email)?

No and do not ask us this.

What is a Ratio?

It is located in the upper left corner.

Ratio is the ratio between the amount of data uploaded and your download You can see your ratio at the top left corner of the screen, under your account name

Ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of uploaded files by the total amount of space downloaded. If your ratio> 1, you are a enthusiastic member of the tracker with a high spirit of sharing. By contrast, you are a follower of the tracker.

There are also two special cases: “Inf” and “—”

Inf means Infinity – meaning you have not downloaded anything yet, but upload a larger amount of data than 0; “—” means “nothing”, meaning that you have not downloaded or uploaded any data yet.

Why is my IP address appearing on the profile page?

Do not worry about other people will see your IP, such sensitive information only you and the administrators of the tracker can see it.

Why can not I connect to the tracker, my port in the peer list is red?

The tracker finds you are behind a firewall and NAT, and your computer can not receive data from the tracker directly (in other words, your port is locked).

That means the other members can not connect with you, only you can connect with them only. This affects your download and upload speeds.

To solve this problem you need to turn off the firewall or open the port in the modem, details can be found here: PortForward).

How many levels of tracker are there?

Peasant members are downgraded. Must improve the ratio within 14 days otherwise will be locked account. These members can not post in the FunBox, can not upload subtitles and post links.
User Level default for new members. Can upload torrents, funbox.
Power User Can view NFO file, see list of members.
Elite User May require reseed.
Crazy User It is possible to view the torrent history of other members (if the user does not have high privacy settings).
Insane User Can view the comments and post history of other members’ forums.
Veteran User Get one invite per month, no accumulations.
Extreme User Can upload subtitle. Get one invite per month, no accumulations.
Ultimate User Anonymously when seeding / leeching / uploading. Get 2 invite per month, no accumulations.
Master Level 2 invite per month, not accumulative.
VIP Members who donate to the tracker. Has the same functionality as the Master and is considered Elite Elite. Not charged for download. Can view log of tracker.
Honor People with the tracker, for example Ex-staff / Encoder / Ripper / Subber … have all the powers like VIP.
Transporter Members have high upload speeds. Have all the rights as Honor and never locked account automatically. Anonymous members can be seen.
Uploader Members upload regularly to the tracker. Have every right as Transporter.
Moderator members of Management Board. They manage all member behavior. You can view box Staff and Report, manage Funbox and polls, edit and delete any torrents, manage forum posts and comments of members, view sensitive logs, delete any captions, view history Invitation of member, change general information of member.
Administrator Administrator of the tracker, manages the entire tracker.
SysOp Database Management.
Staff Leader.

How to achieve those levels?

Peasant You will be downgraded if you download more than 50 GB and the ratio is below 0.4
Power User Join the tracker over 4 weeks, download over 50GB and ratio greater than 1.05. You will automatically be promoted when you meet the above points.
Note, the system will automatically downgrade if your ratio is less than 0.95 at any time.
Elite User Join the tracker over 8 weeks, download over 120GB and ratio greater than 1.55. You will automatically be promoted when you meet the above points.
Note, the system will automatically downgrade if your ratio is lower than 1.45 at any time.
Crazy User Join the tracker over 15 weeks, download over 300GB and ratio greater than 2.05. You will automatically be promoted when you meet the above points.
Note, the system will automatically downgrade if your ratio is lower than 1.95 at any time.
Insane User Join the tracker for more than 25 weeks, download over 500GB and ratio over 2.55. You will automatically be promoted when you meet the above points.
Note, the system will automatically downgrade if your ratio is lower than 2.45 at any time.
Veteran User Join the tracker for more than 40 weeks, download over 750GB and ratio greater than 3.05. You will automatically be promoted when you meet the above points.
Note, the system will automatically downgrade if your ratio is lower than 2.95 at any time.
Extreme User Join the tracker for more than 50 weeks, download over 1TB and ratio over 3.55. You will automatically be promoted when you meet the above points.
Note, the system will automatically downgrade if your ratio is lower than 3.45 at any time.
Ultimate User Join the tracker over 60 weeks, download over 1.5TB and the ratio is greater than 4.05. You will automatically be promoted when you meet the above points.
Note, the system will automatically downgrade if your ratio is lower than 3.95 at any time.
Join the tracker for more than 70 weeks, download over 2.5TB and over 4.55. You will automatically be promoted when you meet the above points.
Note, the system will automatically downgrade if your ratio is lower than 4.45 at any time.
VIP Donate for tracker, join the upgrade program on acc VIP. Details see here for more details.
Honor Those who are credited with the tracker will be considered for this rank.
Transporter – Uploader You will receive a request from the admin if they find your upload ability higher than other memes.
Moderator You will receive suggestions from the admin if they find you need a member manager, and you meet their requirements.

How do I add an avatar to my profile?

You must first have a photo that matches the rules. Next you need to find a website where you can upload your photo, for example Photobucket or Imgur. You will get the URL provided from that website to post the image and the address will be placed on the Avatar line under your profile. Please do not post post just to try avatars. If you do this correctly, your avatar will be in the personal page.

What responsibility do I have for the invite recipients from me?

Guide new users how to use torrent. The person who took the invite bear all responsibility if the invite invite caused the error: public file torrent, cheat, up out of the tracker out, …

Why do not I get bonus points when torrent seed?

Misc under the category Misc, less than 500MB in size will not be rewarded with seed.

How long does the park account function last?

We have removed this feature. 6 months tracker will periodically delete the account is disabled once, the object deleted account is the user has been suspended for more than 6 months. To avoid deleting your account, just login.

After the user name has a symbol, I can not?

Torch. This is the medal function of the tracker. You are here to get. And read more here.

Common reasons explain why your information is not up to date

1) User is a cheater.
2) Server is overloaded and does not respond to request. If possible, you should not close that session before the server can respond to you. You will not refresh your browser too much because this will overload the server.
3) You are using a non-stable, non-stable torrent client. If you still want to use the unstable version of torrent-client then you are responsible for that action!


Useful tips

1) If your torrent is seed / leech does not show up on your download list, just wait a bit or refresh your browser.
2) Make sure that you have disabled the torrent client properly and the tracker has received the “event = completed” message.
3) While the server is down, you should not stop seed / leech for the torrent. As soon as the server restores your upload / download capacity will be automatically updated immediately.


Which torrent-client can be used on the tracker?

Only the clients listed below will be able to leech / seed in the tracker. Non-listed clients will not be available in the tracker.

List of torrent-clients allowed in tracker:

* Azureus: From version 4.0 and above.
* BitTorrent: 7.2.1 or above.
* Deluge: From 1.1.6 and above.
* KTorrent: From version 4.0 and above.
* Libtorrent: From 0.12 and above.
* QBittorrent: From 3.1 and above
* RTorrent: From version 0.8 and above.
* Transmission: Transmission 1 from version 1.06 (build 5136) and Transmission 2 from version 2.03 or above.
* UTorrent: From version 2.0 or later (accept the Beta).
* UTorrent MAC: From 1.6.0 and above (accepts Beta).

+ If you launch a new version, please wait for the tracker to update to this list before proceeding to upgrade.
+ Those who go to utorrent 2.0.3 that speed is weak then go to Options / Preferences —> Bitorrent —> check “Enable Bannet Management” and restart utorrent.

Why is the torrent I’m downloading / uploading appears at the same time many times in my profile?

For some reason (for example, a sudden reboot or a torrent client failure) you can not properly finish the torrent down / up. After you refresh, your torrent will be appended. The new “peer_id”, in other words, is the torrent you are uploading / downloading as a new torrent. The server will not receive a “event = completed” or “event = stopped” message, and sometimes it will show the faulty torrent in the list of inactive torrents. Do not worry about this because after a while it will return to normal.

I ended / stopped a torrent. So why does it still appear in my profile?

Some torrent-clients, especially TorrentStorm and Nova Torrent, do not send the server a message to complete or stop the torrent. For these cases, the tracker will wait for a message from your client and the tracker will still show that the torrent is active (download / upload) for a certain period of time. Do not bother with this because after a while the torrent will disappear from the list of active torrents only.

Can I join the tracker from multiple IP addresses or from different computers?

Yes, the tracker supports multiple sessions from different IP addresses for a single user. Torrents are tied to the user as they begin to upload and only at this point their IP address is determined. In other words, if you want to download / upload from machine A and machine B using the same account then you should login to tracker from machine A, start the torrent, and then do the same on machine B (the number of two machines only For example, without limiting you to using more than two machines, it is important to do all the above steps on all machines). You do not need to re-login after turning off the client-client. Note: You are not allowed to use 2 IP to download the same torrent.

Why is my torrents up tracker deleted?

You should read the rules here.

What conditions do I need to be considered for a Uploader?

Staff will be based on the amount of torrent you up and your speed to consider level Uploader.

Can I bring torrents to other trackers?

Not. Only registered users can download torrents from the tracker. So if you only copy torrents, other users will not be able to download the data from the tracker. In order not to make it difficult for you or the tracker, we ask that registered users only use torrent files on the tracker. However, you can still use downloaded data from the tracker for other purposes.

Want to upload torrent to tracker, what should I do?

Updating …

Downloading – Top

How do I use downloaded files?

Please read this manual carefully.

I downloaded the movie, but do not know what the concept of CAM / TS / TC / SCR means?

Read this guide carefully.

Why does the torrent just start working?

There are several reasons: 1) Torrent does not conform to rules.
2) The uploader deleted it because the upload was a scene (bad quality). It is likely that this version will be replaced by an internal version (good quality).

How can I resume downloading torrents that have been suspended or reseed the existing torrent?

Open up the torrent file. When the torrent program asks for a retrieval path, select the path to where you hold the existing file, then the program will automatically recheck and resume the download or reseed.

Why does the data I download sometimes stop at 99%?

You have downloaded the majority of the data and the torrent client is trying to find the end users with the missing or corrupted data. The download will pause when only a few percent are complete. Please wait a bit and you will download 100% of the data you want. This problem is often caused by the wrong use of torrent-client, use uTorrent or Azureus for best results.

What does the message “a piece of has failed an hash check” mean?

Torrent-client is checking for corrupted downloads. If any part of your download data is faulty then the torrent-client will automatically download that part until the error is gone. The occurrence of this type of error is very normal so you do not bother about it. Some torrent-clients have the option of allowing you to block regular users or send out faulty data.

The size of the torrent is 100MB. So what data I downloaded to 120MB?

Pay attention to the above question. If the torrent-client receives corrupted data, it will automatically re-download it until the error is resolved. Therefore, the total amount of download you have is likely to be larger than the original size of the data.

Why is my error “rejected by tracker – Port xxxx is blacklisted”?

Your Torrent-client must use the default port for the BitTorrent protocol (6881-6889) or the default port for P2P programs. Tracker does not allow you to use the standard ports of other data exchange protocols. The reason is that many service providers often close these ports, which makes the speed of data exchange on the tracker drop a lot. The ports that can be blocked are listed below, but we can not guarantee that your service provider blocks only those ports (they may block more): 411-413 ( Direct Connect), 1214 (Kazaa), 4662 (eDonkey), 6346-6347 (Gnutella), 6881-6889 (BitTorrent). To access the tracker, you need to configure your torrent-client to use the ports other than those ports (preferably 49152-65535). Note that some clients like Azureus use a port for all torrents while some clients use different ports for different torrents. These ports play an important role in connecting between users, not between client and server! Changing ports in many cases will increase the speed between users. Also do not ask other people what port they will use, the higher the port, the less the service provider will detect (they will not close your port).

“IOError – [Errno13] Permission denied” is what?

To solve this problem, you need to refresh your computer. The error details are as follows: IOError is an input-output error and this error is due to your computer, not due to tracker. This error occurs when torrent-client can not open downloaded file for some reason. The most common reason is when two torrent-clients work together. For example, you are trying to disable torrent-client A but not shut down. Wait too long, so you open the torrent client client a second time and you will get the same error. In other words, the first torrent-client run blocked the unfinished files. Less common are errors in the file system table (FAT or FAT32). Downloaded files will fail to read or they will fail to read at all. You should use the NTFS file system for best results.

Why do I get the error “Your slot limit is reached!

This error is due to “Slot System”. It is used to limit the number of simultaneous downloads of low-riders and download more than 10 GB


Ratio under 0.5 is down 1 at 1
Ratio less than 0.65 is down 1 at 2
Ratio under 0.8 is down 1 at 3
Ratio less than 0.95 is down 1 at 4
Ratio on 0.95 is down for an unlimited time

What is a passkey? How does it work?

Passkey is a special code used to distinguish members of the tracker. Each member will have their own passkey, based on which the system can identify which member is doing the job on the tracker (seed / leech).

Why did I get the message “Unknown Passkey”?

The first reason may be because you are not a member on the tracker or the torrent file you downloaded is not downloaded from the tracker. In this case you need to log in again and reload the torrent file. The second case may be because you changed the passkey on the tracker, but you have not changed the passkey in the torrent file you are loading. You need to change the passkey on both sides; Tracker and torrent files. If you changed the passkey and still be alarmed, then do update tracker.

When should I change the passkey?

In case your passkey is disclosed and other members abuse to download torrents with your account. In this case, you will see torrents that you do not join seed / leech appear in your profile.

What is DHT? Why do I have to turn it off and how?

DHT must be turned off in the torrent client. It makes your information misleading and can be considered fraudulent. Any member who turns on DHT will be recognized by the system as fraudulent and may be locked out of the account.

Why is my client program notifying me when my hard drive is running, when it actually is?

Most likely your drive is formatted in FAT32 format, which means that the file size limit is no more than 4 GB. If you are using Windows, convert the format to NTFS. Click here for more details.

Why are there some torrents I am not entitled to download?

There are some special torrents available for download. Only users who meet the level requirements will be able to download. Details are as follows:

* BDViet Blu-ray Remux Torrent: Requires Insane User level up to download.

* Torrent with Vietnamese explanation: Require Elite Elite level up to download.

How to speed up the download of torrent?

Do not try to download new torrents as they are uploaded, especially if you have low speed.

Let the users have high speed download of data before, these people will ensure you a very fast download speed and unlimited bandwidth. The best time to jump into a torrent download is when the torrent has been downloaded by nearly half the others. Your seeding speed will also be affected by the many torrent downloads. Your task is to balance the two seed / leech elements 🙂

Reduce upload speed.

Most torrent-clients are tuned to balance the amount of data exchanged between users. There are times when the upload speed is equal to the download speed. For example, if user A and B are downloading the same file and A is sending B the data of that file at high speed then B will also try to send back A at the same speed. Therefore, if the upload speed will lead to high download speed. The process of exchanging torrents with clients A and B is performed by the system ACKs (one of the types of messages “received!”). If a particular torrent client does not receive data then other users will pause the upload. This will make downloading and uploading speed slower. To prevent such situations, there is a balance between downloading and uploading torrents. The most common solution is to limit the upload speed to about 80% of the theoretical speed. Some clients (eg Azureus) can limit the overall speed for you or others that will allow you to limit on specific torrents. Always remember that some of your bandwidth will be used by programs that require Internet access (web, mail …).

Reduces the number of connections in the torrent client.

Some systems (like Windows 9x) have a large number of concurrent connections that are ineffective and may even cause the program to crash. Some routers (especially when NAT / firewall is working in scanning mode) can also slow down the connection speed and cause crashes. In this case there is no overall solution, thus forcing you to choose the optimal number of connections per case (we recommend values ​​from 60-100). You should also keep in mind that it fits all the rest of the programs running on your computer.

Reduce the number of upload connections.

Restricting the amount of simultaneous upload means reducing the amount of data that you upload. Using multiple torrents to upload is not synonymous with increased upload efficiency. In bad cases, this will slow down your upload speed as torrents that are inactive (but still in seeding mode) will hit the active torrents. The optimal value for this parameter is calculated based on the connection speed directly connected to the connection speed, which is the reason for your connection and as the case may be.

Just give it some time

As explained above peers favor other peers that upload to them. When you start leeching a new torrent you have nothing to offer to peers and they will tend to ignore you. This makes the starts slow, in particular if, by chance, the peers are connected to include few or no seeders. The speed download should increase as soon as you have some pieces to share.

Why do I browse very slowly when downloading?

Your Internet connection has a certain speed depending on the physical connection and the Net packet you registered with your ISP. So if you download torrents at high speed it will slow down the speed of other programs such as web, email … In order to deal with other Net applications slow down, you have to reduce down the overall download speed in the torrent. -client (or reduced on specific torrents).

1. Prohibited acts: (Breaking these rules will get you banned)

1.1. Using tricks to bogus information about “ratio” and/or “upload”.

1.2. Remux releases which uploaders expressed their desire not to be uploaded outside tracker or required.

1.3. No in for 6 months.

1.4. Commercializing downloaded tools from tracker.

1.5. Registering and/or using multiple accounts; sharing or lending accounts.

1.6. Using multiple internet connections that are local to upload to your account.

1.7. Dealing/Trading tracker’ bonus points, invitations, upload, accounts in any form.

1.8. No respecting our staff within or outside tracker. Do not lead to any dispute or involve about matters related to tracker in any debate in other forums.

1.9. Intentionally breaking tracker’ rules or staff’s decision.

2. Discussing rules

2.1. Vietnamese and English are the official language to discuss at pages or categories of tracker.

2.2. Don’t insult other members. Do not post images, links to sites containing pornographic content.

2.3. Do not request freeleech subtitles; don’t whine about upload speed of uploader.

2.4. Do not criticize torrents’ content.

2.5. Do not insert advertisements, links to other sites out of discussing range of torrents’ content.

3. Username – Avatar – Signature rules:

3.1. Username must not have any meaning that is misunderstood or match of politicians and national and international leaders.

3.2. Avatar shouldn’t contain reactionary elimination or content of faith. Resolution heavier than 150KB and shouldn’t be over pixels.

3.3. Signature must be not too big, its height must be not over 150 pixels. Maximum font size is 12 and has to be not over 6 lines. The content of signature must not express any reactionary or messages that are pornographic. II. DOWNLOADING RULES 1. Don’t hit and run. Minimum ratio is 0.4. You’re going to be demoted to class peasant, when your ratio is below this. If your ratio to be higher than the minimum ratio has not been improved by you, you’ll be banned. 2. From class VIP or reduced, each torrent is permitted to use 1 IP. You’re allowed to use 1 IP but that IP must be VPS or a seedbox. You’ll be warned if 2 IP are both lines or both seedboxes.

1. General rules

1.1. Don’t upload any pornographic, reactionary content or elimination politics, of religion. Screenshots, posters All should comply with these regulations.

1.2. Do not upload free content, can be easily downloaded from other sites.

1.3. Don’t upload zipped files (RAR, ZIP, 7Z, r**).

1.4. Do NOT upload files containing virus, adware or splitted files like 0**, _**.

1.5. Name in torrent has to be clear, reveal content of this document, except instances. Multi-chapter films, do not name like “Chapter xx”. Music albums, don’t name their tunes like “track xx” or “tune xx”. Absolutely don’t name folders or files in Vietnamese.

1.6. Torrents must not include any url file of different trackers or websites.

1.7. Carefully before uploading to avoid upload that is coincident, hunting.

1.8. Uploading a torrent must be clarified in detail about that torrent (more information later). 1.9. Uploading correct content of its category.

1.10. Uploaders have to be accountable for the content they share.

2. Uploading content A. For TVShow, Movie and Music Video:

2.1. BluRay, Bluray remux, HD DVD, HD 720p, HD 1080p, HDTV, mHD (don’t upload mHD 1080p), 3D encode.

2.2. Do not upload releases that are not allowed to be uploaded in trackers or sites.

2.3. DVD ISO, DVD-R with untouched video and audio untouched (not re-encode), DVDRip, TV capture, TVRip (at least 480p).

2.4. Videos in format TS, DVDSCR, R5 if they are hot movies (in current year) that have not had standard DVDRip and have to have their screen-shots. Those copies above will be deleted when DVDRip was published.

2.5. Do not upload up-scaled content, illegal DVD copies, RealVideo (RMVB, RM), flv file, content taken from online movie websites, or sample of another content.

2.6. Release has to be muxed with a lossy audio track (DTS/AC3/AAC/FLAC). B. For Music: 2.5. Lossy single/album ripped from CD with bit-rate 128 kbps or greater.

2.6. Lossless single/album. Lossy single/album MP3, AAC, AC3, DTS, M4A. Do not upload WAV, NRG format.

2.7. DTS music single/album.

2.8. In a music torrent, all of monitors should have the exact same bitrate.

2.9. Do not upload any downloaded from music sites that are online.

2.10. Do not divide torrent into “CD1” & “CD2” with double-CD. Uploading in 01 torrent and naming by tag 02 CD.

2.11. Do not upload any single/album converted in forms that are lossy-to-lossless or lossy-to-lossy. C. For Game:

2.12. Console Games: For GameCube, PS1, PS2, XBOX, GBA, XBox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and NDS.

2.13. PC Games: Game for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

2.14. Handheld Games: Android iOS and Java.

2.15. Do not upload games that are free.

2.16. Games that are Uploaded must unite crack/patch. D. For Software:

2.17. Don’t upload free software.

2.18. Applications must attach crack/patch/keygen. E. Other genres:

2.19. Training video, Ebook book. NOTES: For content you need to ask moderator to know you will be charged with breaking rule, along with your torrent will be deleted or if it’s permitted to be upload.

3. Torrent description

3.1. Torrent’s name: Using name contents for all. Vietnamese music may have highlighted name. Picture: Name and year based on IMDb.com | [Note] | Resolution | Source | | [Sound] | VideoCodec-Group Example: Thor: The World 2013 BluRay DD5.1 x264-LolHD Ender’s Game 2013 REPACK 1080p BluRay DTS x264-DON Drama: Name based on IMDb.com or TheTVDB.com | [Year] | S**E** | [Note] | Resolution | Source | | [Audio] | VideoCodec-Group Example: The Walking Dead S04E09 720p HDTV x264-2HD Three Kingdoms 2010 E01 mHD BluRay DD5.1 x264-CMCT Music: Artist — Album | (Year) | Format | [Note] | -Group Example: Enya — And Winter Came (2008) [FLAC] Games: Name | Version | [Notice] | [-Group] | Year Example: Battlefield 3-RELOADED 2011 Soft: Name | [Year] | Model | [Notice] | [-Group] Example: Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 v Final Ebook: Author — Name | [Version] | [- Publisher] | [Notice] | Year | [-Group] Example: James Stewart – Calculus: Concepts and Contexts, 4th Ed – Brooks Cole [2009] Items inside [ ] can be ignored if they don’t appear in name or NFO. Do not place into the name of torrent. + Torrents containing dub/voice-over need to be added tag “ViE” in [Notice]. Example: Thor: The World 2013 ViE mHD BluRay DD5.1 x264-EPiK Live Free or Die Hard 2007 Unrated ViE 720p BluRay DTS x264-DON

3.2. Notes section: Being used for adding specific information only, other names (may be accented Vietnamese). Do not insert.

3.3. The description of torrent: Do not copy/paste ASCII art from NFO take out necessary details. Unless it’s necessary do not insert links of websites, even torrent links on the tracker. Poster/cover’s size is not bigger than 700x500px. All of screenshots must be in the PNG format, under thumbnail form (link to real & exact resolution images). Example: [URL=someimage.com/JAkbSi2][IMG]t1.someimage.com/JAkbSi2.jpg[/IMG][/URL] For Movie/TVShow: + Poster is required. + Information such as format, runtime, codec, bitrate, resolution, language, subtitle group name has to be adequate and precise as the NFO file. + At least 3 screenshots. + IMDB link is required (except pictures that don’t have it). Trailer is optional. For Music Video: Poster of its artist/band can is required or replaces + Poster of this show. + Information like format, runtime, codec, bitrate, resolution, speech, Rip group name (if any) must be sufficient and accurate. + a minimum of three screenshots. Song list must be recorded not the list published on cover. For Music: + Cover is required. + Song listing must be listed sufficiently under text form, not the list published on cover. Ripped versions of music which contain LOG need to get placed their LOG. For Games: Pay or + Poster is necessary. + At least 2 screenshots under form. + Required information: Publisher, genre, release year and system requirements (for PC games). For Soft: + Illustrative pictures are required. + Introduce about its functions and the software. For Ebook: + Poster or pay is required. + Required information: its table of contents, release year, publisher, summary about the book or Author.

4. Packing rules

4.1. For Film: Do not pack for any reason.

4.2. For TVShow/TVSeries: Only packing if it’s a complete season or a set. Episodes in the torrent must have the same source or encode standard (all episodes are BluRay, 720p, 1080p, mHD, DVD9, DVD5 or DVDRip), same ripped group.

4.3. For Music video: Do not upload collections generated or source-unknown collections, including collections of a single artist. Only packaging if there are different videos/clips belonging to one display (not single chapter of the series). Clips in the torrent should have the identical source or encode standard as TVShow/TVSeries.

4.4. For songs: Do not upload collections, including discography, excpet discography published under boxset form, or collections created personally.

4.5. For Game: Just packing games that related to one another about the content and you have to have an agreement from matches’ moderator.

4.6. All of other cases aren’t permitted to pack. Please contact staff to be replied if it’s not clear if your content can be packed or not.

5. Rules about number of versions that were ripped/encoded allowed to be uploaded of one movie

5.1. TS, R5, DVDSCR versions (lower than DVDRip standard in general): If tracker does not have DVDRip or higher version then those versions are permitted to be uploaded unlimitedly.

5.2. DVDRip; mHD/BDRip; Blu-ray Remux: When there’s not any release of internal team (SDvB, EPiK, KiD, BDViet) than one of any version can be uploaded. If there is encoded product of SDvB, EPiK BDViet they cannot be uploaded.

5.3. 720p và 1080p: With each group that is encoding is permitted to upload only 1 version of encoding team. And groups behind can upload if there’s no encoded product by groups. Group list Show

5.4. Blu-ray discs unlimited.

5.5. Committed to encoded/remuxed versions by members: If members encode/remux by themselves and need to upload, source information must be adequate; technical information; encoder; thumbnail screenshots are required (assessing screenshots to supply is encouraged). Those products will be uploaded if teams had released their product. Notes: Participants’ ripped if the supervisor agree then they can tag LolHD or Epik versions can be uploaded the 5 versions with label. They will not be permitted to upload if members disagree.

6. Replacement rules

6.1. For Movie/TVShow/Music Video: Faulty source or bad will be replaced by another source. HD standard: HDBits’ internal version while there had been a spectacle version then uploaded. Video that has better source will replace bad source: Blu-ray/HD DVD > HDTV > DVD > TV. DVD5 will be replaced by dVDRip from DVD9. Ripped version of EPiK/SDvB will replace other ripped versions. Standard lower when quality encoded versions than DVDRip will be deleted or higher are uploaded. Encoding from precisely the same source then the faulty version (glitches, non-synchronized audio) will be substituted. The better version will replace the bad or faulty one(based on comparison of screenshots).

6.2. For lossless audio: Albums containing LOG and CUE files will replace albums that does not, LOG 100% ripped versions will replace poor LOG ones. Albums of lossless team can replace these records above (including CUE + LOG or not).

6.3. For software: Software: will be deleted when there is a new version released and run after 14 days. OS: 1 latest original version will be kept. Altered OS/Ghost: will be deleted after 3-6 months. For software which has same functions and is outstanding, we have the right to delete software which has functions and can be substituted by another software. Crack, Keygen: belonging to a team that has crack will be kept. Example: if crack of BRD or SND is published with IDM Crack of REA will be deleted.

7. For moderators: Rules about the status and sticky torrent of torrent

7.1. The status of torrent: Placing 50% download for releases of torrents, LolHD, VietHD, EPiK, SDvB and EbP having size from 10GB. For torrents having size from 20GB to less than 30GB placing 30% download. Placing to get torrents having size from 30GB or greater and TVSeries’ first episode. Placing for releases of PROPER, REPACK.

7.2. Sticking on torrents that are following: Picture x264 Internal HDBits published in year. Blu-ray Remux of KiD, BDViet and associates’ remux. Internal products of tracker (EPiK, SDvB, EbP, VietHD) published in current year. Also movies in TS, gamesDVDRip, HD. Sticky status length will be determined by moderator, however cannot be over 3 days. NOTES: Moderators have rights to edit your torrents. Torrents will be deleted without any announcement.

Full list of Torviet Proxy Sites:

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Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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