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torrentshack.me TorrentShack is one of the greatest Ratio general trackers and it is the best. Scene releases and P2P can be found there. It has about 6600 registered members and about 74300 torrents. TorrentShack went for a while but it could recover quickly and became stronger. Pre times and speeds are good but torrents die. They have updated their H&R rules and you’ve got to seed every file that was snatched to 24 or 1:1 hours within seven days.

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About website

Forum is very active and community there’s very friendly. The best thing about TorrentShack is that they upload nearly all encodes from other excellent Chinese HD trackers like HDChina,TTG,M-Team and HDArea so people who can not combine these trackers can still enjoy the great quality.Many people consider TorrentShack as the finest ratioless private tracker. It has P2P releases in addition to scene releases. Speeds are nice and pre times are perfect. Since it’s ratioless, it’s very great for those with low online connection as they only need to seed files for 24 hours after download completes.

Last year it was shut down and it came after changing owner and tracker domain . It has over 50K torrents in various categories. The Federation Against Copyright Theft has claimed on the private torrent site spectacle. In order to prevent being hauled through the courts, this week TorrentShack’s admin will close the site and hand over its domain down . TshlogoWhen it comes to shutting down websites, two anti-piracy groups stand out as attaining that in numbers.

Dutch group BREIN has closed dozens of sites located in the Netherlands and the Federation Against Copyright Theft has been carrying out similar work in britain. The tactics of identifying searching down and threatening website operators of FACT have proven very successful in the past. The impact of having FACT’s representatives at the front door has led to the closure of sites, while threats have added to the tally. Yesterday came news of a long-standing, this time of TorrentShack, another closure and loved-by-many private tracker.

The mechanism of FACT’s contacts with the operator of the site haven’t been made public, but it’s clear that the anti-piracy group has put the site.

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“It appears once again that FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) have gone after the little site rather than those that make thousands each and every month in profit,” the site’s operator announced over the weekend. “I have been under investigation by FACT for a time it appears and to avoid being hauled through the courts and having enormous legal fee’s I must adhere to their demands.” FactFACT’s usual demands involve shutting the site and handing over the site’s domain, and in TorrentShack’s (TSH) case they’ve kept to their usual format.

“They’ve said that I want to hand them within the domain to this website and to stop my engagement with running such a website. If I comply then any and all charges against me will be dropped,” TSH’s admin clarified. It is predicted that the TorrentShack.net domain is going to be handed over to FACT throughout the next few days. It’s possible a FACT ‘warning’ page will replace the site but many ‘seized’ domains simply lie dormant.

While the users of the site will undoubtedly be disappointed with the closure of the site, those worried getting their hands can rest easy — the TSH admin has assured users that no request was made. “In simple terms, the Domain is simply the URL you type in to visit the website. It has no connection with your accounts, your own security. There isn’t any reason fro anyone to stress,” TSH assures site users. “It’s been a fantastic run and I’ve really enjoyed what we have done here over the last few years. I wish to thank everybody that has made it possible. I guess I proved that what they said ‘Could not’ be done…. Actually ‘Could’ be achieved.”

Full list of TorrentShack Proxy Sites:

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Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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