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Torrents sites with DMCA problems, some services permanently closed


As you may have noticed, some of the biggest torrent sites have been blocked. This is true in many European countries and beyond. The basis for this is obviously that they are illegal. Not everyone is aware that distributing content that is not copyrighted is strictly punishable.

Rarely once he was convinced so far, a regular user who once downloaded the game he wanted to play or the movie he wanted to watch. There are arrests by the police of people who share huge amounts of files – and this is the biggest problem for filmmakers and companies that produce games. Through intermediaries who duplicate copies of material large companies lose millions of dollars. Nowadays many micropayments have been introduced in many games because the game itself was not profitable for its creators. It is known that everything costs.

The manufacturer who decides to create the game must have a very large background of programmers and computer graphic designers. In addition, he has to spend enormous expenses on security by copying the contents of the media. However, it is often celebrated by people who want to enrich their product. The time it takes to get a game or movie on a torrent is very short. Since the release of the game or movie, it will often not be a few days and is already available online for free.

When an internet user enters a movie using the torrent method, no one is rich. And as we all know, producing a movie costs a lot of work and money. The most popular American productions that are released in cinemas have budgets ranging from $ 50 million to up to $ 400 million and even more. The method of downloading files from the torrent is the fastest and easiest, and in addition the risk of stopping is small. Therefore, many people choose not to use it. I know people who download a dozen files a day. Of course, to download the file you need a high speed internet connection and also find a good source on any of the web pages that contains the directory of all the files and links that can be downloaded.

We often hear on television various reports about catching or stopping various Internet criminals. If you think about it, there is some truth here, because usually when something interests you and you want it to have to go to the store to spend money and buy it. Then this thing is yours and you can do what you like with it. Internet piracy in the human mind is not the same. In my opinion, it is necessary to educate people in this area because most people do not know for sure whether something is legal or not.

Of course, many people are aware that it is illegal to do so, but the percentage of people caught in the torrent is very small. The probability that you will be caught trying to download a long awaited movie, game or torrent music is almost impossible.


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