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torrentleech.org TorrentLeech is private torrent tracker with a really big content base. TL offers scene and non-scene uploads with good pre-times. It’s quite hard to keep a good ratio for new users as no bonus system exists and usually users have to wait before new torrents are available for free download.

TorrentLeech is a popular ‘general’ tracker, often recommended beside nCore,AlphaRatio or the controversial IPT.

Invites are given away from time to time, announced on TL’s homepage torrentleech.org and diverse online forums and communities.

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About website

Torrent Leech is among the Greatest General / everything, Pleasant and big archive and 0-Day trackers great speeds is seeded. Torrent Leech is great but hard to start with because seeding there’s not simple due there isn’t any bonus system and new users need to wait sometime to have the ability to download new torrents and also sometimes there is delay for new launch Pretimes is not very fast.

TL have of the very best & bit detailed wiki, which contain every detail anyone need to know about Torrents & TL. There is a delay until they could download, it can a bit hard without a seed box to seed, But TL still a great trackers and also it is a great place. Hit & Run There is also a per torrent minimum which is also 0.4 If you are unable to seed the torrent to 0.4 then you’ll have to leave it seeding for 60 hours within a 72 interval (Ideally 60 hours straight) or you could receive a warning for Hit & Run.

TL has pretimes that is fairly good and a great content, but not for everybody. Newbies to torrenting is not advised to join it.

TorrentLeech Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

Torrentleech Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Here you can find the frequently asked and when appropriate. Please read through it as it contains important information you have to be aware of along with essential reading such as User Guides and a number of other cool stuff you may not even be aware of. Before you go any further, please read User Agreement, the Disclaimer and our Rules for both IRC and the Website If you are looking for the Torrentleech User Guides please follow this link > Torrentleech User Guides Staff Contacts If you need help with anything please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members in Torrentleech Staff Page Your first point of contact for support should be our First Line Support team (FLS), if you need to speak to a moderator you are able to do so but bear in mind they can be very busy at times so please be patient whilst they get to your Private Message.

Essential Guides for new/existing consumers

Here are some of our guides that are recommended for present and new members covering a wice assortment of topics from part seeding, outside seedinghints and tips and ways to improve your ratio FAST. Every user needs to bookmark this page as it is being updated all of the time and will continue to be added to as more and more guides are proven essential for our users and are created. User Guides for NEW Members User Guides for Members If you feel you can contribute an individual guide or have any thoughts on what you would like to see in that area please ask to speak to a moderator by using the following link and join our IRC channel Torrentleech Java IRC Chat General Information What is this Bittorent thing about? Please take the time to See The Bittorent Guide.

Where does the donated money go?

TorrentLeech.org are now using 14 dedicated servers (and increasing!) . For the moment we have monthly running costs of approximately 6000 euros/month. This is something that increases every month and each as you can imagine. System Cleanups / Auto purging The system will delete Torrents Users and Invitations according to the following instances: A. Users that are: Pending for the past 3 days. Disabled for the last 90 days. Inactive users that are regular for the last 180 days. Inactive power users. inactive (ex-)VIPs will never get deleted. B. Invitations which are: Still pending after 7 days. Please note when the system deletes it, that the invitations WILL NOT be refunded to the account. C. Torrents that are: With 0 seeders and 0 leechers for the previous 10 days.

I registered an account but didn’t receive the confirmation e-mail!

You should check your spam/junk mail folder of your application. As spam the emails are being enrolled by your program oftentimes. If you dont succeed, you can ask an administrator or moderator (in our irc channel) at Torrentleech Java IRC to check if your account was successful on signup, it may just need verified manually in which case we’ll be delighted to do this for you. If the account doesnt show as being created, please try to use the same email invitation to register.

I have lost my username or password! Can you send it to me?

Please use the Lost Password Page to have the login details mailed back that you have linked with your Torrentleech account. Can you rename my account? We don’t rename accounts No exceptions, for anyone. Because the answer is going to be no, don’t ask for this!

Can you delete my (confirmed) account?

We don’t delete accounts. It is possible to stop using it and it’ll be deleted automatically after 90 days of inactivity (90 days without logging in the TorrentLeech website). If you’re sincere about not wanting an account here (Are you crazy?!) Then this is the only method to eliminate it. After 90 days, all your info will be deleted by the system.

Can you Park my Account?

Unfortunately with such a large userbase this just is not feasible. An userbase that is participating is important for our members to receive the full benefit out of their time here. If we were to have such a feature, its users and the site would suffer as a result. We intend to only keep members that I’m positive you will agree is the best step so as to keep torrents. Unused accounts Accounts not used to upload or down to the website will be eliminated to make space for more involved members to join, At torrentleech we like to make sure that we have a running userbase and people not using their account will be eliminated in order to better serve the community as a whole. For those who have a 0 Download and 0 Upload account, I wholely suggest you begin working on your ratio prior to getting eliminated for not using the account. User Ratios

What’s MY ratio?

Click on your profile, then in your username (at the top). Or you can check the member bar on the top of each page. It’s important to distinguish between your overall ratio and the individual ratiFo on each torrent you may be seeding or leeching. The overall ratio takes into account the total. The individual ratio takes into account those values for each torrent. You may see two symbols instead of a number: “Inf.” , which is just an abbreviation for Infinity, and means that you have downloaded 0 bytes while uploading a non-zero amount (ul/dl becomes infinity); “–“, that should be read as “non-available”, and shows up when you have both downloaded and uploaded 0 bytes (ul/dl = 0/0 which is an indeterminate amount).

What is the minimum ratio I should keep?

Every user is expected to keep an overall site ratio of 0.4 after downloading 6GB. If you fail to do this the website will automatically warn your accounts and you will have 6 days to get back to an overal account ratio of 0.4 The warning will be eliminated as long as your account is still over the 0.4 minimum site ratio when it expires. It will NOT remove itself as soon as you reach a ratio of 0.4 There is also a per torrent minimum which is also 0.4 if you’re not able to seed the torrent to 0.4 then you’ll need to leave it seeding for 60 hours within a 72 interval (Ideally 60 hours straight) or you could be given a warning for Hit & Run. Account Sharing Sharing your account Please be aware that we do NOT tolerate any sharing of accounts on Torrentleech. This means that if we find anybody downloading the same release more than the consumer’s account will be banned. After doing together with the user that encouraged them, as they’ll be instantly banned users can not simply just get another invite and rejoin. So make sure you don’t download your stuff more than once. If you DO need to download some torrents and they are still on your snatchlist, speak to be able to do so to look for permission. This is so that the moderator can make a note on your account giving permission for the additional downloads. Please be advised that even though you previously downloaded the releases, downloading them will nevertheless affect your ratio and you are still required to seed them back to either 60 hours or 120 announces (Don’t just set your client to announce every few moments as we can detect this and will lead to your account being banned).

Why is my IP address displayed on my details page?

The site administrators and only you can see your IP address and only they can see your email address. Moderators and regular users don’t find that information, we can assure you that your data is secure and privy to the highest degree of staff. My IP address is dynamic.

How do I stay logged in?

You need to login to the site each time your IP changes (for those who have dynamic IP or access the website from different place than the previous time). There is absolutely no need to login to the tracker as it is currently using system. You can find out more about the system below.

Why do I get signed out of my Account?

There are a few reasons why this can happen to a few users, here I will list the issue. Here are some explanations. IP Changes – If your isp has issued you with a dynamic IP address then you are aware that this is only assigned for a set period until it changes (ordinarily). You will be logged out and needed to login 14, once your IP changes. This is a safety feature designed to protect your accounts information and you. Remember Me – Upon signing into the site, there is a checkbox entitled “Remember Me”. You need to tick this so as to save the cookie that keeps you logged in and supplying as stated above, it will keep you signed in, no ip changes happen. If your IP changes in the event you’ve clicked recall me it will log you out. As already explained, this is essential to protect you and is a minor inconvenience to the outcome if it were not to do this.

Why should I care about configuring my router’s firewall?

You can not accept incoming connections, when you havent configured windows firewall, or your router’s firewall. This means that other peers in the swarm will be unable to connect to you, only you to them. Even worse, if two peers are both in this state they will not be able to connect. This has obviously a detrimental effect on the overall speed. The way to fix the problem involves opening the ports used for incoming connections (the same range you defined in your client) on the firewall or configuring your NAT server / router to use a basic form of NAT for that range instead of NAPT (the actual process differs widely between different router models. Check your router documentation or support forum. You will also find a great deal of information on the subject at PortForward).

How do I add an avatar to my profile?

First, find an image that’s within the rules, and that you like. You will have to discover a place to host it, such as Photobucket, Upload-It! or ImageShack. We dont recommend using TinyPic as they re-use their urls after a period that is set and you might end up getting a picture you had no idea was there. All that is left to do is copy the URL you were given when uploading it to the avatar field in your profile.

Can I use your rss feeds?

It is possible to generate an rss link by using your personal profile page. Click on your username and go down to “Enable RSS Access”, this will create a unique key for you. It is being generated using the 50 torrents from all categories. Please keep in mind that abusing this service WILL get you banned. For assessing the rss feed, in any case not less than 10 mins, please use a interval. The class name for every torrent is in the rss description, so that you can selectively auto-add torrents from specific categories via the rss feeds on your torrent client, since most contemporary torrent customers have filtering capabilities for parsing the rss feeds Please note that the RSS feed may be removed temporarily without previous notice for maintenance or other reasons.

What are Invites for and how can I use them?

Invites are for giving to people you know and trust. Trading Torrentleech invites will get you and banned. Trading means posting TL invites on any forum giving away for free or asking for something in return in case TL courses this as trading and your account will be banned. If you encourage a cheat then a warning will be received by you and your invites will be disabled. This isn’t always the case although we may in some cases enable your invites. So don’t bother asking for them to be permitted 33, if we do decide to enable them again, if you invite a cheat then your invites will be disabled. The sale of invites is strictly forbidden and results losing their accounts. It’s a lie if you encounter an auction from a person claiming to have permission to sell invitations to this website. Do not believe positive feedback ratings; we will know about it and you’ll lose your account if you purchase an invite.

Inviters and Invitees Important Information Don’t encourage members who have been denied access in any way. Such as a member or a member with an account. If you invite a cheat then a warning will be received by you and your invitations will be disabled. We may in some cases enable your invitations but this isn’t always the case. If we do decide to enable them , if you encourage a cheat your invites will be disabled indefinately so don’t bother asking for them to be enabled. Please also be aware that you as the inviter are responsible for your invitees so help them out by making sure they read the site rules, general advice (Mainly steer clear of packs) and possibly suggest outside seeding for them so as to help them construct a nice ratio buffer here. Do not just invite them and send them. This is where we find users get banned and if we see this happening, action will be taken for choosing not to help the users they encourage and simply leaving them on a torrent site that is strange to their own devices. Multiple occurances of this could cause a warning on the inviter and when a person comes to us with help on fundamental things that the inviter should have covered then we do follow up on this. YOU are responsible for your invitees. If they cheat, its probable that the inviter did not give them tips, guidelines on ratio, buffers, outside seeding etc.. For the Issue that is aforementioned I will create a template that their users that are invited can be given to by inviters. This also cuts down on the amount of same articles in the forums over and above re: access denied etc..

How do I get invites?

VIP users get two when they renew their VIP membership and 2 invites monthly. Power users can receive them at admin discretion from time to time but that is rare and thus do not rely on this happening. When must my Invitee utilize their Invite The person you invited must utilize their invite within a 7 day period. After that it gets deleted and invalidated so it will work. The one thing you can do is explain for the best. It ran out, where are my invitations although I was a VIP? As a VIP you can save up to a maximum of 4 invites but if your VIP runs out and you are not a power user then you will be unable to use them. Additionally, if you don’t be a power user by the start of the month then invites will be flashed to your current userclass (registered users can’t have/use invites. Power users can have up to two at any one time but these are resetting at admin discretion or subject to elimination.

Why can’t my friend become a member?

Your buddy smells funny is ugly and uses a mac. There is a user limit. When this is reached we stop accepting new members. Accounts inactive for more than 90 days are automatically deleted, so keep trying. (There is no reservation or queuing system, do not ask for that).

Do I have to notify staff of a seedbox?

If you use a seedbox that you need to PM a staff member onsite or join the IRC help channel and talk to staff there. Both users will need to inform staff, if it’s a seedbox with someone else that uses the Torrentleech then. Doing this will help avoid the danger of being banned for uploading quicker then your ISP allows. Are as follows: IP Address of Seedbox Provider of the Seedbox Speed of your box (If possible but not essential) The staff member will notice it on your account to prevent any issues with speed being greater than your isp ensures we can see right away for those who have a seedbox or not and allows. Statistics Frequent reasons for consumer stats not updating – The user is cheating. (a.k.a. “Summary Ban”). In all cases of cheating the consumer will have their account disabled without the chance for a second chance. Bear this in mind before you choose to cheat as we’ll catch you. You have been warned. – The server is overloaded and unresponsive. Once the tracker comes back online, so long as you leave your client and your torrents seeding open your stats will update correctly. If your customer is exited by you before this happens then you may lose any upload stats achieved since your customers declare to the tracker. – You are using a faulty client. Beta customers are forbidden on torrentleech. For a list of tested and approved clients, Please see the Allowed Client List – You’ve Peer Exchange, DHT, Local Peer Discovery or DNA. Those settings need to be switched OFF. Please refer to our forums guides section or your customer manual to find out how to disable these settings. We have guides available for µTorrent – (How to disable DHT/PEX/LPD/DNA) and – Vuze – (How to disable DHT/PEX/LPD).

Multiple IPs (Can I login from different computers?)

Yes, our tracker is using the system, so as the way of assessing the user’s passkey and not the ip is doing the identification of the consumer, the ip of the user is of no significance. For Those who are interested Some advice about the Anatomy of a torrent session. Best practices Be sure you exit your client properly, so that the tracker receives “event=completed”. Also referred to as the completion flag.update properly.

May I use any bittorrent client?

To see what clients are advised, please check our list of Allowed Clients. – This list is periodically updated once we confirm the customer to be added upgrades stats correctly and permits DHT/LPD/PEX/DNA (If applicable) to be disabled on them. If your favourite torrent client isn’t on this list then you will have to switch to an approved customer until we’ve added it to the list. In all cases disable the DHT/LPD/PEX and DNA (If applicable) in clients that support them Any clients that don’t report properly to the tracker when cancelling/finishing a torrent session are strictly prohibited. There’s a possibilty that your account will be disabled as a result if you DO use them. To avoid any problems you should always adhere to the list of Allowed Clients. We STRONGLY recommend you use either µTorrent (Windows, Linux and FreeBSD) or Vuze (Formally called Azureus) (Windows, Linux and MAC OSX), in both cases use the newest available version (Stay away from any beta versions of those clients). Clients such as bitcomet and BitSpirit place pressure on the tracker so that they are prohibited from being used on the website and are unfair. Use of clients such as BitSpirit or Bitcomet are NOT permitted and will most likely lead to a Ban. Also, clients in alpha or beta version should be avoided until they are shown to be stable. Uploading – Status: Programs OPEN!!

Why can’t I upload torrents?

Only specially authorized users (Uploaders) have permission to upload torrents. Are you currently accepting Uploader Applications at present? YES WE ARE! Please continue reading to discover more at our page – Uploaders Wanted!

What criteria must I meet before I can join the Uploader team?

– You must be able to provide releases that:

– Include a NFO with your releases

– Are genuine scene releases. If it’s not on pre then forget it! (This rule has been relaxed for the time being)

– Aren’t older than seven (7) days (This rule has been relaxed for now)

– Have all files in original format (usually 14.3 MB RARs),

– You will need to be able to seed, or make sure your torrents are well-seeded, for at least 24 hours until your torrent has at LEAST 10 seeders that are complete. .

– You should have 100MBit upload bandwith.

Can I upload your torrents to other trackers?

We are a closed, limited-membership community. Registered users may use the TL tracker. Posting our torrents on other trackers is useless. This generates a good deal of frustration and bad-will against us at TorrentLeech, and will not be tolerated. So is our frustration additionally this action hammers the load of our increases and our tracker. Complaints from other sites’ administrative staff about our torrents being posted on their sites will result in the banning of the users responsible. Anyone uploading the content of releases risk their accounts being warned and or banned for doing this. The uploader labeled it with the sites tag to signify its and will have put on compiling the data into a pack for the site an internal discharge. Uploading the compilation information marked as inner on the website to other trackers – private or public is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.


Do I Begin Downloading?

First visit with with the Browse section on the menu bar. This will show the torrents the website offers to you. Bear in mind that new users have some limitations depending on their ratio that you could consider picking outside seeding as an option on how to eliminate those as possible. What is DHT/PEX/LPD and must I turn off it DHT must be disabled on your customer, DHT can cause your stats to be listed incorrectly and could be seen as cheating also disable PEX (peer exchange) Anyone using this will be banned for cheating the system. Check your snatchlist to ensure stats are being recorded correctly, allow 30mins for the tracker to update your stats.

What do R5/CAM/TS/TC/SCR mean?

Check this guide out.

Why did an active torrent suddenly disappear?

– There may be three reasons for this: The torrent may have been. The uploader may have deleted it because it was a release. A replacement will be uploaded to take its place. The torrent may have been “dead” for some time and thus has been removed as a result. A dead torrent means there are no seeders and no leechers.

How do I resume a broken download or reseed something?

Open the . torrent file. When your client asks you for a location, select the location of the present file(s) and it will resume/reseed the torrent. Why do my downloads sometimes stall at 99%? The more bits you have, the harder it becomes to find peers who have pieces you are missing. That is why downloads sometimes slow down or even stall when there are just a few percent. Just be patient and you will, sooner or later, get the remaining pieces. Also see the Guide to Driving Downloads Past 99 percent.

What are these “a piece has failed an hash check” messages?

Bittorrent clients check the data they receive for integrity. When a piece fails this check it is. Occasional hash fails are a common occurrence, as they normally fix themselves and you shouldn’t worry. Some clients have an (advanced) option/preference to ‘kick/ban clients that send you bad data’ or similar. It should be turned on, since it makes sure that if a peer repeatedly sends you pieces that fail the hash check it will be ignored in the future. The torrent is supposed to be 100MB.

How come I downloaded 120MB?

See the hash fails topic. If your client receives bad data it will have to redownload it, therefore the total downloaded may be larger than the torrent size. Ensure that the “kick/ban” option is turned on to minimize the extra downloads. Torrent or Connection Limit exceeded

Why do I get a “Access denied – Torrents Limit exceeded ” error?

This is part of the “Slot System”. The slot system is used to limit the downloads for users that have ratio Users with ratio greater than 0.85 have download slots In all instances the slots that are seeding are infinite. However if you try to begin seeding you and have filled all of of your download slots will receive the identical error. In this instance you must free at least one download slot then begin the download and in order to begin of your seeds. The system will deny any connection if you want to download or seed before validating, if your slots are full. So first start your seeds and after your downloads. You can check your available slots in the member bar on the top of the page beneath the emblem You should know that the slots for every user are calculated every 30min. Meaning that if you cross a ratio barrier to get more or less slots the tracker will require up to be informed of this change, despite the slots that you may see in your member bar. You can however update the tracker with some clients but keep in mind that doing this will lead to tracker issues and should only be used in cases or for troubleshooting. Why do i get a “Connection limit exceeded!

You may only leech from one location at a time” error?

This is an error associated with the passkey system. Each torrent may be leeched by you from one location only. If you dont leech the torrent from Another location, and you still get this problem, reset your passkey on your control panel and redownload the torrent (also redownload any other torrent you leech at the same time, or you will get an invalid passkey mistake) The maximum permitted connections per torrent are 3. 1 leech + 2 3 or seeds seeds from any single site. Bear this in mind, this is important! – Part Seeding counts as a slot in your connection slots. If you opt to part seed a torrent you will use an available slot from any you have left (If you dont have unlimited slots available) Component seeding can be explained at these links. * Part Seeding for Vuze * Part Seeding for uTorrent * Alternative Guide to Part Seeding for uTorrent PassKeys Explained.

What is a Passkey and how does it work?

The system was implemented so as to substitute the ip system. This means that the tracker doesnt check anymore your logged ip in order to verify if you’re logged in or registered with the tracker. Every user has a passkey, a key. When a user attempts to download a torrent, its passkey is imprinted from the tracker url of the torrent, allowing to identify any source connected on it. In this way, you can seed a torrent as an example, at home and at your office without any issue with the 2 ips that are different. Per torrent 3 simultaneous connections are permitted per user, and in case of leeching only 1 (This means that you can leech a torrent from one location only at a time.

Why do I get a “Unregistered Torrent Pass” mistake?

You will find this error if you are not registered on our tracker, or if you havent downloaded the torrent when you’re logged in. In this case register or log in and redownload the torrent. A chance is to get this error also, at the time you download anything as a user that is new, or in the first download after you reset your passkey. The reason is that the tracker reviews the changes in the passkeys every couple of minutes rather than instantly. For this reason leave the torrent running for a couple of minutes, and you’ll get an OK message in the tracker.

When do I have to reset my passkey?

If your passkey was leeched and other user(s) uses it to download torrents using your account. In cases like this, you will see torrents stated which you are not currently leeching or seeding . When your customers hangs up without pressing the halt button of your client, or your connection is terminated. In your account, in this case you will see that you are still leeching/seeding the torrents even that your client has been closed. Normally these “ghost peers” will be cleaned within thirty minutes, but if you would like to resume your downloads and the tracker denied that because of the fact that you ” are downloading the same torrents – Link limit error” then you should reset your passkey and redownload the torrent, then restart it. Please listen: Each time that you reset your passkey, you must redownload every torrent that you are downloading or seeding at the same time. Or the tracker will react to you with a nice “Unregistered Torrent Pass ” error. Also please take in mind that the tracker reads every few minutes to the changes in the torrent_pass. So in the event you reset your passkey (also it is the first time you download anything) you will propably get a “Unregistered Torrent Pass” error. Only leave the torrent running for 1-2 minutes and finally the tracker will react you “OK”.


I got a warning for Hit ‘n Run. What’s this?

Will look like this On your profile in case you find this on yours, you will know you’ve been warned. We expect from every user (power user or not) to assist recently added torrents to achieve a fantastic seeding/leeching ratio quickly to be able to assist the torrent during the first hours of its “life” on the site. All torrents have to be seeded to a minimum of 0.4 ratio, we had this as 0.6 but felt some were finding it too hard to achieve so we have reduced it to 0.4. If you cant reach 0.4 on the torrent ratio then the torrent has to be left open seeding for minimum of 60 hours/120 announces. (Do not cheat this by manually forcing an announce as we could detect this easily and you will be caught) If its a favorite torrent with plenty of leechers then there isn’t any reason why it cant be fully seeded into a 1.1 ratio. VIP’s are exempt from seeding to the site minimum for the length of the VIP status. Ordinary leeching/seeding principles apply after this runs out. I received a warning This one is easy, stop being violent towards other members. You’ll be warned once in this instance and further action taken if it happens. We do not tolerate violent behavior and/or comments on both torrent remarks or the forums. Hints and Tips

How do I improve my download speed?

Do not immediately jump on new torrents The download speed mostly depends on the seeder-to-leecher ratio (SLR). Poor download speed is mainly a problem with new and very popular torrents where the SLR is low. (Proselytising sidenote: make sure you remember that you did not enjoy the low speed. Seed so that others will not endure the same.) There are a couple of things that you can try on your end In particular, do not do it if you’ve got a slow connection. The best speeds will be found around the half-life of a torrent, when the SLR will be at its highest. (The downside is that you will not be able to seed so much. It’s your responsibility to balance the pros and cons of this.) Limit your upload speed The upload speed affects the download speed in essentially two ways: Bittorrent peers tend to favour. This means that if A and B are leeching the same torrent and A is sending data to B at high speed then B will try to reciprocate. So due to this effect high upload speeds lead to high download speeds. Due to the way TCP works, when A is downloading something from B it has to keep telling B that it received the data sent to him. (These are called acknowledgements – ACKs -, a sort of “got it!” messages). If A fails to do this then B will stop sending data and wait. If A is uploading at full speed there may be no bandwidth left for the ACKs and they’ll be delayed. So due to this effect excessively high upload speeds lead to low download speeds. The full effect is a combination of both. The upload should be kept as high as possible while allowing the ACKs to get through without delay. A good thumb rule is keeping the upload at about 80% of the theoretical upload speed. You will have to fine tune yours to find out what works best for you. (Remember that keeping the upload high has the additional benefit of helping with your ratio.) If you are currently running more than one instance of a client it is the overall upload speed that you must take into account. Some clients (e.g. Azureus) limit global upload speed, others (e.g. Shad0w’s) do it on a per torrent basis. Know your client. The same applies if you are using your connection for anything else (e.g. browsing or ftp), always think of the overall upload speed. Limit the number of simultaneous connections Some operating systems (like Windows 9x) do not deal well with a large number of connections, and might even crash. Also some home routers (particularly when running NAT and/or firewall with stateful inspection services) tend to become slow or crash when having to deal with too many connections. There are no fixed values for this, you might try 60 or 100 and experiment with the value. Notice that these numbers are additive, if you have two instances of a client running the numbers add up.

Limit the number of simultaneous uploads

Isn’t this the same as above?

No. Connections limit the amount of peers your client is talking downloading or to from. Uploads limit the number of peers your client is actually uploading to. The ideal number is typically much lower than the amount of connections, and highly dependent on your (physical) connection. Just give it some time As explained above peers favour other peers that upload to them. When you start leeching a new torrent you have nothing to offer to other peers and they will tend to ignore you. This makes the starts slow, particularly if, by change, the peers you are connected to include few or no seeders. The download speed should increase.

Why is my browsing so slow while leeching?

Your download speed is always finite. If you are a peer in a fast torrent it will almost certainly saturate your download bandwidth, and your browsing will suffer. Just be certain your overall speed is set to 75 percent of your maximum speed and your overall download speed is set to 90 percent of your maximum speed. You have to use a third-party alternative, such as NetLimiter. Browsing was used just for instance, the same would apply to gaming, IMing, etc…

Why can’t I connect? Is the site blocking me? Maybe my address is blacklisted?

If you cant open the website or you get an Access Denied Page, then propably your ip is blocked. Please contact a member of the team in our irc channel (#tlhelp at irc.torrentleech.org) to help you or put a ticket in our friendly Support Center Your ISP blocks the site’s address (In first place, it is unlikely your ISP is doing so. DNS name resolution and/or network problems are the usual culprits.) There’s nothing we can do. You need to contact your ISP. Your only choices are to either change your ISP or use a VPN (please inform a member of staff if you intend to use a VPN before using).

Have you got Malwarebytes Installed?

It’s come to our attention that this specific program has chosen to block the site and our tracker. There are ways around this however. For More Information on how to add exceptions to it go to Here Outside Seeding

Do you allow outside seeding and how do I do it?

Yes, please visit our fantastic Guide found HERE Part Seeding Guides Where do I find more information out ?

There are a number of guides on the site that will teach you as each torrent client may differ slightly in how they do things, how to achieve this according to your client. Check them out page for more in depth guides, please go Guide Section.

Full list of TorrentLeech Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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