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torrenting.com Torrenting aka TT is a private tracker – invite only – signups closed. Language: English. Categories:

  • xvid movies
  • dvd-r movies
  • bluray movies
  • tv/sd-x264
  • tv/x264 hd
  • games/pc
  • games/ps3
  • games/psp
  • games/wii
  • games/xbox360
  • xxx/xvid
  • apps/iso
  • dox
  • misc
  • flac

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About website

By utilizing this site or accessing any pages from this server, you agree to These rules: If you break a rule there will be consequences, saying you didn’t know about it’s not an excuse ignorance of these rules is no excuse. The term ‘This site’ includes torrent comments, Shout/chat, Forums and messages. General Rules Respect Staff decisions at all given times. Take up it with that member of staff in a PM if you disagree with a decision or discuss above or with Admin in a PM, NOT in chat or forums.

Respect all members of Torrenting. Flaming, no aggressive behavior, defamation, advertising, pictures and text including racism/nudity/sexism/foul or religion language in Personal Messages, Newsgroups, Torrent Chat or Comments. DJ and Editor applications can be made in the forum. No requesting to become mod or over. Torrent requests are for V.I.P’s ONLY and MUST be submitted in the V.I.P request forum ONLY. ANY request anywhere else on site will be removed without notification. DO NOT post contact details in shout/chat, forums or torrent comments, they will be removed without notification DO NOT bring personal or other site issues to Torrenting.com

NO SPOILERS. This may result in your account. This is regardless of age, genre or category, and whether or not it will be uploaded as a torrent. ANY user sending messages that are unnecessary such as ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ to staff or any other member repeatedly, will have their accounts disabled, PLEASE NOTE This website may send messages to you to the mail address you registered with to inform you content that is new, or reminders about account activity. If you do not want to receive these messages then please add the message into your spam folder or use a mail address that is disposable. Downloading Rules You have to keep a ratio above 1.0. Cheating is not permitted, if we or our system finds out you’ll get an immediate ban. Torrents have to be seeded back to a 1:1 ratio or for 7days.

Torrenting Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

Uploading Rules Unless you are able to keep it well-seeded for AT LEAST 48 HOURS, DO NOT UPLOAD A TORRENT. (the recommended time to seed a torrent as the original uploader would be to upload for at least 48 or until there are sufficient seeds to support the torrent.) ,(As a downloader/seeder you need to remain on the torrent after you’ve finished downloading, until you’ve uploaded at least 100% of the total size downloaded.) All torrents should get an information description.The torrent description should have video/audio file information inside, any source information and a fantastic description of what the torrent is about for those who might be unacquainted with it.

ANY TORRENT WITH BAD DESCRIPTION WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE! First look if the torrent isn’t already released on the website. use our search! Choose the category for your release. Once a torrent has at least 10 seeders seeding may stop and upload a torrent that is new in the event you chose to do so. You risk being demoted, if you upload torrents which your BANDWIDTH can not support. (and looking dumb). You may upload as many torrents as your bandwidth can support at any given time. If you’re going to upload, PLEASE use the template provided or your torrents risk being eliminated…

Forum Rules

No other language than English,except for the ‘overseas’ part of this forum. No aggressive behaviour, flaming or defamation No systematic foul language. No links towards posting of trackers, serials, cracks, any warez or pay per click websites. No advertising. Mentioning other websites is allowed so long as you are not currently promoting it.

No requesting in forums or chat of downloads. Requests are for V.I.P’s ONLY and MUST be posted in the V.I.P request forum ONLY. ANY request anywhere else on site will be removed without notification. No questions about when anything is going to be uploaded, nobody knows when things will be uploaded or what, we are just grateful when they’re. No discussing in the forum when you disagree with a decision made by a staff member, contact that some staff member via PM or staff member talk about the choice.

No pictures with racism/nudity/sexism/religion are to be posted in the forum. NO discussions about Politics or Religion are allowed If you dont use the search before posting anything, your thread will get locked. No double posting, this implies No Bumping aswell. Posting in CAPS LOCK is taken as crying and is not permitted.

Nor is posting whole posts in a huge size. Do not post in various colour text in Torrent remarks or chat, forums, coloured text is earmarked for warnings and instructions .

Forum and chat Guidelines

We advise you to not compose any contact details e.g. address, email address or IP on the forum, chat or on your profile for your own privacy. You have something to add and there hasnt been made a post that is new, use the function. No bumping is meant by this . Posting in CAPS LOCK is taken as crying and is therefore not valued. Nor is currently posting whole posts in a very huge size. Please ensure all threads are posted in the right section!

Avatar Rules

Do not use any avatar that might cause members to confuse you as a staff member. No racism/nudity/sexism / faith or something that’s easily taken as an offence may be included by your avatar. [If you are in doubt whether something is appropriate or not don’t hesitate to message a staff member.] Sizes are x 300px. Images must be 1Mb or less

Torrenting Radio Rules

Listener Information Requesting: Remember most of the time you aren’t the only one listening and not everybody has the same taste in music. TT radio can oblige this and aims to cover a variety of genres. A proper request should be in the form of: Radio Req AC/DC Back in Black this helps the air DJ to know this is while doing their job on atmosphere a petition. Requests can be made if a Live DJ is on air. Broadcasts: Broadcasts are subject to change per radio scheduling. All info regarding radio scheduling will be in the radio forum section or you could ask TT Staff. TT Quizzes: TT Hosts an assortment of shout box / radio quizzes. Watch the radio section for details and scheduling. Please refrain from spamming chat during session and or the quiz questions if you do not wish to take part in the radio please wait till the conclusion of the round. This is to ensure that staff and all members can take part and enjoy, all technical help, site queries until the quiz has ended questions or issues must be dealt with via PM, when quiz’s are running.

DJ Information Broadcasting: No racism. No promoting of other torrent websites. Minimum broadcasting times are 30 or 60 minutes depending upon your listener count and/or availability. Radio is set to have our bunny reconnect on your disconnection. Must have radio admin kick stream to connect. All DJ’s must join station that is Skype for radio. Banners: approx 600 x 150 pixels, Please post in shout maximum 3 lines high. Post a promo banner when you start your display and then for radio announcements or information use the green simple test size 2. DJ radio shout spam isn’t tolerated.

Responsibilities: if they desire to do a special event All DJs must schedule. You must possess the applications and expertise to use the software to broadcast setting criteria. You are not required to be a live voice fashion DJ you join the groups STREAMING program or can mix your tracks. Must stay active on radio team. Help listeners with radio set queries and ups. Genres: TT welcomes all genres, however we would like you to know about the content you’re broadcasting in attempts not to offend listeners. A list of TT Radio Genre types: Rock, Solid Gold, Classic Rock, Electronica, Dance, Hip Hop, Top 40 + more. PLEASE NO HARDCORE GANGSTER RAP.

Talk with your radio staff concerning track difficulties. Applying for a TT DJ Applications: You will require one of these :- Virtual DJ, Broadcasting controller applications and hardware, Win Amp + streaming plugin or equal, Sam Broadcaster etc.. Please submit your application to LANDFiLL / TT above or moderator or visit form section. Knowledge Base: Must understand live sets and or understanding of applications. Bandwidth: Must have available bandwidth.

Here you will find the frequently asked and when appropriate. If your question is not answered by these FAQs, please contact a staff member.

How do I improve/maintain my ratio?

You must download the whole torrent/file (that must include all info, sample and movie), keep the download running in your torrent client (uTorrent etc) and let the download seed back. This helps with the upload speeds, will build your ratio, and also help others, your ratio will construct while you’re seeding back, you will also gain bonus points for seeding back complete torrents that are utilised to spend on ratio (0.3bp’s per hour per torrent up to a MAXIMUM of 10 torrents, meaning 3 points per hour could be made or you can donate. For donating your reward is credit that is upload that is extra. Seedboxes and VPN/PROXYS If you are currently looking for a seedbox supplier or VPN/Proxy provider please refer to -=- Seedboxes and VPN list -=- Approved Clients Not all clients are accepted here, some cause issues with ratio and does not send information right. To make sure yours is legitimate please refer to -=- Approved Clients List -=- Freeleech Request To ask a freeleech click here and read the requirements Freeleech ask

Why donate?

Donating keeps the website and servers living, you are given the new releases at rapid speeds, also by decent servers by donating your ratio will increase, meaning more downloads for you at speed. There emerged has A new movie it can not be downloaded by me The uploader may not have started seeding the film yet, just wait a little, and it should begin downloading as soon as it starts seeding. I am new to torrenting, how do I seed and download? I have searched the web to torrenting for the simplest guide.

Is an ISO, how do I burn it?

A few of the movies uploaded are ISO, They’re just another format of archieve, WinRAR can be used to extract the contents of the file you downloaded. I want to Downloaded a movie but do not know what CAM/TS/TC/SCR means

A list of abreviations is here Has the movie or will not play in Windows Media?

Windows Media doesn’t support codec or every format, we recommend VLC Media Player and GOM Media Player for movie watching and your tv show needs.

Will the Movie not play in Blu-ray participant or my PS3 ?

Always read the film info. Unless stated in the movie data assume that Cinavia protects the Blue-ray upload. As they don’t detect Cinavia, hardware, DVD players aren’t affected. Cinavia is a digital rights management system created by Verance. It requires a proprietary imperceptible audio watermark: two parts to operate, and a piece of hardware that’s able to discover that watermark. Hardware which could detect Cinavia watermarks incorporate the PlayStation 3, in addition to Blu-ray players that are newer.

Can you tell me the R5 Release Dates ?

Googling R5 release dates easily find these I downloaded a picture, but I do not find the movie file only these . rar, . r01, . r02 files ? Rar files a packets of documents, You need winRAR to extract the contents of the archieves. winRAR. On the right clicks . r00 or . R01 and click extract here, however some may not work like that, others might need the archieve to open and drag, it is simple enough, you just double click on one of the documents.

Why are the Subtitles I want not there ?

We do not control of the torrents we get, many of them are uploaded by bots from the scene, we just get what they give us. Subtitles can be downloaded by you on various websites, some are such, opensubtitles and subscene. You’ll make sure to find something if you google the movie subtitles. All files I try to download fail Torrenting clients may not work with our tracker, we highly recommend for downloading any torrent on TT µTorrent, you can go to the Chat and ask any of the members if you’re unsure if a customer works or not.

Can I download the covers?

Yes thats why they were put in edits (where covers are available), to download a Cover or CD Label. . Right click on the image, select save picture as…save the image, use your prefered software to print the cover/label.

How do I add an avatar to my profile?

First, find an image that is within the rules, and an image that you like. Then you will have to find a place to host it, such as Lookpic, upload your pic. All that is left to do is copy and paste the URL.

I got a couple of movies I’d like to share how do I upload them?

Only classes and Power Users can upload. To become power user you have to have been a member for at least 10 days, have uploaded at least 50GB and have a ratio at or above 1.05. The promotion is automatic when these conditions are satisfied. Note you will be automatically demoted from this status if your ratio drops below 0.95 at any time. Or you could contribute to get VIP status. VIP members can upload with no restriction! Click here I donated but didn’t get promoted or my credit, what do I do. All donations will be processed using PP Checkout IPN, this means that right after the donation process will be completed by you, it will credit your account. Only when your account doesn’t get credited, send me your PP email, amount donated and transaction ID, so I charge your account!


Freeleech doesn’t mean you’re permitted to leech that torrent rather than seed anything back. Freeleech means any torrents that are marked freeleech will not count towards your amount. Anything you seed back on torrents will count towards your UPLOAD amount. So, if you always download freeleech torrents from day 1 then your DOWNLOAD will reveal 0.00 along with your ratio will be INFINITE.

What is a seedbox and where can I get one?

A seedbox is another computer that is connected to higher rates and is located at a datacenter. For example there is a 1Gbps seedbox one which has download speeds capable of reaching rates of ABOVE and 80MB/sec. There is A standard BDRip approximately 4GB.

If you know how to set up your own server and want a server just for yourself then you can get one at www.kimsufi.com or www.ovh.com (Kimsufi is the budget version from the exact same company OVH). If you don’t wish to set up this or are on a budget and want to only get a slot on a shared box only ask in forums for resellers. My ratio is fine. I am not able to download any torrents and see red.

What am I doing wrong?

You have to open your ports in the router and become connectable to your own tracker. LOT of ISPs do tend to block higher ports that you can’t torrent. All you need to do is open them up in your router. Please follow the guide here -> http://portforward.com/ Also make sure your firewall is not blocking else or your customer that can cause some issues.

What are a few of the problems related to accounts and how can I go about resolving them?

Losing my username or password : Use enter your email address and recover password on the home page. Changing my password : Go to Profile scroll down, put in NEW password click submit. Sign out, clear cookies. Sign in again. Changing my email: Go to Profile scroll down, place in NEW address, click on submit. . Proceed to address. Can you rename my account? : Simple answer: Sorry, No.

Can you delete my account or can I do it?

No, neither you nor any of the employees can do it. Your account will be purged if you stop using the site for more than 6 months.

What are False Positives?

Some keygens and cracks will appear as flagged in your anti-virus program. When this happens it means your anti-virus software has found what it thinks is a virus or a trojan, but in this case it is actually a positive. Positives change how a program behaves, they change your PC to produce a program or applications work free of charge – these are NOT viruses, and will not damage your computer. The best way is to add a folder you exclude that folder from your AV program, and download from TT when it does a search. What’s [NO RAR] NO RAR is game that has been extracted from the, or a replica of a film or television show. Rar reuploaded by a bot so that you don’t need to extract it and archieve of the first.

What if my question hasn’t been answered here?

You’re free to ask questions. Please don’t open posts. The search function to look for an old thread which may have discussed your issue. If you cannot find any thread that discusses your problem or your problem then feel free to open a thread and our staff and other users can help out you.

Full list of Torrenting Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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