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torrentday.com TorrentDay (TD) is a ratio-based general tracker with a broad native English speaking community based in United States, Canada, UK and Australia.

As reported on communities like Reddit, TorrentDay is suspected to scam it’s users by abusive use of login credentials on other trackers and attacking (DDoSing) competitive torrent trackers. The private tracker is also criticized for it’s intern lottery system and selling accounts (donation sign-up).

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About website

TorrentDay is one of the most biggest tracker which has alot of torrents, members and peers! This trackers for feeding your general stuff, you have to have. Hit & Run All normal torrents must be seeded to freeleech & a minimum 48 hours for 7 days or 1:1 ratio TD has good and a amazing contents pretimes, has lots of freeleech with bonus system. Maintaining ratio or create buffer is easy. Let us start with the content: it surely is not that colossal but impressively fulfilled, if we compare the tracker to its big brother IPTorrents.

The content suggested isn’t shy and it shows. Films and shows, a lot of attributes come at hand, whether encodes (SD, 480p, sometimes 576p, 720p, 1080p, full HD with complete discs and a great deal of Remux as well, and with a lot of groups releases as well, so there is definitely more than enough choices but don’t count on internal releases. As for music, there is an impressive collection of music videos. They keep every day flooding. As digital music, you have two main sections: Lossless and Audio for, and they look in a tool bar in the home page. Sometimes although these are also immensely packed you struggle with the stuff and the seeds there is pretty mainstream/popular, so if you want something obscure you may want to look somewhere else for what it offeres, it is great.

A section is also for Softwares, which is much exactly like music; you will see the fundamentals and most popular ones like IDM and occasionally less famous ones. Games: the repertory includes old gen consoles (PS3 &X360 & WII) with PC of course. From what I have downloaded and used, it is honestly great. The games are well seeded and well maintained also, the updates always come through, the feedbacks of other players are also intuitive, and the copies uploaded are generally from important groups like RELOADED (PC)

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Misc: you also have categories at hand: XXX content, anime with audiobooks and ebooks. Those are also filled even though they aren’t the primary content but they might be helpful or resourceful for your needs, as content for example generally comes freeleeched and helps in seeding those who suffer from their ratio. System/Design is Torrentday among the most popular trackers? Because of how easy is to keep up your ratio/account, and is easy to enter. Besids the lot of content, there is a bonus system that’s greatly helpful.

If we compare the bonus system of TD & IPT, it is going to take you to construct 20 points on IPT, Torrentday on the flip side, you are able to gain 100 points within days. Finally, let’s talk aesthetics a bit. Torrentday renewed its theme, leaving dust with its old theme. Well… not exactly. They chose to let the old design available here: How great is that right!? In anyways, this pleases those who like and the reluctant ones. When it comes to changing design of trackers, there are infinite annoying little things and a lot of freezes and bugs. Not of a minimalistic beauty , not only it is with TD, but it kept things running smoothly.

As for the theme itself, ones are generally disliked by me but I have been charmed by this one. The icons are great, as well as the fonts. The site is also very well organized, the study system works properly. It is just great. I took some screenshots to compare between the two themes.

These rules may change at any time that is given. General Rules Respect staff members at all times. Advertising, flaming, defamation, no aggressive behaviour, asking, text and pictures which include racism/nudity/sexism/religion or filthy language in Private Messages.

No query regarding rankings, like you deserve it you if we feel will be encouraged. Downloading Rules You must keep a ratio above 1.0. If we or our system finds out you will get an immediate ban cheating isn’t permitted. Forum/Chat Rules No other language than English.

No aggressive behavior, flaming or defamation No systematic foul language (and none whatsoever in the titles). No links towards posting of any warez, serials, cracks, trackers or money-making websites.

No advertising. [Mentioning any site that is other than the once listed above is allowed as long as youre.] No requesting of downloads.

No questions about when anything is going to be uploaded.

No discussing in the forum when you disagree with a decision made by a staff member, contact that staff member or some staff member that was higher discuss the choice. No graphics with racism/nudity/sexism/faith should be posted in the discussion. [If you really have to post that, only post the link] Before posting anything, use the search, your thread will get locked if you dont.

Forum Guidelines

We advise you not to write any contact information e.g. address, email address or IP on the forum or on your profile for your own privacy. Use the function, Whenever you have something to add and there hasnt been made a post. No bumping is meant by this. Posting in CAPS LOCK is therefore not valued and is taken as crying. Nor is currently posting entire posts in a size that is really huge. Please ensure all threads have been posted in the right section!

Avatar Rules

Do not use any avatar that may cause members to confuse you as a team member. Your avatar may not include any racism/nudity/sexism/faith or something which is easily taken as an offence. [If you’re in doubt whether something is appropriate or not feel a staff member.] Sizes are 150[width]x300[height].

Full list of TorrentDay Proxy Sites:



Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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