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Top Torrent Search Engine Sites of 2017


Hello. Need new list of top torrent search engines for this year? When it comes to torrenting our mind automatically thinks of piracy but in fact, torrenting itself is not an illegal thing and ti’s not prohibited, it is just a protocol for sharing variety of files. What makes it illegal is the copyrighted content that is being shared by people and other people are able to simply download it.

You can use torrent sites for sharing or downloading legal files like music, movies, tools etc too.

There are so many good torrenting sites such as piratebay, extratorrent, limetorrents, seedpeer, isohunt etc. But here, we are going to see what are the best torrent search engine sites.

What is Torrent Search Engine?

Well, the difference betweeen a normal torrenting site and the torrent search engine is that in a torrenting site, you can search torrents shared only on that particular website but a torrent search engine lets you search torrent files on various torrenting sites around the web.

Typical torrent search engine doesn’t allow users to direct download torrents. It just redirects user after click into one of popular torrent site which offer magnet links or direct download. These days search engines are getting more and more popular. Why? The are very helpful, because google constantly remove results going to big torrent services in search results and sometimes the only way to find wanted torrent is visiting every single torrent site and search your phrase.

But you don’t have to do this if you know a few legit and safe torrent search engines. Visit one of them, paste a title and click search button to see tons of results – they will be links going to popular sites like kissass torrents or piratebay. Simply and clever.

Go below and check all features of using torrent search engines!

If you have your personal favorite torrent service, stick to it. But if you have no idea about good torrenting, then, you can use any of the torrent search engine sites below.

List of the best torrent search engines:


torrentz.colorask uses Google CSE results for a search. It is moderately fast. It has simple UI with some pop-up ads. But, it is a good torrent search engine definitely worth to try.


xtorx.com is fast and powerful. It has a minimalistic UI. Their results are often outdated or get redirected to 404 pages. Currently, they don’t show any ads.


torrents.me is pretty fast. It also uses Google CSE without any external ads. They provide VPN service also, visit main domain for more details.


Veoble.com also uses Google Custom Search Engine. But they have a simple UI without any ads. They have a functionality to filter results by different torrent sources or languages.


torrentz2.eu is a very fast torrent search engine. It is the replica of torrentz.eu which was shut down a few months ago. And it doesn’t have any annoying ads. Results are categorized by type and different domains, they supports 75+ sites.


Pocket search engine – simply and fast. They support only a few the most popular torrent sites but it still shows tons of results. Layout is very minimalistic, so whole service working pretty fast and sort torrents by seeds.


Well, IsoHunt is the world’s largest advanced BitTorrent search engine (read more below) which crawls every BitTorrent trackers. Visitors can download every torrent file with a torrent client which they need to seed or leech. It is a torrent files index and allows the user to search, download and upload various digital data. IsoHunt was found by Gary Fung in January 2003. The name is derived from the term ISO image which is used to describe a 1:1 copy of a disk. At first, it is used to search only IRC files and later it was developed to search torrent files. Every day 1000s of torrents were added and removed.


Kartoo is one of the most powerful search engines in the Internet. This meta search engine compiles a selection of websites in a comprehensive manner and simply sorts them by the use of proprietary algorithms relevancy for each query. They assist users to find the most appropriate website without any delay for the given query. By semi-automated validation process, the quality & relevancy of Kartoo’s page are created. Kartoo’s localized search engines are available for an incomparable visitor experience which can be selected. Through a user-friendly and clean interface, each country benefits from a market specific directory which gives in-depth info which is available in most different languages.


Toorgle describe itself as a simple and powerful search engine which provides torrent search for over 450 websites! Since it has a well-structured user interface, it’s very easy to use and similar to Google’s search engine. Toorgle.com is an external website which is not connected to ODir.org., it is a website to find alternatives to the existing ones.


Torrent Finder is a multi search BitTorrent engine which can easily search over 74 torrent sites and trackers on one page. To check your favourite torrent trackers and sites, you must write your torrent keywords to start your search. You can also add your url in torrent finder by clicking on ‘Add Torrent Site’ option on the homepage. You will have to enter your website name,  your email address, logo and then send it for approval. Private Logins are available to log in all private services and they set cookies on your browser so that you can search those sites on Torrent Finder search page.

Benefits of using torrent search engine:

  1. Save you time. You don’t need to visit dozens of websites that offer downloading torrents, simply visit one search engine and generate many results with one click.
  2. Avoid annoying ads. You won’t visit many torrent sites – as you know many of them have introduced pop under ads which are pretty annoying. Visit torrent search engine, get results and visit one torrent site that host wanted file in 100%. That’s all, you have visited 2 websites instead of 5-10.
  3. Get torrent with the biggest number of seeds, because many of torrent search engines has a possibility to sort its result lists and they present the most popular files on the top of the list. It gives you a possibility to get torrent faster and this torrent will be safer, because many people tested/revieved/downloaded that.
  4. Find torrents unreal to find. Some meta search engines support hundreds of torrent websites, so you are not able to visit them all. Instead of this, visit search engine and receive the largest list of results for free.
  5. Avoid fake files. You can be sure that torrent search engines support only sites that offer download torrents free, without any surveys or lockers, only popular and tested services. There is no way to get result from website that offer fake files or its made for scam visitors. Additionally, meta search engine like torrentz2.eu gives you a possibility to vote for every single torrent. You can leave a feedback and tell other visitors if torrent is good, bad or need to be improved.

Search Torrents with most popular services!

Have you ever heard about BitTorrent system? BitTorrent Search Engine is to search and find the files which you are looking for. BitTorrent is used to download large size files (for example videos, songs, games, apps, documents) and you can also upload files and time varies based on its size. To download a file, you will need a .torrent file, or you should have the direct URL to the .torrent file. You need a this search engine to download .torrent files which will be available on variety of BitTorrent sites. There are many .torrent download websites which contain most of the files that you are searching for. Torrentz2 and IsoHunt are the 2 main BitTorrent search engines, you must know them. Other search engines won’t be much effect on comparing with these two for sure; Torrentz2.eu is the best and the most used BitTorrent search engine to search for files and download them.

In this case, many download sites will be linked in, so while you are searching for a file, it shows the websites that contain the chosen files which you are searching for.


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