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themobilebay.org TheMobileBay is a mobile-optimized website launched  by the ThePirateBay. Designed to improve users experience on smartphones & tablets, like those running the iOS or Android operating system, the mobile torrent site has an updated layout that’s easier to read or navigate.

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About website

Pirate Bay has suffered with another key domain’s suspension. TheMobileBay.org was the domain name and site layout served to users of mobile devices like phones and tablets. But now the domain name name is more, suspended by its registrar like more before it. After years of virtual stagnation on the development front, during the summer of 2014 The Pirate Bay announced the launching of a brand new site.

Designed especially for mobile devices, TheMobileBay.org provided a fresh and clean interface instead of a simply scaled-down variant of its existing site. As may be seen in the picture below, the layout eliminates the clutter and made the website more simple to navigate on phones and tablets. The new vs. old Appearance tpb-mob-oldnew Since the launch of TheMobileBay.org 18 months past users of mobile devices have been automatically diverted to this special version of The Pirate Bay. However those diversions faltered and then completely broke down. The reason, once more, is that The Pirate Bay has lost.

Like many other Pirate Bay domains in recent months, TheMobileBay.org has been suspended by its own inheritance. Back in December the website’s . LA, . GD, . MN and . VG domains were recorded as “clienthold” by registrar 1API GmbH, and now TheMobileBay.org has suffered the same fate. tpb-mobile As a result of the fresh domain troubles The Pirate Bay is currently not accessible by visiting TheMobileBay.org. Furthermore, those visiting ThePirateBay.se can’t access it either, unless they instruct their browsers to get the desktop version of the website instead.

Sadly this has its drawbacks as it is the mobile-unfriendly version of the website that loads. While mobile users of the website will be denied access to the site or simply disappointed by a return to the old layout, the reduction of TheMobileBay.org domain will be felt strongly in the united kingdom. For reasons that remain unclear, since its launch UK ISPs have not obstructed The Mobile Bay, meaning that consumers have managed to evade the High Court blockade won by rightsholders. Considering the standing of that the Pirate Bay it is very likely that a copyright holder complaint triggered the suspension of The Mobile Bay, but that has not been confirmed.

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The scallywags in The Pirate Bay have created a port for all pirates to drop anchor. The torrent directory that was favorite recently released a version of its website after years of cramming the PC version onto mobile screens. The new look is The Pirate Bay with its trademark ship logo view torrents browse along with the top 100. piratebaymobile The Pirate Bay’s new mobile site.

Along with the look that is refreshed, the new mobile site of the Pirate Bay has its own URL. Instead of auto-detecting your screen size and delivering the mobile version under the exact same web address, the mobile Pirate Bay is situated at themobilebay.org. In a conversation with Torrent Freak, the team behind The Pirate Bay says they chose to use a website address to withstand takedown attempts.

Mobile users who see with the key site of The Pirate Bay are supposed to be redirected to the new site. But in my short tests on a Nexus 7 and 4 that was not the case. Trying to see The Mobile Bay from a PC did trigger a redirect to the version of the Website. With only a few torrent apps available for Android and none for iOS, most individuals are still downloading (non-infringing) torrents from their PCs. Nevertheless, the mobile internet site might become an important tool in the coming months and is still handy for browsing. Torrent Freak reports the Pirate Bay group is at work on a project known as the RSSBay. This site would support personalized RSS feeds which would permit you to add your feed on the go and a torrent. Adding new content to your feed could be used to begin an torrent download on your computer at home.

Considering it took quite a while to The Pirate Bay team to get their act together to create a website that is mobile, your can probably count on seeing the RSSBay rather than sooner. It runs with the same features found on the traditional browser site, but is optimised for sequential downloaders on the move. Site admins advised Torrent Freak: “The normal version of the site leaves like crap on mobile devices.”

This is only the first part of the expansion plans of Pirate Bay however, it would appear. The site is seeking to move into dedicated websites for TV shows films, and music, making torrents more organized. A Pirate Bay RSS feed dubbed RSSbay is thought to be on the horizon. The peer-to-peer file sharing website has suffered many attempts to sink the ship, but as it keeps growing, it gets to broadside. In January, a Dutch court of appeal advised the internet service providers to restore access to The Pirate Bay, saying that of blocking the websites the movement is ‘ineffective’ in controlling piracy.

Based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the Hague Appeals Court in Netherlands ordered XS4All two ISPs and Ziggo, to enable users access to the website, who argued that the move blocked their subscribers’ free access to information. However, the move by The Pirate Bay could cause headaches for operators juggling to supply high volume traffic.

Is TheMobileBay.cc the new home for the mobile website of The Pirate Bay? Can it be the new domain that TheMobileBay.org is closed down? Or is it a copycat or a spam site? It’s not known. Agents have told us it is indeed a replacement for TheMobileBay.org, but the data hasn’t been confirmed. A representative who stated he was Fred, founder of The Pirate Bay, contacted colleagues stating that TheMobileBay.cc was a brand new domain for TheMobileBay.org. And from the screenshot above, which was taken in the new TheMobileBay.cc, it does look quite similar.

However, when it comes to torrent sites that are new, caution is always prudent. In the area that is torrent, websites pop up after their domain names are taken down, copycatting sites. It is not known at this time if that is one of these or if this is the real thing. Here is what we know up to now. The Website Said It Moved to the Cocos Islands The press release (which MyTechBits reported about), stated that TheMobileBay.org was shut down because of copyright issues and the website has now moved to the Cocos Islands at the . cc domain.

Especially, it read: “Our domain was suspended on 28th Jan, 2016 from the copyright enforcement agencies, we’re still trying our best to find the suspension revoked but the odds are slim. Henceforth, we moved to Cocos Islands with http://themobilebay.cc being the new domain name.” You do have to move to the Cocos Islands to get a . cc domain. You can buy a . Cc domain from anywhere, even from sites like GoDaddy. It’s an interesting point, although that does not mean what they wrote wasn’t true. ThePirateBay Founder’s Name is Misspelled in the Domain Registration The WhoIs domain information for TheMobileBay.cc is also interesting. It lists the registrant’s address as being in Stockholm.

In fact, it uses the speech that genuine The Pirate Bay domains use for the founder. However, his name is misspelt by the domain registration: Screen shot 2016-02-02 in 12.19.17 PM On the enrollment for TheMobileBay.cc, his name is spelled “Fredrick Neij,” if the creator’s name is in fact spelled Fredrik Neij. However, the domain name registration does use the same address that TheMobileBay.org used. Neij was released from prison in June 2015.

ThePirateBay.se Does Not Redirect Mobile Users to TheMobileBay.cc, But a Representative Says They’re Working on That As reported by TorrentFreak, when mobile users accessed ThePirateBay.se, they were automatically sent to TheMobileBay.org. That’s why users are getting error messages when attempting to access the website. At this time, ThePirateBay.se isn’t yet redirecting to this new website on mobile phones. If it did, that would be a clear sign that TheMobileBay.cc is legitimate. Please leave a comment and let us know if it’s redirecting on your phone.

A representative from TheMobileBay.cc contacted us and said: “TheMobileBay uses the same database as our primary website and that is it. As for the redirection, it is being worked upon. In fact, it is already working for some user agents and we’re trying to implement it for all targeted devices.” At this time, it cannot be verified whether TheMobileBay.cc is part of ThePirateBay family. As we have details, we will update this story. By purchasing a subscription or a cable subscription to sites like Amazon Prime Netflix, or Hulu if you would like to get movies or TV shows online, you can do this legally.

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