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TheCafe Proxy List


thecafe.me TheCafe is a nice general private tracker with about 23000 active torrents in different categories.

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About website

TheCafe Categories:

  • unedited
  • applications/programs
  • android/linux
  • os/mac
  • windows/windows phone
  • books
  • audio books
  • comics
  • ebooks
  • magazines
  • documentaries
  • hd-docos
  • sd-docos
  • fights
  • boxing
  • mma
  • wwe/tna/impact
  • games
  • android/linux
  • ios/mac
  • n64/gamecube/wii/ds
  • ps2/ps3/ps4/psp
  • windows
  • xbox/360/one
  • motorsports
  • boxsets movie
  • 4kids-hd/sd
  • movies
  • 3d
  • 4kids-hd/sd
  • bluray
  • cam/r5/ts
  • hd/bdrip/brrip
  • sd/dvdrip/bdrip/brrip
  • music
  • concerts
  • discographies
  • flac
  • mp3/aac/v0/v2/other
  • video
  • sports
  • hd-sports
  • sd-sports
  • tuts/learning
  • tv seasons
  • anime-hd/sd
  • tv shows
  • anime-hd/sd
  • comedy/standup-hd/sd
  • hd-tv
  • sd-tv
  • web-dl/bluray

TheCafe Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

Speeds are extremely good even with few seeders torretnts. It’s bonus points system which could be use to purchase upload or invites credits. Maintaining good ratio is simple thanks to bonus points system and lots of freeleech torrents and a number of them are with 2X upload credits depend. No inner encoders found but nearly all other landscape and P2P encodes are found. Tracker interface is extremely straightforward and in English only. First I gotta say I did not liked the tracker port it seem clumsy to me but the thing is that you can alter the websites themes – they are not creating any

Real difference to me and that is the only bad thing I could say about this tracker.

Now after I am done being annoyed by the tracker seem I can say it’s actually an Awesome Tracker!

with seeders. In spite of older torrents I got really good rates. they

Have an extremely good community and it is seems fun to combine seating together to drink coffee and chit chat about a few aliens.

From my opinion they’ll have more success if they simply stay

Focused on that part rather than being a overall tracker, I could find there for actual almost all of the shows that I really like from aliens to pawnshop to pawning

aliens shop. This tracker was “Up & Running” for about 1+ years now , It is a HTTPS tracker using a lots of work done on it.

All the torrents which were uploaded by the uploader’s staff are analyzed and are virus/spyware free.
(Website uploaders utilize 1GB dedicated boxes)
The busy forums are big and keep on getting larger day by day, answering to your questions very quickly! Tired of trying to find Seeders in well-known websites full of ADs, end up angry and infected with viruses?

In this brief column I will enumerate the reasons why this community keeps getting bigger and more powerful!

-To Start with, “Torrent Cafe” includes a great Quantity of torrents,
Covering nearly all of your needs, additionally, VIP may request a torrent that’s missing.

-Our system functions based on a ratio that means,
In case you leech something, you need to seed it too
(for example: 1GB leeching for 1GB seeding) prior to closure or keep it available for 48 hours (1:1 ratio),
This way our members will have the ability to leech from you.
As far as you maintain the ratio over 1, you’re safe.

-Using a lot Leech-Free & 2xUpload torrents that in a fantastic way affect your own multiplier!

-You don’t have to get a seedbox to find a fantastic buffer and live here.

-The machine I explained above, allows us to have great upload/dowload speeds.

-Our community is excellent and active, growing day after day.

Full list of TheCafe Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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