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The fight against sites that offer non-copyrighted content


A lot of internet users use torrents every year. You have to admit that there is nothing strange about this because torrents are the perfect way to download the latest series, movies and even computer games for which the store has to pay and not a little. So in order to summarize what the year was the most downloaded or how many times the downloaded torrent was given the file you need to prepare for a huge number. Thus, for example, last year’s most downloaded series was Game of Thrones, behind her was the series The Walking Dead, and Westworld was third. It should be noted that for torrent downloaders it was not an easy year. Many pages have collapsed.

In fact, it has been blocked by security services dealing with the fight against online piracy. The biggest event was the closing of such services as KickassTorents. This is not an isolated case as it has blocked a number of pages slightly smaller than the one above, but also very popular. Access to sites such as Torrentz or TorrentHound has also been blocked.

The fight against sites that offer non-copyrighted content without the copyright to distribute has taken on a larger dimension. Even Google search engine for removing torrent links. Last year, almost one billion links blocked, which gave access to download files for free. As you can easily see, this is a futile act since the place of blocked sites is becoming increasingly new and more modern.

Does the fight against online piracy make any sense? We may wonder, but it will probably never be stopped. Even if developers once have very good protections to prevent copying and duplication of files they sell, then some time later these protections will be broken and thrown into the internet. Users then upload files that are of interest to other users on torrents and will be publicly available to everyone. Before the torrent is blocked by any service, it will be able to download thousands of people and then the producer of the game or movie will then calculate the loss.

Many people also want to save money because they do not have to go to a store and buy a particular game or product. The filmmakers are well aware that their film is available online. Then very few people choose to spend their money and go to the movies while they can watch the video at home. The rest of us all probably used to download different files from the torrents and he himself found that this is a convenient method.

If you once downloaded something from torent you will not forget it and always have the alternative method in the back of your head. The truth is that on the torrents we find everything we need because the files come from other users’ computers. So if someone has the desired file on your computer then you can also have it at home. Download speeds are dependent on availability, so what’s more popular is that you’ll be able to download it to your computer faster.


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