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tasvideos.org TASVideos has a tool-assisted game & movies collection. These run-throughs resemble playing sessions of classic and modern video games at high speed, allowing new visitors to quickly become experts. All movies are available as free downloads via BitTorrent. TASVideos game runs are held to high standards, and only high quality runs will be published for free torrent downloading on the site.

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  • apple ii
  • arcade
  • atari 2600/7800
  • atari lynx
  • colecovision
  • commodore 64
  • dos
  • game boy/sgb/gbc
  • game boy advance
  • gamecube
  • msx home computer system
  • nes/famicom/fds
  • nintendo 64
  • nintendo ds
  • playstation
  • sega genesis/mega drive/cd/32x
  • sega master system/game gear
  • sega saturn
  • snes/super famicom
  • turbografx-16/pc engine/cd/supergrafx
  • virtual boy
  • wii
  • windows
  • wonderswan

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Here at TASVideos, we strive to push games to their limits. Allow for undoing mistakesgameplay, and even in some cases utilizing robots to do our bidding. We overcome limitations to complete games entertaining our viewers as our players tear through games at impossible speeds. The final result of this procedure is simply a succession of key-presses which may be carried out on the original hardware. Lots of the insights is documented on our resource pages, allowing new players to catch up to our experts. Some make the games look broken. But the games aren’t breaking, we are just breaking your notion on them. Share knowledge of games you’re invited to join thousands users the hundreds of players, and about 100000 unique visitors that make up our community, provide feedback of TAS videos you have watched, or even make movies yourself.

Mission statement TASvideos.org is committed to providing the best in tool-assisted speedruns and superhuman play. Our runs are held to high standards, and high quality runs will be published on the site. In addition, we prefer quality over quantity — a excellent run will not be accepted whether it’s a game new to a run to an improvement or the website. Our runs may not be perfect (if that’s even possible), but are still large quality and aim to be as entertaining as possible. Why? These movies are made by us since they’re entertaining to watch, and because we’re curious how far a game can be pushed. The process of creating them is also a form of problem-solving and challenge to ingenuity and our intellect. It’s possible he’ll delight in the box more than the toy if a child receives a box containing an expensive toy as a birthday present. This is creativity. We’re doing the exact same. Rather than walking on the paths we create our own legs our own paths and so on. And we’re not listening to people who say “you can’t do that!” . Just like children. How?

The movies on TASVideos are made with the support of emulators that have the capability of recording sequences of key presses — it’s the key presses that are recorded, and the video and audio caused by the emulator playing this back is what can be seen through the videos provided on the website. The emulators involved have been crafted to provide features specifically designed for game play. The most common features are save states, allowing the author to come back to an earlier point in the run (and thereby revert mistakes that are made), and the ability to play one frame at a time (known as frame advance), which removes the limitations of one’s reflexes.

Where even this isn’t enough, some emulators allow for programming and ‘bots’ to improve the procedure. Site and movies What is this website? TASVideos is a community for creating and publishing Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS) videos – emulator (and other tool) assisted run-throughs that resemble superhuman-like playing sessions – of classic and modern video games. To TASVideos, visit Welcome for a more comprehensive introduction. What does TAS/movie/input file/(other term) mean? Our Glossary contains definitions of the majority of the terms in use. How are these movies created?

The movies on TASVideos are made with the help of emulators which have the capability of recording sequences of key presses – it’s the key presses that are recorded, and the video and audio resulting from the emulator playing this back is what can be observed through the videos provided on the website. The emulators have been crafted to provide features specifically designed for optimal game play.

The most common features are save states, allowing the author to come back to an earlier point in the run (and thereby revert mistakes that are made), and the ability to play one frame at a time (known as frame advance), which removes the limitations of one’s reflexes. Where even this isn’t enough, some emulators allow for programming and ‘bots’ to improve the procedure. Our players post work-in-progress runs as they are worked on by them; tracking a run can be a good first step in getting a feel for the procedure.

How can I create one of these movies? We maintain the TASing Guide meant for new visitors to start on creating their own TAS. Troubleshooting I tried to play back one of the MP4/MKV/AVI files but it didn’t work. What can I do to get it to play back? Your computer not possessing the codecs needed to play the movie back often causes this. For what you can do to install the codecs that are proper go. I tried to play back a run in the emulator, but it doesn’t play back as intended. What can I do? You are most likely experiencing a desync, meaning as the input file expects it to, the emulator isn’t behaving. Visit Desync Help for approaches to fixing this. The community

Who creates these runs? Go to our list of players to learn. You are also encouraged to visit the forum, where places are taken by much of the discussion. How can I help? Outstanding question! We are always in need of people willing to help out the website. The Helping page details ways you can assist the site with everything to creating runs, from watching the movies. Everybody has.

The movie must play with the game from the Start Giving yourself a headstart is not allowed. The game must start from a starting point, which is the very beginning. The film must start from The movie must begin in the game’s power-on condition (no loading of saves). That is, the option must be selected: “Record from power-on/start”, or If the above isn’t applicable, then “Record from reset” and any check box which has “Clear SRAM” or similar must be checked.

“Record from SRAM” and “Record from now/savestate” or similar is not permitted, except under special circumstances (see the next paragraph). Installed games Games that require installation to storage media prior to playing don’t count as starting from a save as long as you haven’t actually started the game executable. Installation instructions are required by us if the instructions included with the game aren’t sufficient to perform the installation.

If we can’t generate a installation the movie will be rejected. Save-anchored movies are not allowed by us. We want a standard starting point for movies (power-on). Saves introduce an infinite number of variation that is possible that can cause the game to behave compared to starting from power-on.

They can be hacked, allowing cheating that was nearly transparent. However, there are certain games with unlockable modes, second quests, or other things of interest that can only be accessed if a save file (or an otherwise “dirty” SRAM) is present. If you wish to submit a movie made on a mode, you’ll require a verification movie provided and made alongside it. Any input file that starts from power-on (for instance, a previously submitted movie for this game) and creates the exact circumstances for your submission to sync will generally do.

Note that you don’t have to optimize the verification movie: it only serves as a save or SRAM generator which makes it feasible to claim the legitimacy of your effort. This submission is a good example. In any case, ensure a run of your mode provides content on a fresh game. If the unlocked mode features all new bosses, but your run triggers the endgame sequence before meeting any of them, and this glitch exists in a fresh game as well, then there’s absolutely not any benefit to unlocking this mode. No skipping to the end The point is to beat the game, skipping sections of the game with a password defeats the purpose.

Exceptions may be granted under special considerations (including the game being too long and repetitive); consult with a judge first. The game must be acceptable Game choice must conform either to the standards of the Vault’s game choice rules, or Moons for movies for movies. Additionally, specific kinds of games aren’t allowed in any circumstance. Video games rated other adult video games, or adult-only with strong extreme violence to AO standards, are not allowed.

Like it could have been played with authentic hardware, the movie should look. This makes it easier to relate to. This details to the following points: The ROM must be good Use a good ROM dump. Dumps are labeled [!] . Don’t use bad dumps. Bad dumps are are commonly labeled [b]. Don’t use an overdump ROM (labeled [o]) if a non-overdump ROM is available. Do not use otherwise hacked ROMs, or fan translations, game versions that are cracked — we prefer games and translators do not want you to use versions that are obsolete. Versions are labeled [h] and [t]. Exceptions could be made for ROMs that were bad or cracked if no ROMs exist, or aren’t obtainable.

Provide checksums of the ROMs you used. Play games that are emulated Emulation of several platforms such as Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, and PlayStation is still far from perfect, and some games work worse. We generally aim to publish videos that look like they could be played back on the video game system, although this may be grey area on systems.

Movies of games that aren’t emulated well (have graphical or functional glitches that do not exist on the real console) shouldn’t be submitted. Accurate emulation is preferred over inaccurate! Our movies’ goal is to show what could be done on a console that is real. Emulation bugs goes against this goal.

Do not exploit emulation bugs, even if does so. Even if yours ends up slower but demonstrates gameplay, it will be preferred. If you’re unsure whether pertains to emulation rather than the game itself, try reproducing it on a real console or a different (preferably more accurate) emulator. The same holds for exploiting bugs in a ROM dump that is bad. We would prefer the version that represents a playthrough that is more accurate. Non-official games (hacks, homebrews, etc.. .)

Non-official games are allowed for submission. However, they go through more scrutiny than other games. This is because the game itself also becomes a subject to judgment, so it has to be a high quality and notable hack or homebrew with a strong following. The TAS ought to be high quality on its own merit, and must also show something interesting in comparison to other game(s) made on exactly the exact same game engine, if applicable.

Do not use fan translations for your movies — see above for more on this. This rule is strict. No cosmetic hacks We don’t allow hacks that only serve to change the looks of the original game. Unique gameplay must be provided by hacks. No tampering with of Some systems, such as DOS, exposes the game’s separate parts . If the game needs to be installed, you are not allowed to manipulate game files except as normally done during install. That means no renaming/copying/deleting.

Tools that manipulate ROM or RAM (e.g. Game Genie codes) are not allowed They count as hacked versions of the game if they touch ROM locations. Either convert it or don’t use it. Arbitrary Code Entering arbitrary code into a game via an exploit is allowed as long as some qualifications are adhered to.

Players may use code to immediately finish games, skipping large portions of them. Code entered into a game which allows for fastest possible progress of the game is always allowed. Often this means jumping straight to screen or the end credits. Using arbitrary code to complete the level is allowed. It is not allowed to use code inefficiently, creating runs that jump smaller and arbitrary portions of the game than would otherwise be possible. Playarounds Players can use arbitrary code to make their own playarounds that do fun things.

Playarounds making use of code must appear to finish the game, ending screen at the end or revealing the end credits. Ending screen with your own or replacing the end credits is allowed. Arbitrary code for a game must seem to do one of the following: Enhance or extend the game in some way and play the game. Take advantage of assets to create something which looks like it may be something built into the game to an viewer. Are not allowed. TASVideos is not a place. Adding custom content is allowed as long as your have the legal right to do so, meaning you created and/or own it, or the content that was added can be redistributed in accordance with fair use.

No emulator settings

The emulator needs to be set to emulate the system as closely as possible while still allowing the game to be played. You should not depend on a particular emulator hack to add speed. No randomized or unverified custom RAM state Unless the RAM state as a whole is proven to be a possible state for the console being emulated Emulator settings to initialize RAM a particular way are not allowed. This also applies to fully random RAM state initialization, which is certain to generate an invalid state that is starting the majority of the time for consoles.

The region settings must be correct If you are running an NTSC game ((U) or (J)), you must set your emulator to record in NTSC mode. Likewise, if you’re running a PAL game ((E)), you must record your movie in PAL mode. Any other setting will get your movie. Note that such settings are enabled in emulators, but it’s far better to check before you begin recording. That movie’s completion time will be adjusted to account for the fact that PAL games run at 60 Hz at 50 Hz and NTSC if you’re obsoleting a movie that was recorded with the wrong settings. This rule only comes into effect on console games that have badly programmed region lock-out.

The BIOS must be real Only use BIOSes, not ones if makes use of system BIOSes. Match the BIOS region to the game’s region. Do not use an image, if BIOS images are region-dependent. Only use USA BIOS for (U) versions, Japan BIOS for (J) versions, and Europe BIOS for PAL versions ((E) or other).

See below for details in about using non-USA region general games. In PSX’s event, the number in the BIOS revision determines the region, SCPH-xxx0 is Japan, SCPH-xxx1 is USA, SCPH-xxx2 is Europe, and SCPH-xxx3 is Japan. See this Wikipedia page for more information. Any official PSX BIOS version is accepted, provided it matches the region of the game played. Note that SCPH-7003 and SCPH-5501 are identical, and therefore can be considered interchangeable.

Be certain you mention the BIOS name. Use the version that is correct (J) vs (U) The US ((U)) versions are usually preferred over the Japanese ((J)) version due to the usage of English language, which is much easier to understand for the general audience. However, the audience here is significant, and there is no longer a particular requirement at TASVideos to use one version over another. Bear in mind that time gained solely through basic ROM differences will be discounted for the purpose of comparison. This includes: Time gained as a result of Japanese writing being more compact through address boxes and shorter text; Differences in title screen, cutscenes, and menus (unless menus are the game’s most important control interface).

Only actual gameplay improvements will be considered. For example: there’s a published movie made on a (U) ROM; the title screen for this game takes 100 frames less on a (J) ROM; a movie made on a (J) ROM is submitted, that is 101 frames faster than the movie made on a (U) ROM. The improvement is just 1 frame; the 100 frame gain from a title screen is discounted. It is up to the author elaborate upon the version differences and to do the math. The information you present, the easier it’ll be to judge your movie.

Console versions of PAL games operate at a lower framerate than NTSC games, running at ~50Hz compared to the ~ 60Hz of NTSC, and the games themselves are usually not modified or modified to accommodate to the change in time. Due to this, PAL versions of ROMs are generally not allowed, unless there are significant amusement merits to using this version. Watch Rygar and Blaster Master for examples of good use of the PAL ROM. European versions of handheld games are permitted, but are not suggested. Use an (U) version if available. The same rule applies to European variations.

The Sega Master System is an exceptional system as it can officially play PAL games at NTSC frequency in PAL-M regions (Brazil). Therefore PAL games with NTSC settings is allowed for SMS games, but only if the game has a official release in Brazil. Details about PAL-M here.

A movie must beat all records that are existing If your movie is going to beat on something, be sure it is beaten by it. Your movie will be rejected if your movie is slower than the world record for the game, aiming for the same goals. Do your research. Start looking for the unassisted speedrun records that are present. Start looking in the submission queue for previous TAS movies or on the forums. Check places like NicoVideo or YouTube for speedruns, otherwise or tool-assisted. Failure to beat on movies will result in rejection. The movie quality must be acceptable Don’t be lazy. We will try and beat your movie. We should hopefully not succeed. See the Guidelines on how to make a movie that meets with the site’s standards.

Arcade codes, and Cheats continues are not allowed.This includes any input sequences such as the Konami Code, in addition to hidden menus that are accessible. Note that, if the button sequence is mentioned in the manual as a normal means of playing, such as level restart shortcuts in the Legend of Zelda or Metroid, it’s usually allowed. Buying continues with coins in arcade games is considered to be a practice, as it provides the player with a power resource that is virtually unlimited and free, and as such goes against the typical notion of a TAS.

These rules aren’t strict, but are motivated by the concept. Therefore, you can use a code to unlock the hardest difficulty, even though it’s far better to first ask on the forums if this is a good idea. Indeed it may make the movie worse! The movie must be complete Your movie end when the last action was delivered and should begin from the. There are no specific rules for an exact endpoint but it must adhere to the following rules: It has to beat the game (1-level movies that don’t finish the game are rejected). It must have the ability to reach the credits or end screen without requiring any further interaction; all input must come solely from the input file (e.g. configuring the emulator to autofire after the end of playback is not allowed).

An exception was allowed for Rygar. It should end with the previous input. Don’t leave any input at the end of the film. Once there’s no new content introduced if a game never ends, then it could possibly be considered complete, and the difficulty no longer increases. Obsoleting a published movie The goal must be to adhere to its playing standard in both entertainment and technical aspects when obsoleting a published movie that aims for fastest time. If you found a shortcut that saves 30 seconds, your movie should be faster. Losing time elsewhere is unacceptable.

If a published movie is notable for its entertaining idle time stunts (such as synchronizing actions to background music), you should at least try coming up with something comparably entertaining. Although in this case it’ll be a common courtesy, Copying such actions from a movie that is published is not a issue. Site rules apply if the movie that is published breaks them. We make mistakes sometimes, but that doesn’t provide a light for you to break the rules. If a movie uses a dump that is bad, you should use the one that is good. If a published movie uses an emulator that is inaccurate and you have the choice of a more accurate one, use the latter. But it has been allowed for the movie that is published and if a rule is broken for a reason, then it’s usually okay. Before making the movie if unsure, ask admin or a judge. (An example would be movies that start from SRAM, use passwords, etc..)

The movie must be reproducible It is not sufficient that you did it we need to be able to run the simulation as you did, and get the same result. A movie that synchronizes on the computer of the author won’t be accepted. Use an emulator version that is official Every officially supported TAS emulator has a repository to host official releases obtainable as a package (such as binaries). TASVideos supports these releases. Using custom or interim builds compiled from emulator source code (from e.g. svn or git repositories) is not officially supported.

Always make sure your movie syncs on the releases; use interim builds at your own risk. If a movie syncs on some interim build, but doesn’t sync on any official release, it will be rejected. Be aware that some emulators require interims because their official releases are infrequent and/or often outdated (including Dolphin and VBA-rr); for these emulators, interim versions are accepted. Any settings must be stated in the submission text Ideally the movie file, a copy of the game and an copy of the system should be everything needed. Sadly, the world isn’t ideal.

Please, provide all settings that may affect synchronization of your movie on different systems. Movie file metadata must be correct It might be easy to lose track of rerecords’ number, but do try to get it accurate. While it’s not supposed to be used for judging, it is a fact that a lot of our users pay attention to. The movie must be properly attributed Do what is better for the audience, not yourself. Trying to get your name on the site at all costs won’t make you popular.

TASVideos aims to remain a community, so offenses are regulated by rules. Do not claim Submitting it under your name and taking another user’s movie is strictly forbidden. Offense is potential grounds for a ban. This doesn’t apply to situations where a similar or identical solution is discovered and implemented .

A modicum of effort is required If it does not make the film reach the condition any 29, trimming or altering the last few frames and taking another user’s picture is strongly discouraged. Movie will be rejected during the grace period on the grounds as above. It’s more preferable to notify its author first, and see if they wish to implement it themself if there’s an oversight that needs a simple fix at the end of the published movie. Otherwise, it would be preferable to attribute the movie. See the next paragraph for elaboration.

Crediting users’ contribution It’s generally accepted that if you simply copy chunks of gameplay that effectively produces a new submission, although there are no rules that estimate the importance of each contribution. Authorship isn’t enforced, but the audience might become unhappy if you don’t give credit where it’s due. If unsure, check with a judge. This notion is relaxed in sub-second improvements (commonly called “frame wars”), as copying large parts of gameplay from previous generations of such TAS becomes less and less avoidable with each subsequent generation.

Full list of TASVideos Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet

Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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