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Kinozal Proxy List


kinozal.tv Kinozal.TV is a popular Russian torrent site for movies and TV series.

Language: Russian

Kinozal is a PRIVATE TRACKER: invite only – signups closed.

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About website

Kinozal is an international Russian-language torrent resource. Rules for using the tracker and the word Administration of the law for all users of the tracker without exception.
A user can register only one personal profile.
It is prohibited to publish religious and political materials, materials depicting cruelty, violence and pornography. It is forbidden to insult other users of the portal.
The user must always remain an honest member of the file exchange, i.e. Follow the rule downloaded himself, stay on the hand and help another (the minimum rating is 0.7).
It is allowed to spread the releases of the cinema halls on other trackers only with the full indication of the source in the description of your distribution.

By posting materials in the open areas of this site, the visitor automatically acknowledges and warrants that the author and owner of the rights to this material explicitly permitted him to publish and distribute such material (in whole or in part).
The visitor also allows other visitors to access, view, store and copy for personal use these materials.


Kinozal Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

We are happy with any suggestions and comments aimed at improving the work of our tracker. We also ask you to report any mistakes and inaccuracies in the work of the cinema hall.

All information posted on the site is provided under the symbol “AS IS”
Ranks at the cinema hall.
Viewer – The base user type. 3 hands are available.
Experienced Spectator – Available 8 hands. Additional functions are available. (25GB is flooded and the ratio is flooded / downloaded equal to 1.05.)
Honored Spectator – Available 16 hands. (More than 3 years on the project.)
VIP – Special title – for special merits. (The user providing financial assistance to the site.)
Cameraman – Has the right to fill the distribution.
Chief Cameraman – He has the right to fill the distribution. Have experience, help Cameramen.
Manager – Provides supervision of the files being distributed. Supports order in the cinema hall.
Editor – Controls the distribution. Can turn off users.
Administrator – Maybe everything.
Director – System administrator and site owner.


By default, you can be a peer at the same time for 3 hands. If your channel allows more, you can apply with a corresponding request to one of the administrators. Experienced Spectator and above are available 8 hands.
The optimal ratio Filled / downloaded equal to 1, that is, how many downloaded – so much and gave. Strive to support it if you want to stay with us. Do not close your BitTorrent client as long as possible! In case you were the only sid (the owner of the full copy) on the hand, please stay on the hand even if your rating is higher than 1 – today you helped someone, tomorrow someone will help you.
You information. If you have any questions about a particular distribution, please do not contact the Administration, but the distributor, using the system of Personal Messages or Comments to the distribution.
Recommended BT Client: μTorrent
What is the rating and the ratio Filled / Downloaded
Rating is the ratio Filled / Downloaded. Keep your rating above 1 on the tracker. Do not close your BitTorrent client as long as possible! In case you were the only sid (the owner of the full copy) on the hand, please stay on the hand, even if your rating is higher than 1. Today you helped someone, tomorrow someone will help you.
The Download-Fill ratio is intended for users whose rating is lower (1) and rechecked by the tracker. If Downloaded – Filled> 6GB, then the tracker will give you a torrent warning and you will be available only 1 hand. If the difference reaches 20GB, your profile will be disabled. For this reason, try to keep a rating above 1 on the tracker. After you have downloaded the movie – stay on the hand. Download it yourself, Help another. Please, be the correct USERS OF THE TRACKER OF CINEMA. TV
Rules for commenting on the distribution of cinemas.
Comments containing interesting information and / or benevolent, witty and funny – they are not a flood, and we are only happy!
The system of comments of hands is created in order:
1. Express your respect and gratitude to the distributor
2. ask a particular technical question of interest to you regarding distribution or release
3. Inform interesting information related to the distribution.
Links to portals are forbidden.
Remember, distributions to the cinema halls are in no way designed to meet your personal requests: if you do not like the distribution, try to look for something suitable for you elsewhere.
Do not forget, the purpose of the comment is to thank the distributor and ask questions about the specific distribution, and after viewing you can share your impressions about the material.

More details:

Materials are accepted: Movies, Cartoons, Music, Audio Books, Games. Programs from Microsoft are forbidden to distribute, other programs with the permission of the administrator.
If the material was already on hand (use the search on the site), the minimum period for residing is three weeks!
All foreign films must be translated.
In the case of distributing foreign material, the names of the files being distributed and distribution must be Russian and spelled out in Latin. Be creative and show imagination! Compliance with this rule will be strictly followed by the Editors, and in case of its failure to delete the distribution.
Be sure to check your torrent in the client before you upload it to the tracker. Gulf torrent, download it to your hard drive, and use it for distribution only!
All distributions must be properly named, decorated and accompanied by detailed information. The distributor should know what he is giving, and the user has the right to know what he is downloading.
Be active! The absence of fresh hands leads to a decrease in your access level to the average user.
The quality of the video is allowed by the rules of our tracker?
Dear Cameramen, give out video quality files only:
DO NOT give out: Screen (TS), Screeners, Telecine (TC), etc.
Distributions Low-quality video files will be deleted from the tracker without warning. Let’s together create an image of a cinema hall. There are quality releases.
Format description:
DVD-Rip – the best quality of the above. The picture does not tremble, the colors are not distorted, no extraneous inscriptions or timers. The picture claims the title / DVD quality. When viewing, you will not notice the difference with the original DVD. Everything is perfect, you are trying to find fault with something, but you can not do anything.
TV / SATRip – rips from a TV channel or satellite channel, respectively. They can be seen logos of the corresponding TV channels or satellite channels. Often the top and bottom of the frame are cut off so that the TV channel logo can not be seen, it is very often seen on non-licensed DVDs. There can be artistic and documentary films, sports programs, clips (especially MTV), humorous programs (KVN) and sometimes Russian TV shows.
Telesync (TS) – recorded by the camera while the movie is shown in the cinema, the operator’s hands do not tremble (using a tripod), there is no laughter or extraneous sounds (sound is taken from the headphone jack in the chair), but all the signs of the cinema are preserved: very faded colors, large Excess black and gray.
DVD Screener is a copy of the demo DVD, which is issued to the Managers for writing reviews and sent to theaters so that the directorate of the cinema decides to purchase this film. In general – DEMO-version. In fact, this DVD with built-in * visual protection * from the fool: several times throughout the movie the picture becomes black and white.
Telecine (TC) – Very rare. Quality can not be much inferior to DVD-Rip, but it can be bad. There are no extraneous inscriptions on the screen. Sometimes noticeably jittery pictures and film effects (scratches, dust, etc.) A good Telecine can be equated to a DVD-Rip.
VHS Rip is a rip made from a VHS cassette. It is characterized by oversaturation of colors (typical for VHS). In addition, in the film there are horizontal stripes and jitter of the picture – defects of a jammed film or loss of tracking. At the edges, there are typical VHS noises – white specks and stripes.
VCD Rip – rip made from VCD-ROM with all the consequences of this. The VCD is usually encoded in MPEG1 / 2 format, with a bitrate around 1150 and a resolution of about 320 * 240 (384 * 288). VCD-Rip is made from such a disk and acquires the characteristics characteristic for it: screen resolution: 384 * 288, 352 * 288 or 320 * 240. Usually * cloudy picture *, can be * pulled out * faces (the consequences of illiterate transcoding).
You will need the following programs
ΜTorrent – Recommended bittorent client.
To create hands, use (functions => Create a new torrent)
GSpot – for information about the video file
VirtualDubMod – for creating screenshots.
PhotoHosting – for filling the cover and screenshots.
What and how to do?
1. Check availability of distribution on the tracker
2. The name of the torrent file
3. Filling out data when filling out the distribution

First, you should definitely check to see if this distribution is already on the tracker. Let’s say you intend to distribute the film “Cat Woman”
1. Check the availability of distribution.
Go to the search: “Distribution tracker” and set the name: “Cat”, Click the SEARCH button and if there is no such distribution – we can continue. Create a folder in which you will collect all the files for distribution. Name it the same way as later you will name the file for distribution. For example: Jenshina.Koshka.2004.XviD.DVDRip
1.1 The name of the file.
If you downloaded this file from the Internet, edit the file name according to the rules (Movie title. Year of Release. Video codec. Quality. Release group). The name of the file is English – it is forbidden, for example In.Good.Company.2004. DivX.DVDRip-PodvalTeam. Then change to V.xoroshej.kompanii. 2004. DivX.DVDRip-PodvalTeam, but we do not change the release group. Only the RUSSIAN name and only LATIN letters. To add and change the rules of registration, read HERE.
1.2 The data file.
The GSpot program provides all the information we need. GSpot can be configured so that the file information is saved in text form. Install GSpot, open it, open it -> Option, then -> Export => put the bird in front of Get format from file and specify the path to the Export Format file (This file is in the folder where you installed GSpot), next, opposite Enable Exporting put the birdie => Save as Default => OK. On this prog GSpot is configured – you can work.
To get the information file, right-click on the movie file and select -> Open with GSpot. You will see the main window with the characteristics of the Film, in half a minute you can close the GSpot prog and next to the movie file you will find a new text file (notepad) with the same name as the movie (this file, when filling out the distribution in the window: INFO file, You will specify the path from your hard disk).
1.3 Creating screenshots.
For this we use the universal prog VirtualDubMod. Install, open the program, then file => open video file => Now move the mouse with the slider and look for the successful frames … sometimes you will see blurry frames – they better not save. Use the <> buttons with green and red rectangles to make a finer scrolling of the frames for the best quality frame, then save it in the folder with the following: Video => Snapshot source frame (shift-1) => Opens a window for saving the screenshot, Expand the PNG file [* .png] then the file name, for example: 1.png and save to the folder Jenshina.Koshka.2004.XviD.DVDRip
1.3 Create a torrent file.
To create a distribution, you can use BitSpirit or BitComet. Create a torrent: Open the torrent creator, open the movie file (if there are several files, then open all the files), you do not need to open additional files from the folder in the form of notepad and pictures, only video files for viewing the video. Then set the size of the pice (see below) for the future Torrent-File. Choose – No DNT or Peer Exchange. And further, Make … wait … After a few minutes the Torrent file will be ready (100%) => Release Now you see your torrent in your client. Put it on pause.
2 Distribution of distribution.
We open yandex.ru/ or google.ru Russian letters we write, for example: Description of the film Woman cat or film Woman cat etc … You will find hundreds of sites with covers and Description of the film. We keep the cover in the folder with the movie (from different sites it’s better to select a better one later and fill it in). We store all the information about the movie in a Word or Notepad file and save it to the folder with the movie. In the future, you will use this information to fill out the template for filling the film. When the torrent is downloaded to the tracker, you need to download it again from the tracker to the Torrent Client, and enable the sid to upload the files. Read more on our forum, in the section – UNIVERSITY.

We respect intellectual property and are ready to settle all disputable issues affecting copyrights.
If you are the owner of exclusive property rights,
Which are violated using this site,
Please contact us in writing in electronic form.
Our email: [email protected]
The project is an international Russian-language site. The files for sharing are provided by users and are only for reference purposes. The project administration is not responsible for the contents of the distributed material and does not monitor the actions of users who have the opportunity to post the material again. If you are the copyright holder of objects protected by the copyright and intellectual property law of the Russian Federation, including:
The exclusive right to reproduction,
The exclusive right to disseminate,
The exclusive right to public display,
The exclusive right to communicate to the public,
And your exclusive rights are in any way violated on the site kinozal.tv, we will be happy to assist you by creating technical conditions for blocking the download links. In the event of disputes, we ask you to send us an e-mail immediately from the official postal address of your organization. Your message with the correct and fullest possible data will be reviewed without fail as soon as possible. In accordance with the current legislation, the Administration is ready to consider disputes within the framework of a claim or other pre-trial settlement procedure.
When applying, please indicate the following data and attach the corresponding copies of documents in the scanned form:
Data of the copyright holder and the authorized representative: the name of the organization, full name, position, contact information, website.
License for the right to operate, a rental certificate or a document on state registration.
A valid power of attorney for the right to perform actions on behalf of the rightholder, if the complaint is not submitted by the rightholder, but by its authorized representative (legal or natural person).
The address of the page of the site that contains data violating copyrights.
The link should look like this: kinozal.tv/details.php?id=XXXXX

Full list of Kinozal Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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