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1337x.to 1337X is a torrent site that offers verified torrent downloads for free. The service was started ‘to fill an apparent void where it seemed there was a lack of quality conscience ad free torrent sites with public trackers’. Over time 1337X was serving advertising on it’s website as well. 1337X strives to maintain a community atmosphere with a helpful staff who quickly verify all uploaded files. When the site switched to it’s new domain 1337x.to in 2014, the tracker announce URL remained under the old .org domain.

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About website

Have you ever heard of this torrent website?

If you haven’t, it is probably because it was removed by Google from its search results after receiving a request that is take-down. The torrent site has existed for a number of years and has seen a large spike in traffic, despite not being widely known. The increase is believed to be a result of popular site KickassTorrents.

“To be honest, it has been a rollercoaster with visitors,” the site’s operator told TorrentFreak. Realising there was a gap in the market for a new king following the demise of KAT, the people behind 1337x devised a genius plan to beat Google at its own game. Understanding Google were forced to comply with the take-down request that was original since it listed many different popular torrents on its homepage, 1337x redesigned its site.

The new layout includes a search box on its homepage. “Due to our old index being blocked by search engines, new users were having difficulties finding the website. We developed a new index page which has only search, so we do not get blocked by search engines in the future,” reads a note on the website. 1337x’s operator said before Google made the website appear in search results, it would probably have a while, but the redesign would work in the long term.

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Changes to the homepage aren’t the only thing different with updates appearing throughout the website, on the website. “Seeing how cool a responsive layout could look we decided to make a whole new front-end. That literally took months to grow, and we changed back end code also, which fixed several bugs and issues that were in the old version,” the operator said. With 1337x, you can download torrents to have movies, television shows, music, games and applications without difficulty. Torrents can be found by you by using the search engine that is simple or by looking for options. You can even search based on how popular they are. The film and television libraries make it easy for you to find programs by name. It can be tough where you are to get on 1337x. Countries are outlawing ever before.

The site had to move from a . Pl domain to a . To one just. Fortunately, the procedure for how to unblock 1337x isn’t too hard to handle. You can use a VPN to change your IP address so it appears to be one which comes from an unblocked country. It helps you avoid.

Best VPNs for Unblocking 1337x?

You can find one of many distinct sorts of VPNs online. These include options that operate on various kinds of platforms including ones. You must be sure the VPN you choose can work in your country. Check out these top rated VPN suppliers: Your VPN Keeps You Safe You can log into a virtual server that is suitable, after you sign up to a VPN. You just have to choose the server based on its location.

Make sure you choose one in a state where 1337x has not been blocked. The VPN will hide your location and provide the impression that you are logging in from a site where 1337x is legal in to 1337x.

You should have the ability to get on 1337x, once you get the VPN active.

You can then download torrent files and load up them . Do make sure that the VPN works for that app too. What Log Will Keep Tabs On You? A VPN log might be used to keep tabs on what you’re currently doing on a VPN.

A connection log that lists technical details on your connection may be included. A user log might be generated by the VPN which keeps tabs and what you download. Regardless of what you are using, your VPN will make certain you are protected. It will use encryption technology to keep your data safe. Any information about you on a log will be fully anonymous. Location and your IP address will never be listed.

Stay Safe on 1337x With Complete Encryption 256-bit AES encryption should be employed on any VPN you see. This encrypts your information so that it moves with ease between your computer and the VPN. The information from the VPN will then be transferred to 1337x so it will grant you permission to get online. The relay will really make a difference in the way you get online. Whatever it is you want to download, you must make sure that you do it right with a VPN. You’ll have the ability to get onto 1337x and unblock it with a VPN that is good. It’s easy and secure to manage but do be sure you compare options.

Among the most active torrent communities is witnessing an exodus of moderators and admins. Nearly all employees of 1337x have abandoned the website claiming that the owner failed to fix security holes. The (former) staffers have now launched their own website and have started redirecting 1337x traffic to their new house.

Proper moderation any site will become a swamp of content that is malicious and fake files. This became evident earlier this year when The Pirate Bay was abandoned unmoderated, and there is a similar situation currently taking place. to. The website, which is one of the most visited with torrent sites on the world wide web, has built up a community in recent decades. As with most other websites admins and moderators, who volunteer their time to dealing with spam and other inappropriate content manage the day-to-day operations. With the website’s owner who failed to respond to complaints , however, the staffers have grown impatient following a redesign.

One of the problems is a security hole that allows other people to hijack user accounts. “The new design is filled with bugs, leaving users unprotected and vulnerable to attacks. The owner has refused to fix those issues creating dissension in the ranks,” former 1337x moderator ‘The Ghost’ advises TF. The vulnerabilities allow outsiders to take over the accounts of users that are regular and post all sorts of spam. “What would happen, is somebody would reply to a comment that had a script injected. Once they replied, their account got hijacked and started uploading infected torrents,” The Ghost states.

The above is just one example, according to the moderator. Other bugs and these caused the users in addition to a lot of problems for the moderation team. But they remain in place today. Since the owner has been unresponsive, all moderators and admins have opted to step down. They already paid for the domain names, which will likely be forwarded to the new home and the server lease. Visitors who get the old forum URL (1337x. Internet) are now redirected to the new residence at leetxtorrents.org, where a new forum was made with a copy of the database.

Another “former” 1337x staffer Mustangx, who owns the original . com and . Org confirms the team exodus domains and states that they are currently working on a new torrent site. The staffers don’t have access to the old code, so that they have to begin. “We have a team working on a totally new site right now. We hope to have it ready for the new year,” Mustangx states. Recently the owner of the 1337x reappeared again. However staffers believe though it hurts to leave their house behind, that it is too late to make things right. “Nobody likes the notion of just leaving the old site sitting there but it does not have an off button. Kind of like leaving a claymore mine lying around the internet,” The Ghost concludes. At the time of writing the old 1337. To site remains operational, but the domain may be redirected from the future as well.

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Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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