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t411.al T411 (aka Torrent 411) is a popular semi-private French torrent website. The torrent service’s slogan is Les pages jaunes du torrent, or The Yellow Pages of the Torrent in English; the 411 in Torrent411 refers to the empty pages telephone directory information number in Canada.

T411’s current official domains are t411.al and t411.ai. There exist sites with similar domains like t411.as and t411.li that try to scam T411 users.

The former official domain t411.me and t411.io are not longer used by T411. These domains redirect to t411.li, a site operated by scammers, so care!

The site is blocked in France but can be accessed by using a T411 proxies.

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About website

T411 has been shut down! The official website (t411.al) is no more available.

One of the biggest, and the biggest tracker trackers in the world the same. With over 5 millions users enrolled (a lot of prohibited accounts) but still remains remarkable all the same, movies, tv, games, xxx content, softwares… the tracker has a enormous catalogue and still grows daily. In 2006 a BitTorrent tracker named QuebecTorrent (in reference to Quebec) was created. In July 2008, QuebecTorrent was closed down by the Canadian authorities. Shortly after being shut down a clone of the original site was made and named Torrent411. Part of the team that created QuebecTorrent and they maintain torrents the website, and associates developed torrent411.

The site’s slogan is “Les pages jaunes du torrent”, or “The Yellow Pages of the Torrent” in English; the 411 in Torrent411 refers to the “White Pages” telephone directory information number in Canada. In August 2011 Torrent411 moved into the new domain name t411.me to avoid possible censure by VeriSign, the US company that manages the . Com domain. In June 2013, T411 had surpassed 5 million members, confirming its position.

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On October 29, 2014, the site suffered a massive DDOS attack. On February 20, 2015, t411.me becomes t411.io in reaction to a threat of blocking the domain name. . On April 2, 2015, a French court order the French DNS providers to block t411.me, following a complaint from the SCPP. On June 27, 2017, French and Swedish police closed down in a joint operation t411. T411, the most-visited torrent site of France, has been shut down by authorities in Sweden and France. With millions of users, the stage was a real giant and a 50 website in France, period.

Two Ukrainians have been arrested under suspicion of money laundering offenses and copyright infringement. Servers have been captured from a hosting company in Sweden. As among the most popular websites in France and the number one torrent site among speakers, T411’s rise to stardom is the product of a decade of turns and twists.

The administrator of a site closed its doors following the handing down of a permanent injunction. “I just want say thanks to all the men and women who supported the cause and me along,” admin Sebastian Doditz told TorrentFreak at the moment. It was believed that the site’s members would be left homeless but after another torrent site appeared. Called Torrent411 with the motto The Torrent Yellow Pages (411 is Canada’s version), it started with around 109,000 members — the number that QuebecTorrent closed with. No surprise then that QuebecTorrent user accounts had been transferred including ratios and even some content categories that were excluded due to copyright holder disputes. “Welcome to one and all!” A notice on the site read. “It is with great pleasure that we launch the Torrent411.com site today.

All the team of Torrent411.com wants you the most cordial of welcomes! Here you will find all the torrents possible which will be for tens of thousands of hours to come for you! Filled with surprises that await you!” Following its resurrection, pressure on the website continued to build. In 2011, it had been forced to move to T411.me, to avoid problems with its . com domain, but against the odds, it continued to grow. As shown in the picture below (courtesy OpenTrackers), in 2013 the site had more than 5.3 million members, 336,000 torrents, and 4.7m seeders. That made it a substantial site .

In ancient 2015, the website decided to move again , from . me to . Io, after action to have the site But later in the year, there was yet more trouble once the site found itself reported to the United States Trade Representative, identified as a “rogue site” by the RIAA. There’s a catastrophe from, although with a variety of copyright holders on its back, it’s apparent that the troubles of T411 weren’t going away anytime soon. On Sunday, T411 simply stopped responding on its latest T411.al domain. No warning and no useful messages have been coming. For a site of this scale and resilience, that is not something one expects. Message greeting site visitors.

Even though the website itself has been down, there have been some fundamental signs of life. As an instance, the site’s Wiki remained operational which indicates the T411.al domain is at least partly intact, at least for now. But for those hoping for good news, none will be forthcoming. Moments before, French journalist Tristan Brossat verified that T411 was closed down in a joint operation between French and Swedish police. He reports that “the brains” behind the site (reportedly two Ukrainians) have been detained.

Servers hosted in a Swedish firm have been seized. Activity against France-connected torrent sites has been high. Last November, torrent icon What.cd shutdown following action by French authorities. Soon after, the cybercrime unit of the French army police targeted the nation’s largest pirate website, Zone-Telechargement (1,2).

A source informs TF a one of those detained in Sweden was a developer. In France, he reports that moderators have been arrested.

The arrests in Sweden took place in the Huddinge Municipality in Stockholm County, east central Sweden. The men are suspected of copyright infringement and money laundering offenses and are reported to be approximately 30-years-old. Update3: Six people have been arrested thus far, with more at large.

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