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Sukebei Nyaa Proxy List


sukebei.nyaa.si Sukebei Nyaa aka nyaa.si is a replacement of the popular adult section of Nyaa.se. This Sukebei alternative came quickly up when the anime torrent site Nyaa [Nyaa.se / Nyaa.eu] shut down in 2017. Sukebei.nyaa.is is part of the NyaaV2 project. It’s a Nyaa.se replacement written in Python and you can find source code on github!

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About website

Sukebei Nyaa Tags:

nyaa si, Sukebei, Sukebei Nyaa, Nyaa replacement, nyaa.se, 枢木あおい nyaa, sukebei.nyaa

URL redirection services: All these are removed on sight alongside their torrents.

Promotion: No.

Content limitations:This website is for content that originates from and/or is unique to China, Japan, or Korea.

Other content isn’t permitted without exceptions and will be removed.

These rules apply:

No pornography of any sort.

No intense visual content. This implies no scat, gore, or some other of these things.

Troll torrents aren’t allowed. These can be removed on sight.

No intense real life visual content.

Absolutely no real-life child pornography of any sort.

Troll torrents aren’t allowed. These can be removed on sight.

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Torrent info: Text documents (. Txt) or data files (. Nfo) for torrent or discharge group information are favored.

Url) files could be removed.

Upper limits on movie resolution based on origin:

DVD source video is restricted to 1024x576p.

Web source video is restricted to 1920x1080p or origin resolution, whichever is lower.

Blu-ray source video is restricted to 1920x1080p.

UHD source video is restricted to 3840x2160p.

Naturally, untouched sources aren’t bound by these limits.

Finally, a few notes regarding tagging and with other people’s work:

Don’t include your own label(s) if reuploading a first release.

Unless you’re reuploading an original launch, you should either avoid using tags which aren’t your own or make it extremely clear to everybody that you’re the one responsible for the upload.

If these policies aren’t obeyed, then these torrents will be removed if reported by a group or individual commonly viewed as the owner of the label(s). This particularly applies to vampire torrents.

Remakes that are utterly bit rate-starved are not permitted.

Remakes that add watermarks or these are prohibited.

Remakes that reencode video to XviD or worse are prohibited.

Remakes of JPG/PNG-based releases aren’t allowed without exceptions because there is most often no point in creating such.

Full list of Sukebei Nyaa Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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