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Stream Ripping is Causing Serious Threat to Music Industry


Stream ripping has now become the worst threat to the music industry. The IFPI’s latest report states that every third internet user is using some sort of stream ripping tool to access and download free music. The users apply screen ripping programs to download unlicensed music. Users will have to buy the music if they do not use the screen ripping programs, and millions of users do not want to spend any penny for accessing music. People use torrent sites and other platforms to get pirated music, movies, and videos for free. This habit of accessing free entertainment resources is causing a huge loss to the film industry, the TV industry, and the music industry.

How does it work?

The users, who want to access the streaming media for free, use a stream recorder program to download the streamed media and use it through their device. The use of such programs is illegal in many countries because such programs encourage piracy. The whole process of recording or ripping the stream is known as destreaming and it is causing a considerable loss to the music industry. The recorded streams are later published on various platforms like torrent sites and online video sharing sites. The publishers gain a huge profit by sharing licensed media for free because platforms like YouTube pay the media publisher a considerable amount for showing ads on pirated music.

Many tools have been developed by companies to destreaming media. You can easily find a URL snooper, which not only detects the streaming media UR, but also start destreaming to record the live programs. Thus, the user can immediately download the streaming files and use it for any purpose. This destreaming method works especially, when the media is streamed via an HTTP request to the linked URL. There are several stream recorder websites using this technique to access the unlicensed media. Users also apply other techniques like packet sniffer to access the unlicensed media.

It does not matter what method a user is applying to access the content. What matters is that the piracy incidents are increasing day by day and causing a considerable loss to the film, music, and TV industry. The producers are now worried about releasing their products because they know people will use stream ripping techniques to access their content and publish it on public platforms, such as torrent sites and video streaming sites.

What can prevent it?

The IFPI CEO Frances Moore states that user upload services, including YouTube are causing a considerable damage to the music industry. The users access video streaming sites to access free music. The pirated videos are streamed across the world and the third party uploaders earn profit through the videos created by someone else. There is a value gap, which should be filled immediately to protect the rights of the music creators. It is a necessary step, which should be taken as soon as possible to reduce stream ripping incidents. Yet, there is no solution for this problem, but hopefully there would be a good solution in the future.


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