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seedpeer.eu Former Meganova search engine for all kind of torrents. One of the best known features of this service is its verified torrents section.

Initially known as Meganova, the torrent site launched in 2005 and changed its name to Seedpeer in 2007. An anti-piracy group known as MediaDefender targeted Seedpeer in 2006 by uploading fake torrents to the website. Consequently, Seedpeer has introduced a big verified torrents section for which it is well-known for.

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About website

Until it seeds them in its torrents section that is confirmed by confirming downloads BitTorrent tracker SeedPeer ensures quality torrents. That means that in case you’ve ever spent hours downloading a torrent to find that you had been duped by a download, you need to be able to download from the confirmed torrents of SeedPeer.

With a little know-how, of course you avoid fakes from any tracker and can remove torrents. About SeedPeer SeedPeer started out as a small torrent site our primary objective was to keep the site fast, clean and reliable. Following a year of solo management we gained a few administrators and programmers. How does this site work Bittorrent is a really easy to use protocol, first you will need to get a torrent client. It’s only a matter of downloading once you have the client installed . Torrent files and opening them with the customer.

Below you will find a listing of terms and also explanation:


A tracker is a type of container that holds information. To the client this information is delivered on request. Seeds: Seeds or a seeder is someone with a complete copy of the document (in other words a uploader) Peers: A peer someone who mainly downloads a file and uploads the parts of the document which has been completed (downloader & uploader) Hash: A string used to torrents/parts that are distinct/identify

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How do I change the site language?

The system displays the site in the country’s language which you are located in. If you want to change the language, simply click and choose the language you desire.

Membership related

Becoming a member of SeedPeer is easy and has several advantages. As a registered member you will have the ability to post torrents and comments with bookmark torrents your own username and a lot more stuff. As we continue to improve our service we’ll provide our members features which are not available to the user. Click here to make a new account.

Bookmarks Related

Creating a bookmark is useful, especially if you are and do not have storage or a client available. So that your privacy is guaranteed the bookmarks are available to you, no one else can see your bookmarks. After your completed it’s easy to remove the generated bookmark ( click). “My Torrents” associated When you are logged in and upload a torrent, the document can be publicly viewed by all users on your profile page. In the near future members should have the ability to handle their torrents. I have been banned Folks get banned for all kinds of reasons the most common reasons are listed below: Uploading imitation or files Using the comments section to post spam Using the comments section to insult others If you think that a mistake was made and in case you’re banned feel free to use the contact form. Make certain to fill out the form as complete as possible.

Firefox Plugin

Without visiting the website first by installing the firefox plugin you can look via SeedPeer directly. About uploading torrents Uploading torrents Uploading Fakes/Passworded/Spam related torrents is not allowed and will lead to a ban. Uploading torrents of tracking ip’s is not allowed and is in direct violation of our terms of service, with the purpose Entering the torrent behind the filename’s quality is highly recommended Uploading torrents while logged in will create an entry on your profile page (which is cached for 5 minutes).

About advertising on SeedPeer

We are not searching for advertisers in the event that you’ve got a proposition we can’t deny feel free to use the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible. Verified Torrents Verified torrents will be the real deal, do not doubt them download. Make sure to look at the internal files if you’ve got doubts (which is stupid because it’s verified).

Terms of service

By using (viewing, browsing, uploading, searching, commenting etc.. .) SeedPeer (seedpeer.me) you agree to our terms of service (from now on to be known as TOS). You are obligated to use this site how it’s creators intended. It is not permitted to cause distress in any form to our servers and site. Acts of aggression against the creators of the website and it’s team/members/visitors/property is strictly prohibited in the event of caused damage, and conviction will be pursuit by our representatives. Requests regarding copyrights should always be directed to us and us alone. You can contact by using our contact form, us legally justifiable. Any damage to our site will result in a lawsuit.

You should always give at least 48-72 hours prior to taking any further actions, to remove files to us. Then we are entitled to ignore your orders, if you do not follow these steps and you have no right to whine about it. Uploading torrents/comments that were misleading, disrespecting immoral isn’t allowed. Individuals who do not follow these rules will lose their right to remain anonymous, your ip address etc.. Could be shared with other webmasters to prevent wrong behavior as we work alongside other webmasters that want to maintain their site clean and “crap-free”. Without having to justify our activities we are entitled to deny you access to the site at any time. Basic rules is that if you’re banned, you must have done something, if this isn’t true then you have the right to send an email to us.


None are hosted by SeedPeer, we are merely a search engine just like Google. We disperse swarm data or do not track hashes. When you have a problem with a file, as it may be offensive or violates copyrights read the section below with caution.

Copyright & Removal requests

If you’re, or your company is, the copyright holder of the content in question and you wish to have it removed, feel free to use our contact form or email [email protected] Make sure to include your request will be ignored or the data: Complete name(s) of the content in question Post a link to the details page (not the download link or a link to the search results) Your company name Personal info Phone number Removal requests are usually handled be certain that you give us sufficient time and information to find and remove the infringing content.

This one was in the pipeline for a long time as we were reluctant that it may get abused. We did decide that this type of thought is nonsense and coded the entire thing. So from now on when you upload a torrent while logged in and visit the “My Torrents webpage” a little icon will be available (edit). You’ll be able to edit or file a deletion request by clicking this icon. Another thing that we have changed is the comments system the uploader of a torrent posts a comment the system will show that comment in orange. We also need to take this chance to thank all of you who use the comments system, leaving everyone will be benefited by comments and take a few seconds of your time.

In order to make it easier to find a file that you’ve downloaded we have included a bookmarking function (link next to the tabs on the details pages). You can see your bookmarks by clicking on the bookmarks link (upper right of any page while logged in). We also wish to ask you, our valued visitors on Seedpeer about the things that your missing. We’re working round the clock to improve the site and your input is essential to us. After all we maintain this site. 10 Ideas for finding torrents that are real to be exact We believed it would be a fantastic idea to write a tutorial on how best to locate those “real” torrents in this day and age. Over the past few months we have seen an increase of published passworded and fake files. This tutorial should help you find what your looking for and will save you a lot of time and trouble.

1. Read the comments Regardless of what torrent site you visit, always make certain to read the comments. If a file is fake you will surely receive recommendation or a warning from men and women who downloaded the document.

2. Check for member uploads Like many other torrent sites our members are able to upload torrents with their own username that’s displayed on the details page. A tooltip shows up when hovering their titles over and you can watch the rating of the member. You can be certain that the document is real if the rating is great. Some members have not been rated yet, in those cases we suggest you read those remarks and to look at the other torrents.

3. Check the files Always check a torrent’s internal files, if the title contains the words eztv or axxo by way of example and the file content has been packed you can be sure that the file is fake or passworded. Generally speaking good release groups never pack files (movie classes that is). You should also make sure there are no documents with suggestive words such as password.html or something in that way.

4. Check the flags! On Meganova we have a function where users can report a file, Once the report count hits a certain number a warning flag is displayed under the download link accompanied by a warning image (warning)

5. Not sure? Move on! Lets say you need to download a file and your not sure if its real and you do not see any comments or warnings. In this case I advise to search for an alternative by posting a comment, or ask the community for help.

6. Has it been released? A whole lot of times we see torrents being uploaded before something was released. Make sure that its publisher has published the file you want to download, you can do so by checking the website of the content creator.

7. Check the verified section A very easy way is by checking the torrents segment we have several moderators who handpick the most requested The majority of our visitors know that we’ve taken an active stand as it pertains to the detection of files that are fake. We even developed an advanced system that could work on its own (detect, delete, ban, etc..) . A whole lot of our customers appreciate our efforts and help us by reporting torrents that are fake/nuked etc.. So all’s great one might say. It’s not.

I have observed certain torrents which have been downloaded many times with a great deal of seeds and 0 comments. Leaving comments will only take a couple of seconds and save others hours. That is why I need to urge everyone who has downloaded anything, no matter how big the file or how perverted (you to sick guy) to drop a comment and let everyone else who may be interested in the document know what the deal is.

You could notify users that the document is bogus, has a virus, is anything else or great. Bear in mind that Seedpeer is a social torrent site and want to offer the best service possible. We can accomplish this with your help. We’re also looking into ways to stimulate our members to post comments, so please tell us, if anyone has an idea on how to accomplish this.

Over the last few days we’ve noticed an increase of visitors, closer inspection revealed that a wide variety of ip’s downloaded pages . After monitoring for a couple days and running a few tests we have noticed that the ip’s all belong to BayTSP. At a summit their servers (over 5000 of them) request numerous pages in an attempt to deny access to legit users. While this is no problem for us as we have a hardware firewall other and more smaller sites could go down as a result of this. When we contacted Megapath, the ISP of BayTSP and explained the situation the asshole operator (his name was Mike) told me to fuck off because the ip’s I’ve sent didn’t belong to them. While conducting a whois query on the ip’s it clear to whom those addresses belong.

Apparently BayTSP has running many servers which are being hosted by Megapath they simply don’t give a shit about our formal complaint. When I got the same response, in fact this is the second time I had to call them, last time was in January. What is it that we could do about this?

Well, we are considering legal action against both firms for damages and sabotage that were caused concerning bandwidth costs. We have blocked all ip’s that we can trace to them and I’m certain that more will be added to the firewall. If we take action there is a good probability that they will suffer a great blow as we have. We will discuss our options with our team and take it farther from there. Do you remember that episode of South Park where Randy Marsh must apologize to Jessy Jackson because he is the emperor of all men and women? That’s kinda how this is, we decided to step it up and let others kiss our butt’s for a change. So from now on we will be hard that measures in our way. It is time that Seedpeer got the credit it deserves! We have been working hard to provide our users the best service possible.

We’ve took action, where other websites were passive. However our hard work didn’t pay off the way we wanted and because the day we’ve begun as meganova.org to seepdeer.com our visitors has remained around the same level. We have been the victim of DOS attacks (bagoo.php, right Niek?) . We have been offered money to deliver the site (inquire torrentfreak about TargetPoint).

We’ve been mocking MediaDefender and we have received press coverage by tv stations and newspapers around the globe. This was not meant to stop us from growing or trying new procedures to make more appealing features for our visitors, although we have always preferred to stay beneath the radar. From now on when it comes to promoting our site we will have a much more aggressive approach. Therefor we need the aid of as many of you men out there as possible. Our main goal now is to build one which hasn’t been seen before, a propaganda machine.

We need your help to spread the word on blogs anywhere! We hope you like the new design, it must reflect our objectives and attitude towards the world. Spread the word about Seedpeer to your friends at school/collage/work/etc.. Let’s be 1 major army! We have been silent but are now back and ready to take action! Regardless of the means we’d put in place last year to fight against passworded torrents & files that are fake, it seems that a still a lot of them are being uploaded. We want you to understand that we are investing in new systems to detect and delete files that are bogus and that we are in a constant struggle.

We are also looking for moderators, people who could help us monitor 24/7 the website and help us clean it out of of the torrents that are spammy and which we can trust. Please keep reporting and sharing torrents, this is essential to the process. We delete regular of the torrents which you report to us! Maybe we cant get those bad files all but if we all cooperate we can definitely get at least 95%.

Finally I want everybody to know that we are not the only website with this problem, we are currently working very hard to provide you guys and girls with the best experience.

Full list of Seedpeer Proxy Sites:



Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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