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seedoff.tv SeedOff is a Russian torrent site for movies, music, comics, anime, audio books, games & ebooks. Seedoff.net is also known as fast torrent tracker that will help you download new movies, torrent movies, serials, new music for free, soft, programs, free pc games, we recommend everyone this fast torrent tracker.

Torrent site type – download torrents without registration

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About website

All used audiovisual materials, links to which are placed on the torrent tracker Seedoff.tv, are the property of their manufacturer (the owner of rights) and are protected by the RF Law “On Copyright and Related Rights”, as well as international legal conventions. You can use these materials only if the use is for informational purposes only. These materials are only for reference – for other purposes you must buy a license record. The format used to encode audiovisual materials can not replace the quality of original licensed records. If you leave these audiovisual materials in any form, but do not acquire the corresponding license record – you violate the laws on Intellectual Property and Copyright law, which may entail prosecution in accordance with the current legislation.

Files for sharing are provided by users of the site, the administration is not responsible for their content. Only torrent files are stored on the server, i.e. Links and hash files. This means that we do not store any illegal materials, as well as materials protected by author’s rights. If you are a copyright holder of a work that is indexed by our site and do not want the link on it to be on our site, please contact us for confirmation of your exclusive property rights, including:

Exclusive right to reproduction;
Exclusive right to distribution;
Exclusive right to public display;
Exclusive right to communicate to the public.

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In any case, we will consider all your correctly formulated requests for references to information that violates your rights. Requests for deletion of DIRECTLY information infringing the rights will be returned to the sender, because such information is not contained on the Seedoff.tv server.

The data necessary to confirm your rights as the copyright owner:

Product Data:
1.1. The product name is Russian and English (in the case of an English version).
1.2. The official product page on the Internet (if available).
1.3. The number assigned to the product by the state register.
1.4. For Legal Entity / Legal owner of electronic publications / computer programs / databases – Copy of the document on state registration. For the Legal Entity / Copyright Holder of the film and video materials – The rental certificate (copy).

Data about the legal owner:
2.1. Full name of the legal entity.
2.2. Mailing address. (In case of mismatch of legal and postal addresses – mandatory indication of legal address).
2.3. The website of the copyright holder in the Internet.
2.4. License for the right to operate (if such activity is licensed in accordance with the procedure established by law).
2.5. Contact person of the legal owner (full name, position, phone, email).

Data of the person filing the complaint.
3.2. Position.
3.3. Phone.
3.4. Email.
3.5. A copy of the power of attorney for actions on behalf of the Rightholder (it is not required in the event that the person filing the complaint is the head of the Rightholder’s company).

If the complaint is not submitted by the franchisor, but his authorized representative is a legal entity, a copy of the power of attorney for the actions of the individual on behalf of the company authorized by the rightholder of the rightholder should be provided (not required if the person filing the complaint is the representative of the company representative).
Claim data.
4.1. The address of the site page, which contain links to data violating the rights. The link should look like http: //www.seedoff.tv/torrent/ ?????
4.2. Full description of the essence of the violation of rights (why the dissemination of this information is prohibited by the Copyright Holder).

Subscription about the validity of actions (to be filled in by hand and sent in a scanned version). Mandatory for each complaint. After providing all the data, the complaint will be reviewed within 3 days and if it finds its confirmation, we will immediately delete the link to the indexed file.


Internet resource (site) Seedoff.tv (hereinafter referred to as the Resource) is an Internet site that allows users to exchange information with each other on the bit-torrent protocol, as well as in free form, and providing means for monitoring the integrity of transmitted information (through hash Files).


This CUSTOMER AGREEMENT comes into effect after the registration of the User and is effective all the time the User uses the Resource. The USER AGREEMENT can be changed by the Administration without any notification to the users. The new version of the PS comes into force after 3 (three) days from the date of its placement, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the USER AGREEMENT.

The user explicitly agrees that he uses the Resource at his own risk.

The user agrees to receive emails from the Resource Administration and may optionally disable electronic mailings through the user’s panel.

The User knows and agrees that the Resource is dealing with materials and data created by third parties and posted on the Internet on their computers and / or servers. The content and safety of these materials can not be controlled by the Resource Administration, therefore the latter is not responsible:
For the content of materials received by the User as a result of the use of data from the Resource, their possible inconsistency with current legislation or offensive nature;
For the consequences of the use, use or non-use of the information received;
For possible inconsistency of the results obtained with the use of the Resource, the User’s expectations;
For any damage to the User’s equipment or software resulting from the use of the Resource;
For lack of opportunity to use the Resource for any reason;
For the consequences that may entail the proliferation of illegal or unlicensed software and audio / video products, as well as other materials or data affecting the rights of third parties.

Under no circumstances shall the Resource be liable to the User or third parties for any loss, damage or expense incurred in connection with this Resource, its use or inability to use, including lost or lost profits.

The Resource Administration does not have any obligations to ensure confidentiality with regard to the information provided to its Users, although it takes all possible measures to this, unless there is an agreement on the reverse or corresponding requirements of the current legislation.

It is NOT the responsibility of the Resource to control the legality or illegality of the transmitted information (any, including, but not limited to, information transmitted between users using the bit-torrent protocol, internal transfer of information in the form of various links, texts or archives), determining the ownership or legitimacy of the transfer, Reception or use of this information.

By providing personal information such as name, e-mail address and so on on this website, the user gives his / her voluntary consent to processing and using his / her personal data for the purpose of promoting the services of the site and the site’s partners. Including information and advertising nature. The user is informed that the data can be transferred to third parties – partners for the specified purposes, without limitation of the validity period. The user has the opportunity to refuse receiving emails of an advertising nature by e-mail by clicking on the corresponding link from the letter. The site and partners undertake not to disclose the information received from the user, to observe the confidentiality regime for such information for exceptions of cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Using the current service and being on this site, the user automatically agrees to these conditions.


When using this resource, the USER does not have the right, and agrees with this:

Place hash-files (torrents) of data containing viruses or other computer programs of known malicious activity, files or programs designed to infringe, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs for unauthorized access, and serial numbers to commercial Software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid resources in the Internet As well as place links to the above information;
To send to the e-mail addresses indicated on the site, unauthorized email messages of advertising type (junk mail, spam);
Copy and use for commercial purposes any information obtained through this resource, violating the rights of other Users or that may cause them direct material or moral damage;
Place links to the resources of the Network, the content of which contradicts the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
Place links to other torrent trackers;
Impersonate another person or a representative of the organization and / or the community without sufficient rights, including for the employees of the Administration, for the owner of the Resource.

The User is obliged to familiarize himself with the Rules and observe them.

Before asking questions, the user is required to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If the answer to your question is not answered, the user can ask for help at the forum.

Access to the Resource is provided on an “as is” basis without guarantees of any kind, either direct or indirect.

In particular, the Resource Administration does not guarantee the operability of both the site and its separate sections, and the operability and reliability of the links placed on it by its users.

The resource is not liable for any direct or indirect damages that result from: the use or inability to use the service; Unauthorized access to your communications.

The Resource Administration has the right to deny access to the Resource to any User or group of Users without explaining the reasons for their actions and prior notification.

The Resource Administration has the right to change or delete links to information, hash-files (torrents), graphic, sound and other data posted by Users on the Resource, without prior notification and explanation of the reasons for their actions.

The User agrees that all possible disputes over the USER AGREEMENT will be resolved according to Russian law.

The User agrees that the rules and laws on consumer protection can not be applied to the use of the Resource because it does not provide reimbursable services.

The resource does not establish with the users of agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal hiring relations, as well as any other relations not directly described in the AGREEMENT ON USE.

Inaction on the part of the Resource in the event of a violation by the User or a group of Users of the USER AGREEMENT does not mean that the Resource promotes the User or the Group of Users in such actions.

Inaction on the part of the Resource in case of violation by the User or a group of Users of the USER AGREEMENT does not deprive the Resource of the right to take appropriate actions in defense of its interests later.




Can I share your torrents with other trackers?

No. Placement of our torrents on other trackers will lead to the fact that users who download the torrent file (on another tracker) will not be able to connect to our server.

(However, you can use the downloaded content as you wish.) You can create a torrent file at any time, place it on another tracker, and distribute it).
Information for users
Could you delete my account?

No, we do not delete accounts. The account is deleted after a year of inactivity. Notification of deletion is sent after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 11 months.
Why is my IP displayed on the details page?

Only you and the moderators can watch your IP and email. Ordinary users can not see this information.
I registered an account, but I did not receive a confirmation email by e-mail!

Try to re-register. Pay attention, if for the first time the confirmation on e-mail does not come, then, probably, the second time it also does not come. Try using a different e-mail address. If you register again – to avoid misunderstandings, inform the administrator of the tracker.
If you are offended or insulted … What should I do?

We want all users to be comfortable with us, so cases of a conflict situation are necessarily considered. Please read this manual and follow it.
Help! I can not login (log in) !?

Sometimes this problem occurs because of Internet Explorer glitches. Close all Internet Explorer windows and open Internet Options in the control panel. Click the Delete Cookies button. This should help. Or you are banned.
I forgot my account name or password! Could you send them to me?

Please use this form.
If you forgot the email specified at registration, or indicated it incorrectly – write to support (dog) seedoff.tv
Why is it written that I can not connect? (In the port graph my port is red) (And what should I take care of?)

The tracker found that you have a firewall or NAT, and you can not accept connections.

This means that other participants will not be able to connect to you, only you to them. It is especially bad that two feasts, both with closed ports, can not connect with each other until either of them opens the port.

To solve this problem, open the ports used for incoming connections (same as in your client’s settings) in the firewall and / or configure your NAT server. (Refer to the documentation for your router or the manufacturer’s forum). Also you can find the necessary information on the PortForward resource).
Could you rename my account?

Rename the account you can in exchange for sidbonusy, in the panel exchange sidbonusa.

Useful advice.

* If the torrent that you download / distribute is not displayed in the list of your downloads, just wait, or refresh the page manually.

* Make sure that you have properly closed your client, and the tracker received “event = completed”.

* If the server is down, and does not stop distributing. If it is raised before you exit the client, the statistics will be updated automatically.
Why does the torrent that I download / distribute appear several times in my profile?

If for some reason (for example, an emergency restart of the computer, or a client hangs up) your client did not work correctly and you restarted it, you will be given a new “peer_id”, so your download will be recognized as a new (another) torrent. And the old torrent server will never get “event = completed” or “event = stopped”, and will display it for a while in the list of your active torrents. Do not pay attention to it, eventually the glitch will disappear.
I finished or canceled the torrent. Why is it still displayed in my profile?

Some clients, especially TorrentStorm and Nova Torrent, do not send a message to the server about termination or cancellation of the torrent. In such cases, the tracker will wait for a message from your client, and display what you are downloading or distributing for a while. Do not pay attention, after a while the torrent still disappears from the list of your active torrents.
Multiple IP (Can I login from different computers)?

Yes, the tracker supports several sessions with different IP for one user. Torrent is associated with the user at the moment when it starts downloading, and only at this point IP is important. So, if you want to download / distribute from computer A and computer B using the same account, you need to log in to the site from computer A, start the torrent, and then do the same with computer B (2 computers used for example only , There are no restrictions on the number .The main thing is to perform both steps on each of the computers). You do not need to re-log again when you close the client.
The size of the torrent is 100Mb. How could I download 120MB?

See the previous paragraph. If your client receives a part with errors, it reboots it. Thus, the total amount downloaded can be larger than the size of the torrent.

Some clients have the ability to automatically ignore users who send you parts with errors. If you want, that further you did not accept parts from this user, you need to activate this function in your client.
I downloaded the movie, but do not understand what these CAM / TS / TC / SCR mean?

Look at here
How can I continue downloading / uploading if the torrent is not on the list in my client (due to a glitch, or because of a client change, etc.)?

Open the * .torrent file. When your client asks where to save – select the path to the existing files. Download continue.
Why is the error “rejected by tracker – Port xxxx is blacklisted” popping up?

Your torrent client told the server that it uses the default ports for the torrent (6881-6889), or ports associated with other p2p programs.

To use our tracker, you must configure your client to use other ports (preferably in the range 49152-65535). Remember that clients such as Azureus use one port for all torrents, while most others use different ports for each torrent. These ports are used to connect between users, and not between the client and the server! That’s why the change will not affect your ability to use other trackers, and in many cases this measure will allow you to increase the speed between you and the other participants. Your client will also be able to connect to other users who have standard ports in the settings.

What is “IOError – [Errno13] Permission denied”?

If you just want to solve this problem – restart the computer, this should help. Curious to read further.

IOError means an I / O error, and this is the error of your system (computer) and not the tracker. It pops up when the client for some reason can not open the downloaded files. The most likely reason is two clients running simultaneously: this can happen, for example, if you closed the client, but in fact it did not close, and continued to work in the background, then you launched a second copy of the client, but the first one still blocks the files, the second one does not Can access them, and throws you this error.

The most rare case is a violation of the FAT-table of your file system, which can lead to unreadability of the downloaded files. Accordingly, such an error will pop up. (This can happen if you use Windows 9x – which only support FAT, or in your NT / 2000 / XP drive is formatted in FAT.) NTFS is a more reliable file system, and should not lead to such errors).

Do not ask us and the forum which ports you need to choose.
Why do my downloads sometimes stop at 99%?

You already downloaded a large number of parts, and the client tries to find users who have parts that you have not downloaded, or downloaded with errors. Therefore, loading sometimes can stop at a time when only a few percent are left before the completion. Suffer a little, and in the near future (well, or not very smile.gif) the client pauses all the missing parts. Also such a glitch can occur when using some clients.
What does the message “a piece has failed an hash check” mean?

Torrent clients check the received data for integrity. When a part is uploaded with errors, it is automatically downloaded again. It happens practically at all, so do not worry.
What is DHT?

DHT (Distributed Hash Table) is a non-exchange network, no central servers are needed, unlike torrents, where the tracker is in the server role.

Enable torrent share = on exchange torrents, torrents are transferred to other peers. It is possible to look who that shakes or downloaded, a certain global archive.
How can I increase my download speed?
How can I increase my download speed?

Do not attack new torrents

Give the torrent download completely to other people, so that they, in turn, completely give their channel for distribution.

The best time to download is about halfway through the life of the torrent, it is at this point that the SLR reaches its climax, and you can swing at maximum speed. (However, in this case, you will not be able to give out as long as if you downloaded this file from the very beginning.) Here’s the problem: you need to balance between these two criteria.

Limit your download speed

The speed of distribution can adversely affect the download speed in two cases:

* Torrent members tend to encourage those who distribute them. This means that if A and B download the same file, and A sends data B at a high speed, then B will try to share too. Thus, high speed of distribution leads to a high download speed.
* However, when A uploaded something from B, it should tell B that the data sent was successfully received. (This is called acknowledgments – ACKs is one of the types of the message “received!”). If A could not send such an answer B, then he (B) will suspend the distribution to him (A) and will wait. If A distributes at full speed it can happen that ACKs will be delayed. Thus, the distribution at full speed will reduce the download speed.

The best result you achieve, balancing between these 2 points. The speed of the apload should be as high as possible, at which ACKs pass without delay. The best option is to limit your apload speed to 80% of the theoretically possible. However, you may need a more accurate setting, which will be the best option in your case.

Some clients (eg Azureus) limit the overall upload speed, others (eg Shad0w`s) allow you to limit each torrent. Study your client, and think about the speed of apload, while you use your channel for something else (surfing, ftp, etc.).

Limit the number of simultaneous connections

Some operating systems (such as Windows 9x) do not digest a lot of connections, and can even hang. Also, some home routers (especially when running NAT and / or firewalls in online scan mode) can slow down or hang when too many connections. There is no single workable value, but you can try to establish, experimentally, the number of simultaneous connections in the range from 60 to 100. It should be taken into account that this value is summable, i.e. If you run several clients, the total number of connections will be equal to the sum of connections of each of them.

Limit the number of simultaneous hands

But is not this the same as above? No. Limiting the number of connections means limiting the number of participants that your client contacts and / or downloads. Limiting hands means limiting the number of participants that you distribute. The ideal value of this parameter is usually much lower than the number of simultaneous connections, and directly depends on the speed of your (physical) connection.

Wait a bit

As described above, the other participants try first of all to share with those who distribute them. When you just start downloading a new file, you have nothing to offer to other members, and they will ignore you. This will cause the speed to be low at the start of the download, especially if not connected to any or very few siders. The download speed should increase as soon as you have several parts to distribute.
Why do the pages open so slowly when I swing something?

Your download speed has a final value (depends on your tariff, etc., etc.). If you are a participant of a fast torrent, this will cause your channel to be downloaded to the maximum, and thus surfing will be very slow. However, you can limit the download speed in your client. And also you can use other programs to limit the download of the channel by a certain program, for example, using NetLimiter.

(Surfing is taken just for example, the same picture will be observed when playing through the Internet, downloading something via http / ftp, etc.)
My ISP uses a proxy. What should I do?
Why is it written that it is impossible to connect, although I do not use NAT / Firewall?

Our tracker is smart enough about the issue of determining your real IP, however, it needs a proxy to send the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header. If your provider’s proxy does not do this – the following happens: the tracker interprets the IP proxy as your own. And when you try to enter the tracker, it tries to connect to your client, to determine if you are sitting behind a NAT / firewall, but in fact it connects to the proxy server on the port that you specified in your client. Because The proxy does not accept anything on this port, so the connection will not be established, and the tracker will think that you are behind the firewall.
Can I bypass the proxy of my provider?

If your ISP allows only HTTP traffic through the 80th port, or blocks standard proxy ports, then try something like this
Socks or proxifier or widecap.
This question goes far beyond this FAQ.
How to make my torrent client use a proxy?

When you configure a proxy for Internet Explorer`a, you are actually setting up a proxy for all http traffic (say thanks to Microsoft, and for that their IE is part of the operating system). On the other hand, if you use another browser (Opera / Mozilla / Firefox, etc.) and configure the proxy in it – these settings will only affect this browser. We do not know the torrent clients that allow you to configure the proxy only for yourself, except, perhaps, utorrent.

What is a proxy?

You can say that this is an intermediary. When you surf on the Internet, the proxy server receives your request, and redirects it to the site to which you want to connect. There are several classes of proxies (the terminology is far from standard):

Transparent proxies do not require client settings. They work by automatically redirecting traffic from the 80th port to the proxy. (Sometimes used as a synonym for non-anonymous proxies.)

Explicit / Free
You must configure your browser to use them.

This type of proxy does not send data to the client on the server (the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header is not sent, and the server does not see your IP.)

Very anonymous
The proxy does not send any client information or proxy information to the server (the headers HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_VIA and HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION are not sent, the server does not see your IP and does not know that you are using a proxy).

Transparent proxies may or may not be anonymous. In turn, anonymous proxies have several levels of anonymity.
How do I find that I’m sitting behind a proxy?

Try ProxyJudge.
It will give you the HTTP headers that the server received from you. The most important ones are HTTP_CLIENT_IP, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and REMOTE_ADDR.
Why can not I login? I was blocked?
Can my IP be blacklisted?

Our site blocks only those users who are banned, it works at the level of Apache / PHP and is a normal script that blocks logins from these addresses. Although it does not block low-level protocols, you need to try to make ping / traceroute. If they do not pass, then the reason is not in the bath.
If there is no answer to my question ..?
If there is no answer to my question ..?

If you did not find a solution to your problem here, write to the Forum. You can easily find the help you need if you follow several basic rules:

* Before asking a question, read important topics (located on top of forum branches). Often new information that does not have time to get into the FAQ can be found in these topics.
* Help us to help you. Do not limit yourself to phrases like “nothing works!”. Give details of the problem, so that we do not have to guess what you wanted to say, or waste time on counter-questions. Which client do you use? What is your OS? What are the settings for your network? What specific error message did you receive if received? What kind of torrents do you have problems with? The more details you tell us, the easier it will be for us to help you, and there will be more chances that your question will not remain unanswered.
* And there is no need to say: be polite. Assistance requirements rarely work, while requests for assistance usually do not go unanswered.

In addition, we strongly recommend that you read the forum thread Basic instructions. There most likely you will find the answers to your questions.

General rules
1. These rules are not subject to discussion and are binding for all users of the site. The Administration and the Directorate – as the persons who establish these rules – act at their own discretion.

1.1 The administration is not responsible for the content of the information posted by users. All information is provided for information only.

1.2 If you believe that you have been treated unfairly, offended or insulted, use the instruction If you are offended or insulted … What should I do?

1.3 For violation of the rules, the Administration and the Moderators will issue warnings. If 3 active warnings accumulate, a ban (possibly temporary or permanent) will follow. Some violations are punished immediately ban! A detailed description of what violations of what punishment is provided for in the Rules of Conduct and Commenting on Hands.

1.4 Publication of the site materials is possible only with the permission of the Administration.

1.5 The policy of the tracker is determined solely by the owners of the resource and is not subject to discussion.

1.6 Administration reserves the right to change these rules.

check in
2. Registration is an integral part of the presence of the tracker on the forum. Passage of registration automatically indicates your acceptance of these rules.

2.1 Registration is not allowed nicknames containing profanity, advertising, imitating the nicknames of the current staff of the site. The same rule applies to user avatars. Also avatars of pornographic content are forbidden.

2.2 The administration has the right to demand the removal of information of this nature, or, to block the account.

3. Create multiple accounts from one IP.

3.1. Use of the account by several persons.

3.2 Any manifestation of advertising.

3.3 Use referral links to other resources and resort to other methods of earning, without having previously agreed with the Seedoff.net Direction.

3.4 Edit or delete comments from Administrators and Moderators in your messages.

3.5 Publicly make complaints and discuss the actions of Administrators and Moderators.

3.6 It is forbidden to sell the Account, for this is imposed the bank of the account being sold.

Rules for communication and commenting torrents
4. Comments containing interesting information and / or benevolent, witty and funny – they are not a flood, and we are only happy!

4.1 The torrent comments system is designed to:

* Express their respect and gratitude to the distributor.

* Ask a particular technical question of interest regarding the distribution or release.

* Provide interesting information related to the distribution.

4.2 Remember, distributions on our tracker are in no way designed to meet your personal requests. If you do not like the distribution, try to look for something that suits you in another place.

4.3 Communication on the tracker should only occur using the literary Russian language. Strictly forbidden obscene language and abusive language in all their manifestations and in all known languages, an insult to users of the tracker. All messages written in this style will be deleted, and the author of these messages will be punished with a warning and possibly a ban.

4.4 Racist and religious statements are prohibited. It is forbidden to propagandize violence, terrorism, extremism, drugs, national or religious hatred and other topics that are incompatible with the generally accepted laws of morality and decency.

4.5 It is forbidden to create messages consisting solely of smiles, off-topic statements, excessive use of quoting (overclocking), abuse of messages that do not carry a semantic load (flood), a verbal war that does not relate to the cause of the dispute (flame), the creation of messages , Overlapping (overposting), the use of more than two blank lines in the messages that follow one another. It is forbidden to abuse smiles, stamps, capital letters (this does not include writing individual words or sentences in uppercase to highlight a thought or a single word). Stamps in the message should not be more than 4 pcs. Smiles may be more if they do not go in a row.

4.6 It is forbidden to use red color when communicating on a tracker. This color is the privilege of the Administration.

4.7 Please do not write requests for speed in comments like “sit where you” or “sit back,” “give speed,” “low speed,” etc., when there is a seat on the hand when the hand is only recently filled, or, When there are many sideways.

4.8 Links to portals, requests for serial numbers, cracks and patches are forbidden.

4.9 Do not enter e-mail addresses, ICQ numbers, etc., nor ask in this way to contact you to help with this distribution. Thus, you violate not only your privacy, but also the privacy of people who wish to help you!

4.10 Comments are not intended for placement of applications. Contact the Booking Desk and leave your application in the appropriate section.

Rules for pumping
5. It is allowed to download releases under the same account from different IP-addresses.

5.1 It is strictly forbidden to leave the distribution if you have downloaded the release one of the first, or you are the only dealer in the presence of swingers. Remember that next time you yourself can be among those who have not yet had time to start. Before leaving the distribution, be sure to check the number of sources and the number of those still pumping on the tracker (almost all the bittorent clients show an inaccurate number) – help others to download, and someday help you too.

5.2 If you have any questions about a particular release, you should not contact the Administration, but only (only!) With the distributor, using private messages or comments. In case of an inadequate reaction, please contact the Administration.

5.3 If the distribution you downloaded does not work or does not correspond to the description of the release, immediately report it using the “Report a Comment” button.

5.4 If you want to receive additional services, you can use the Pay Sector.

Release Requests
6. All applications and requests for new releases on the tracker are formed in the Order Table.

6.1 Before creating an application or proposal, make sure that the material you are looking for is missing from the tracker.

6.2 Applications are published on the forum without any obligation to implement them, so if no one has responded to your application, you should not write in the comments to it something like this: “Well, no one has?”, “Well, when they have already laid out ? “. Similar messages will be treated as “flood” and deleted, and you will receive a warning.


Rules for distributors
7. If you can not adequately support the release, take care of your nerves and yourself. Especially if you want to distribute a large amount. It is desirable to allocate at least 16 kb / s (~ 1 GB per day) for distribution, be sure to warn in advance if you can not distribute more than X hours per day, etc. You also need to be prepared for the fact that after a while you may be asked to distribute the remaining 10 MB for 150 failed users to download.

7.1 If you have never done a torrent release – read the forum, ask for help from other users, warn everyone in advance – they will treat you with greater understanding.

7.2 Make sure that you can maintain your distribution for a long time. If you can not give out around the clock, be sure to specify the time interval during which you will be guaranteed to sit. Remember that when you upload a release, you assume a certain responsibility for maintaining it.

7.3 You can distribute a new release while simultaneously downloading another release if you are able to provide support for a speed of at least 10 kb / s for each one. This is especially important for releases, where the number of distributors is less than 5.

7.4 If you are using super-mode, please report this in the comment on the distribution.

7.5 You must maintain distribution before the minimum of 6 downloaded or 3 distributors. If among the first 6 downloaders there was not one distributor, be sure to inform the Moderators with the reference to the distribution.

General requirements for release design
8. Registration of all releases on the tracker is carried out exclusively by templates and only in Russian. That is, all distributions must be properly named, decorated and must be accompanied by detailed information. The distributor must know what he is distributing, and the user has the right to know what he is downloading.

8.1 Before you begin the design of your distribution, read the “list of prohibited handouts in the territory of the Russian Federation.” Materials from this list will be blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation at the request of the rightholders.

8.2 For information on how to create a release and how to distribute it, see How to upload information. How to arrange the technical part of the distribution, read the Rules for Hand Distribution. If there are comments to the distribution, you will be indicated by the Moderator. Releases without sideways are deleted one day after pouring, and incorrectly issued releases – a day after the comments of the Moderator, if they are not fully taken into account.

8.3 It is strongly recommended, when creating a directory (folder) for distribution, to check it for the absence of files storing thumbnails of images and hidden files and folders (thumbs.db, [Originals]).

8.4 At least three screenshots are required.

8.5 It is highly discouraged to create * .torrent files with BitComet, as well as beta versions of other programs. We recommend using ╬╝Torrent. After creating a * .torrent file, be sure to check it in the client for the correctness – this will eliminate the problems with the download and the subsequent re-distribution of the corrected release.

8.6 Do not protect your distributions with passwords! Such distributions are closed, and at least a warning is given to users.

8.7 Distributions in archives are prohibited.

8.8 Animated embellishment is prohibited at the top of the description; Background that makes reading difficult; Use of profanity in the description.

8.9 We respect someone else’s work, so respect you too: be sure to put the release button of the group that released the release. Also, do not forget to mention our tracker when you post the materials of the Seedoff.net resource to other resources. If the button is not in the list, then indicate in writing. Violation will be punished with a warning, the second warning – BAN.

8.10 It is forbidden to create duplicate distributions.

8.11 It is forbidden to spread porn-distribution (erotic is allowed).

8.12 It is forbidden to create and post for distribution handouts containing documentary shootings of scenes and objects that violate the social norms of morality (violence, pornography, murders, etc.).

8.13 It is forbidden to use red color and the colors close to it in the design of hands. The following are the exception:

* No pills in the game.

* Replacement of the torrent file.

* The presence in the movie of scenes of self-mutilation or clearly expressed scenes of an erotic nature.

* Absence of Russian voice translation in films.

* The presence of foul language in the material being distributed.

In these cases it is allowed to write in red in the distribution, BUT it is necessary to write succinctly.

8.14 It is forbidden to replace the existing distribution, if it differs in content (content) from the previous material. (Replacement is only possible to improve and supplement the original distribution). In exceptional cases, the “dead” unsigned distribution for a long time is replaced, which is in demand for downloading.

8.15 More detailed requirements are described in the Handout Rules.

Chat Rules
9. Rules of communication in the chat are extremely simple – you can communicate on any topic, except for banned.

9.1 The moderator has the right to restrict access to the chat of any user who violates these rules.

9.2 If you have complaints related to the actions of the Moderator, please contact the Administration.

9.3 The final authority for all disputes in the chat room is the Administrator’s decision, which is not subject to discussion and challenge.

9.4 Prohibition of rudeness, rude personal attacks of any kind, insults, mate and words consonant with it, including abbreviations for their designation, as well as provocative behavior, which incites those present to debate and abuse in any direction. Do not respond to those who provoke you. Otherwise, all the cursing parties will be blocked, without asking “who first started”.

9.5 It is forbidden in the main chat window of the conversation to indecent topics in a normal society – racism, fascism, pornography, sexual comments, remarks on nationality. For private conversations on any topic, use privat – with the consent of the interlocutor.

9.6 Flood is not allowed – i.e. Repeated repetition of a word or phrase or text of a large size, occupying more than half the chat window.

9.7 Any manifestation of third-party advertising is prohibited.

9.8 It is forbidden to ABUSE in capital letters (this does not include writing individual words or sentences in uppercase to highlight an idea or a single word).

9.9 Excessive use of smiley pictures (i.e., using them in huge quantities without special need) can be regarded as a flood or spam by chat moderators, which will be followed by a corresponding penalty.

9.10 It is prohibited to describe the use of drugs in any context.

We wish you pleasant communication!

Moderator’s Code
10. Moderators are needed to ensure order, according to the established rules of the chat.

10.2 Moderators must block access to all chat users who do not comply with the rules, regardless of whether they are acquaintances or friends of the Moderator or not.

10.3 Moderators are prohibited from violating the rules of the chat.

10.4 Moderators are prohibited from closing access to the chat to visitors due to personal dislike.

10.5 Moderators are obliged: to help beginners navigate the chat.

Full list of SeedOff Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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