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scenehd.org SceneHD is an excellent High-Definition video releases only type of a tracker. They also have a huge archive of materials, although its not only a HD and 0-day tracker. Its a community.

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About website

SceneHD is considered as one of the best HD trackers and that’s the reason it is level 6. The ratio could be the last thing you would think about due to many freeleech from the blue color and most of them are large sized.Now have a look about SceneHD from inside through these screenshots. The logo changes some times. Its about something from their categories. something cool. You’ll see an example form the picture below. You may go by clicking on the logo.

SceneHD is an excellent High-Definition video releases kind of a tracker. Its not only a HD and 0-day tracker, but they also have a huge archive of materials. SceneHD is not. Its a very active community. Forum, IRC are places. Its not just about log into the site download or upload some things and keep a good ratio. Its also about being an active member in the community. Tracker provides huge amount of packs. Pre-times are good. But I would not say pre-times are extremely fast. You will find over users and over 9k torrents. Most of torrents are seeded.

Even torrents that are most old have at least one seeder. You can expect a fair amount of speed even. In regards to the invite system of course they have you. HD enthusiast user course and above can have the ability to invite a person. You can purchase an invite from their incentive system, also they can be won by you from their competitions. This is a spectacle tracker. So Scenehd does not have encoders. HD above and addicts can upload torrents.

It is easy to upload it, when you verify the torrent that you’re going to upload is a spectacle release then. If it isn’t a scene release there will be consequences. As a community the website is very active. Requests will be filled immediately. They also have some tutorials in their forum such as how to perform particular encoded movies, about media players… There were some serious troubles there but they are back online and performing well. Some would say they are not as great as they used to be then. But I don’t see any difference.

There are lots of HD trackers out there such as HD-torrents, HDBits, BIT-HDTV, AwesomeHD… and there were some comparison threads here between scenehd and some trackers . There are advantages as well as disadvantages there when it comes to comparisons. But a thing about this website is scene releases. Some people are looking for particular encoders. This won’t be an option. Overall a fantastic tracker with great contents. If you become a member of the tracker, would be cool. Invites are rare so you have to convince someone to get an invite. But I am pretty sure you’ll find one because there are members here which who can invite you to the website. Forum, IRC are very active places. Tracker provides huge quantity of packs that are freeleech. Pre-times are good. Invite get HD addict user class and over . You can buy an invitation from their bonus system, also they can be won by you from their competitions.

SceneHD Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

Tracker Name – SceneHD
Tracker URL – Here
Tracker Genre – Movie-TV
Tracker Type – Ratio Based
Maintaining Ratio – Moderate
Bonus – Yes
Tracker Signup – Invite Only
Tracker IRC – Address: irc.scenehd.eu (+6697 for SSL)Channels: #help #scenehd #announce

Full list of SceneHD Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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