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Is It Safe to Use Torrent Sites?


Almost torrent site users know about the KAT case. It is a site, which was blocked during 2016 for providing illegal media content across the world. Artem Vaulin is the owner of this site, which has been found guilty of breaking various laws and he was fined for sharing unauthorized files since 2008. It is just one case and that shows how unsafe, it is to use the torrent sites.
Today, thousands of torrent sharing sites are actively providing torrents across the world. Millions of users access these sites to download their favorite movies, shows, and music. Most of the users do not know that accessing the torrent is legal or illegal in their country. The federal authorities always try to block those sites, which share torrents across the internet. The users can also face legal charges, if it is illegal in their region and if they caught red handed.

Is everything illegal on the torrent sites?

After knowing that viewing and downloading torrents is an illegal act in many countries, you might be wondering all the torrent files are illegal or not. Torrenting is illegal, but all the torrent files are not unsanctioned copyrighted materials. It is very difficult to find a program that can detect the legal and illegal torrents on different torrent sharing sites. Only a few highlighted sites face legal issues due to which the site owners and users face problems.

As the experts state, some torrent files fall in a gray area. Using these files can affect your life, whether you know it or not. Your internet service provider constantly monitors what you use and what you do not use. The ISP keeps all the tracks of your internet usage and it can provide the details to the authorized agencies, which trace the illegal torrent users. In fact, copyright trolls also keep sharp eyes on the BitTorrent network to identify the copyright material and prevent unauthorized download of that material. First, you may receive a warning letter from the authorities to stop accessing the torrent sites. They may take a legal action, if you don’t stop using the torrent search engine and torrents.

How can you safely access the torrent sites?

It does not matter where you live and what you access. Torrenting is illegal and it can put you in a deep trouble. There are millions of others like you, who are worried about it and most of them are now using the VPN tools to protect their online activities. The VPN or virtual private network provides the users with the safest way of surfing the internet. People use it, especially when they want to access the copyrighted material online.
It is the most famous and the most reliable way of sharing the torrent files. You can find a VPN tool online for free and then download it. This tool will simply replace your IP address with a foreign IP. Thus, you will be able to access blocked torrent sites and download the required torrent files, without getting detected.


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