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revolutiontt.me RevolutionTT is a general/0day site with the latest scene releases and also p2p torrents. It’s basically like many others pretimes trackers. Speeds are fast but torrents die in a short time. Invite only – signups closed.

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About website

RevTT is an overall 0day tracker with pre times that are reasonable. I found it on the moderate side to seed here(especially if you don’t have a seedbox/have a slow home link) because of no freeleech/bonus system. However, when you get invited, you’re give a little grace(upload charge). You need to make do by yourself, but cross-seeding is a good way to boost up your ratio because the pretimes are a little slower than other location. RevTT has the standard classes and you may donate to gain VIP status or to get ratio boost/freeze(these may be helpful if you have a slow link). Is favorable in my experience. Forums are on the side(but I don’t participate).

IRC is active when I am bored and they have a radio so I find myself listening to this. Staff on IRC are friendly in my experience. They have a special request section if you need to get something reseeded or are currently looking for something not available. Invites are easy to come across if you meet the requirements (PU+ and the ratio requirements) but you need to ask them at the forum. Overall, this tracker is certainly good with the content and rates are excellent due to the prevalence of seedboxes. I find RevTT special because of the absence of useless torrents(10s of copies of same thing).

Only the major releases are there so searching and finding the release is simple in my opinion. There is also a top 10 list from the past 48 hrs which maybe could help those who must work in their ratio(by grabbing popular torrents). Remarks: Excellent speeds and contents that are excellent. You will be able to live with this tracker. However, if you need an alternative to other typical trackers(IPT, TL, etc), then RevTT is a good option.

RevolutionTT Proxy List >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

We have made a few modifications to revo. Effective immediate all new users and anybody under the new minimum will receive up to 9.98gb which will be the default ratio on joining the website. This is to better reflect the larger current files sizes and will allow users a little time to get set up correctly and learn decent torrent habit without getting their ratios require a massive hit. We’ve also raised the requirements for electricity user from 50gb to 100gb and added a new user class for anyone with a seed addiction.

The New Class is Seed Addict and will be achieved as soon as you’ve been a member for a year, hit 1tb of upload on the website and have a ratio of 1.5 . TT Gold class are now VIPs and have a cool icon denoting their devotion to bringing quality member to the site. As with all promotions it is automatic once milestones are met. Hello and Welcome to all the new members joining our community, please remember to read the RATIO RULES, SITE RULES and the FAQ. You will discover that your account has 9.98GB of upload credit already added to help you start out in our community and give you a buffer to understand how the site works.

Please say hello and introduce yourself in the Welcome Thread. If you do have any help related questions please visit the Revolution Mega Help Guide! Before using the Forum Search feature, finally if you still need an answer post a new topic in the Help Forum or join the IRC #help channel. In addition, we encourage all new members, whether new to the site, or new to the torrent world to please read Problem with seeding 101. It will go a long way in helping you off to a running start in regards to keep a great ratio here. If you recently invited any new members to the website, please make sure they are doing well, do not forget we will even reward you for inviting good members with additional invites & upload credits, see the Good Invite – Upload Credit Thread.

If you’ve been a member of the Revolution over 6 months and have made Power User, be sure to request your newcomer invites HERE. VIP+ today see PreTimes listed on most of scene torrents, have access to the IRC#vip station with torrent announces and can set a vhost, a VIP forum with the chance of a free SeedBox trial, as well as one additional starter invite with a lower ratio requirement required to apply. Do not forget to keep your torrent client up-to-date to maintain yourself and the website secure, please visit the Accepted Client List.

Want to use your cellphone to browse the website, click through to our Mobile Site, giving you the capacity to add bookmarks on the transfer and even queue torrents to your PC for downloading, using your mobile phone!

In an unprecedented data breach, tens of thousands of passwords and usernames from big BitTorrent tracker RevTT have been leaked on the web. Leaked the mixtures via The Pirate Bay. The first response from RevTT was to censor all discussion of the data breach, even as hundreds – possibly thousands – of accounts were being used without their owners’ permission.

Late Tuesday evening time, an individual set out to share information with the world that he appears to have had in his possession for a while. Using the title ‘Afghanis’ he uploaded a torrent file to The Pirate Bay. It pointed of data to only 675K but the ramifications are being felt around the BitTorrent scene today.

“From Civilized Afghan Society, of course we do have dumb Talibans also but we do have well educated people living in beautiful Kabul City,” a text file with the release reads. “RevTT is hacked by Afghanistan Hackers !!!”

RevTT is short for RevolutionTT, a BitTorrent tracker that was set around 6 years ago with a reputation for indexing a wide assortment of content. It’s uncertain how many users are on the site since its operators seem to hide stats from user view that is regular. All the indications suggest that there are at least 40,000 and quite probably tens of thousands more. While the ‘hackers’ claim to possess the RevTT database along with combinations, around 40,000 pairs are actually contained by the text file. (see update below) The free-for-all started after they were uploaded to The Pirate Bay last evening.


Very people who’d downloaded the torrent began logging into RevTT with people of VIPs who have access to sections of the site although not only accounts. While some undoubtedly decided to grab whatever content they could, others carried out other tasks including sending invitations out to people who are n’t already members. Still, all of the accounts were available to the intruders including data, email addresses and all activity. Needless to say, if users password on other sites and maintained the same username their account became vulnerable. Judging by the amount of consumers who used the word “password” as their password, the odds of big screw ups seems high.

After trying to alert site staff, TorrentFreak viewed as users learned of the breach and posted their concerns in the forums, begging site staff. Website staff reacted by banning the accounts of people posting in the threads removing all discussion of this breach, and posting the note seen below. RevTTHack Of course, people are wondering how this happened and the response is far from clear.

There are lots of theories being circulated, such as that this wasn’t a ‘hack’ as such but a leak of a database backup due to a historical admin dispute. What is clear is that according to many reports from users on the site who had their details the information within the torrent is fresh and might date some time back. This is known by users because their user/pass combinations are ones they used previously but have been altered. There is a lesson to be learned here about changing passwords.

Now, some 9 hours after the escape, RevTT appears to have been locked down, but is certain to be significant and might get worse. The ‘hackers’ say that in 1 to 2 weeks they will release more information, what exactly that will be remains to be seen.

Full list of RevolutionTT Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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