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PuntoTorrent Proxy List


xbt.puntotorrent.ch PuntoTorrent is a private tracker invite only – signups closed.

Language: Spanish

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About website

PuntoTorrent is a good Spanish General Tracker , The Interface can be changed to English They have a content , you can find movies, music, Tv , Games , Books , and more It’s 67.734 torrents , mostly all of them are well seeded , Pretimes for realeses are great , you will find a few Unique ones , Also They have a good collection of Non Spanish films and TV. . Not to be missed if you like spanish Tv series Tracker Description Among the spanish trackers. It’s a general content tracker.

Seeding isn’t that bad. But it’s especially interessting for Screeners with spanish dubbed sound (which since Megaupload closes are somewhat hard to find movies before they get published in DVD/BluRay. They give occasionally “Gold” torrents, “Silver” torrents and “x2” torrents and other options. For keeping up ratio those ones are really interessting but I will explain them after. .

Tracker Features: Golden torrents – It accounts for 100 % of what you upload and 0% of download. The Golden only last 7 days beginning on the day they are uploaded to the tracker, on the seventh day the golden coin vanish and become a regular torrent (ie , counts 100 % of everything you download). Torrents – 50 percent of everything you download and Accounts 100% of everything you upload.

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The Silver is permanent. Torrents – Uploading counts downloading the 100% of the torrent and double. X2 torrents will be permanent. X3 torrents – counts triple and downloading the 100 percent of the torrent. X3 torrents will be permanent. Torrent Categories I was not able to take screenshots so I will write down the categories, since It’s a scrolling list with a lot of subcategories: DVD XVID HD MicroHD Music Videogames (PC, XBOX,…) eBooks and magazines VCD/SVCD Software (Mac, Linux and Windows) Other formats (such as classes like music, movies, etc) HDRip 3D Ratings & Personal Commentary Is one of the finest spanish trackers right now.

To be honest, for someone who’s not a spanish speaker, is a bit useless. Since the “global” content could be found in public or other personal trackers. The community is strong and active on the forums, and the website was created. The bad part is that some torrents die quite fast so I would recommend it to get spanish content.

Full list of PuntoTorrent Proxy Sites:

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Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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