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proaudiotorrents.org ProAudioTorrents is a Private Tracker for audio software, where you can find a lots of apps for audio mixing.This type of Tracker is mainly for those who love to Mix the Audio and connect with those who are expert in this community.They have 50k+ users and 37k+ torrents!

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About website

Tracker Name – ProAudioTorrents
Tracker URL – proaudiotorrents.org
Tracker Genre – Audio Software
Tracker Type – Ratio Based
Tracker Signup – Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio – Easy
Bonus System – Absent
Banned Countries – None
Tracker IRC Server – irc.p2p-network.net:6666
Channel – #ProAudioTorrents

ProAudioTorrents Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

To prevent a warning or losing your download statements, keep your general real ratio over 1 at all times. A true ratio of at least 1.0 on all individual downloads is a necessity and strictly enforced rule of the website. You’re required to seed each individual torrent to a minimum ratio of ‘1’ OR for no less than 24 hours straight after you finish the download. Should you reach 1.0 within the first 24 hours, you might stop. If you don’t reach 1.0 in the first 24 hours, then you’re still expected to seed to 1.0 on your own time. This rule doesn’t mean that if you seed for 24 hours, then that is all you’ve got to do. The website ratio principle is 1.0 on everything. If it’s been determined that you’re hitting and running in your torrents, you’ll lose your account. (There are no warnings given, it’s an immediate ban rule)

What’s ‘the agreement’ and just how long will my account continue at PAT? If the staff have information that a user isn’t of benefit to the community or view a user’s activities causing Pro Audio Torrents any kind of difficulty, Pro Audio Torrents reserve the right to delete that account or accounts of the user(s) regardless of contribution or invite, open or otherwise. Pro Audio Torrents staff may take the necessary actions against these users with no additional communication or support. We ‘the team’ want you to have a lengthy stay at Professional Audio Torrents. If you read and abide by the principles and get in touch with a member of staff if you require help, you’re going to have a very long stay.

Immediate BAN !!!

The team expect you to follow all the PAT rules and just the team will make final decisions regarding rule breaks. If you don’t comply with the staff’s expressed wishes or disrespect, defy or undermine any member of their staff, you’ll be banned.

Ratio tweaking

Using any internet services or applications for the purpose of adjusting or restarting your ratio data is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban. We’re extremely aware of all of the tips past, present and future! Breaking this rule could produce a family tree prohibit, where all related accounts to your account are prohibited in one go! Anyone caught with more than 1 account or a duplicate accounts will be banned. The IP will also be prohibited along with the account.

12 weeks just. If, for any reason, you’re not able to log in within that time, please notify a member of staff in order for your account can be left using a note left on it for additional staff members to view. Once it’s disabled as a result of inactivity and you didn’t inform a member of staff, you might be unable to get it back. (unless you plead an excellent case or contribute)

Why can not I download?

It’s your responsibility as a user to place your Password Retrieval Question and Answer and any other information required for your account. You won’t have the ability to download any torrents until you fill in the details in the appropriate fields on your profile.


Don’t ask other users for invitations (You may provide another person an invitation but know about the user liability coverage).

Don’t ask staff for invites

No trading of PAT invites anywhere on the internet for any reasons.

If you’re caught trading invites you’ll be banned along with everyone you encouraged (This is site policy). If your account has a ratio warning or if your downloads are disabled you’ll have to repair your ratio first.

Invites could be added or removed from your accounts at the staff’s discretion.

Please be sure to only invite people who you know and trust as you’ll be held accountable for their actions based on the user liability policy described in the website FAQ: http://proaudiotorrents.org/faq.php#108

Posting of . Exe file can directly be posted in torrent form. If you will need to place a keygen, place it in a folder and compress it (package it), then label it correctly and then post it. No posting of links in the discussion, the shoutbox or the conversation to direct . exe files.

Language assistance

We’re an English language only website, so please just post in English including torrent descriptions.

Zero tolerence policy

Pro Audio Torrents has a ‘zero tolerance policy’ to some kinds of abusive language and behavior directly or indirectly aimed at employees. This coverage is in effect in every area of Pro Audio Torrents. If a user is abusive towards any member team, all types of communication will be stopped, this isn’t open for discussion and will be effective immediately. If the abuse continues at Professional Audio Torrents or some other location on the Internet, your account could be prohibited as well as any other accounts you could try begin at Pro Audio Torrents.

What is going to happen if I break a rule?

The team will either PM, warn or ban you for rule breaking, impolite or abusive forum posts and comments. All information will be added to staff comments on the users page for additional employees to see. We aim to be fair and take all variables on board in decisions we make as employees. If a user is found constantly using this process to improve their ratio. The user could get a warning or a ban in the staff’s discretion. You might have specific circumstances where you require help with a particular situation and need to use partial torrents. You’ll need prior permission if you end up in this situation from a team member. Permission is just given by staff in particular conditions and can be denied without enough evidence of why it’s needed. This principle will start as of now 11/02/2013.

1) All landscape releases will need to be posted together with the original compressed files and the nfo file in the proper place, in the description field type SEE NFO.

2) Scene releases which aren’t designed to be introduced to the general public, ie: DND (Do Not Distribute), aren’t allowed to be uploaded to the tracker. This is out of respect for the scene launch team. .

3) If it’s a RE-PACKED SCENE launch you will need to state at the conclusion of your torrent title that it’s a “re-pack.” We also expect to find the . Nfo file for this, in the description field type “SEE NFO”. If there’s absolutely no nfo file on your re-pack upload it’ll be removed. Please note that first scene releases take precedent over a repack. If you upload a repack and somebody else uploads the first launch, the repack will be deleted.

4) Don’t type anything in the description area but “SEE NFO.” (See this twice)

5) don’t alter or tamper with the name at all, leave the initial title.

6) don’t tamper with the documents and nfo or change filenames of a scene release.

1) We now allow nfo documents to be uploaded for non-scene releases if they’re readable. They need to be in either suitable nfo format or plain text. If they’re in any other format you can’t upload it as a nfo and you have to copy the content to the description. Bear in mind a hyperlink to the product homepage is still required. Same rules apply as stage 3 and 4 below.

2) All torrents will need to have a suitable name including complete fabrication and product name, Version, sample format and plugin format. (Do not alter the name of a scene release).

3) you have to offer a detailed and helpful description in the description field with all info. (This rule does not apply to magazines)

4) Description must include a direct link to product homepage.

5) A data file has to be included outside the compressed files and must get the entire description in addition to full install notes how to use the crack(s) if this isn’t included in a different text file. (READ THIS TWICE) The data file must be in . txt or . rtf format. For those who have a nfo file in addition, this is acceptable.

6) All files will need to be compressed in either rar, rar5 or zip arrangement at best compression. We favor the rar format. Compressed files may be renamed for clarity but they should extract into a folder using the torrent name.

7) If the torrent is bigger than 1 GB you have to split the archive/use multi-packing to document sizes between 10-1000 MB.

8) Files has to be placed into a folder BEFORE you generating the torrent, e.g. files have to be in a folder. The folder name should be just like the torrent title.

General upload principles

1) We don’t accept any sort of SPAM from other trackers/warez websites in name, data files or filenames. This includes titles from uploaders on other trackers who assert the releases as their own. We don’t take any torrents from other trackers, if you receive something from the other tracker create a new torrent prior to uploading.

2) Torrents bigger than 25GB needs permission from staff before uploading.

4) When a torrent is uploaded but not seeded it will get deleted over 3 hours determined by the size of the torrent.

5) Always choose the ideal category for the torrent. If you picked the wrong category visit the torrent page and press edit to change the category.

6) All of torrent files should be made selecting the folder, not the documents (READ THIS TWICE)

What’s allowed and not

1) Audio programs and related materiel ONLY, no audio, music video’s, movies or documentaries.

Only retail merchandise (we expect you to offer a hyperlink to the product homepage). In addition, do not upload more than one title in every post, unless it is a retail package. Doing this will be regarded as a homemade launch.

3) No old applications unless asked.

4) If completing a petition of old applications, a link to the petition has to be added to the peak of the description area.

5) No mp3’s of any sort.

6) No freeware, demos or restricted time trials are permitted. We’ve got a spot in the forums where you can post freeware.

DUPES Are Simply LAZY, SO SEARCH BEFORE YOU UPLOAD. Use the torrent search to examine the website.

8) No software that’s not fully cracked, e.g. a crack where you will need to change your system date so as to get it to work isn’t fully cracked.

Also, no Release candidates are permitted.

10) No sheet music is permitted.

11) No stalks, multitracks, midi songs whatsoever. Project templates are permitted if they’re retail.

12) Independent keygens, cracks and serials are permitted, but don’t upload any homemade or half-cracked only packs. Take care not to waste staff time if the individual keygen or crack causes your computer injury, or else you might be warned or banned for wasting staff time or tickled into submission.

13) No torrents with malware or virus. If staff finds any sort of the in a torrent appropriate action will be taken.

14) No password encoded files. If you run across a password protected landscape launch you need to upload it as a repack.

15) If any uncertainty about your upload is suspected, please ask a member of staff first.


1) If your torrent gets deleted always check the log first, to find why, before uploading again. Also, await the PM from the staff member who deleted it.

2) if you’re publishing an unprotected sample library which you purchased, you want to upload the content as it had been initially.

3) The staff favor software samples to maintain single DVD size whenever possible as it makes it easier on users with slower connections and with reduced ratio. Only if it’s not a scene launch, as a spectacle release has to be left “as is” or the upload will break a rule.

4) To upload you want to be connectable and possess a suitable upload rate for the size of this torrent you’re uploading, be sensible about this as nobody likes to download a 10 GB torrent with a rate of 50 KB/s.

5) Remember it is your responsibility that the upload is after the above rules, regardless of how and where you have it.

Why can not I log out?

This happends from time to time where a member will attempt to log out and nothing happends. To resolve this you want to clean your “cookies” first that you’ll have the ability to log out.

Some times when you browse to another page on the website you find the log in screen. To prevent this please clear your internet cookies and log in to the website again. This should correct the issue.


My Password Doesn’t Work

Use one of the two healing methods on the login page


Why do I see doubles of the same torrents in my customer?

If you disconnect and reconnect to quickly this will occur (Sometimes your ISP disconnects for a few seconds or you reboot) It’s like an echo on the tracker …don’t worry, it is going to correct it’s self once the tracker refreshes and catches up.


I am new to torrents, and can not get a fantastic ratio

This was a transcript to a different member that worked for him…. Reading this can help you

Welcome to PAT Newbie…. . We would like you to remain on the website for awhile so this is how you begin getting a fantastic ratio.

It’s tough at first…. . For certain …trust me I had been at zero once too and what I have was hard earned, but if I could give a new member just a little edvice?

I understand new members want to catch all of the wonderfull big libraries and VST’s ……. And start making the terrific music bouncing around in their minds, but patiance is required at first to be successful.

Not discussing the simple fix of a donation to bring up your stats, the best way to get your ratio up would be to jump on and download the tiny torrents as soon as they’re posted, then seed them 24/7.

When I say little I mean that the Mb size …not the Gb creatures

This will have to be done for a few weeks…. . Consider it an investment…construction for your future when you can cash in. Since they are new lots of people would want them …. So the quicker you’re at the trigger the sooner you’ll be at the seed swarm.

You mentioned not uploading everything you have because you don’t think anybody would want it…well as long as it meets the uploading principles and is submitted properly …post away!!!! You’ll be suprised who wants what…and if nobody takes it …well it did not cost you anything more than a couple of minutes.

Right now I see that you’re attempting to catch two 2.5Gb documents…and you’ll need the rest to finish the complete download.

Halt the downloads………..re-group, seed a few little things slowly work up to the large ones or simply try to catch one at a time …. Keep a look out for your ratio…that automobile warn and ban system is a nasty machine……no winner

Only my own advice to you and some other new members trying to begin…. . Very good luck dude

Hope your about with us for awhile.”

How long does my account stay if it’s inactive?

12 weeks or 90 days for people who are counting. Log in frequently to stay up to date.Once it is disabled because of inactivity you might not have the ability to get it back.

Why can not I download ?

Individuals who haven’t set their Password Recovery Question and Answer yet won’t be able to download any torrents until they fill in the details to the appropriate fields in their profiles,so please take some time to fill in these details.

This will enable your downloads and permit you to recover your password in the long run.

Another reason is a very low ratio warning that has gone over 5 times without being fixed. You’ll need to seed or contribute to receive your ratio up and re-enable your downloads.

Where do I find the user record?

The user list is seen in your profile under the “my buddy” section at the bottom.

When there was an SFV file accompanying the article use it to pinpoint the bad file. If there isn’t examine the dimensions of the rars. All rars should have precisely the same dimensions, except for the last one. If there’s one using a different size that is the bad one. You may even keep your eye on the progess of WinRAR and watch where rar the extraction ceases. Report the torrent to a team member and or the uploader for affirmation

Why can not I edit my torrent remark?

One of the team members have edited your comment because it contained improper contend or it broke one or more of the torrent remark rules.

My stats simply changed from GB to TB, why are they not upgrading?

This is a result of a little known concept…

1 TB doesn’t equal exactly 1000 GB. It’s a result of the two^X binary system of computers. .

Really 1 TB = 1024 GB

This together with two significant figures, and how they system rounds it’s calculations, means that you’d really have to get a change of approx 11 GB to observe a gap of 0.01 TB on your stats

The team of Pro Audio Torrents will attempt to answer all of your support enquiry’s when possible. Please bear in mind that the staff are all voluntary and it might take up to 7 working days for you to receive a reply and occasionally can be somewhat longer because of what the employees have going on in their day to day lives. All support tickets which have answers in the forums, FAQ’s, and guidelines will be ignored or answered with a hyperlink along with the ticket closed.

This is a program that has both the PC and MAC installation files contained.

VSTi (virtual studio technology tool) was created by Steinberg as a Universal platform for soft synths and samplers. Not all of the firms bought into it. You might also hear about VST2 and VSTi2 plugins. VST2 is only an extension of the VST format. These pass on more parameters to the server for automation.

Always assume the answer is no unless the programmer makes it clear. If they made a Mac version, they’ll be sure to list that. Normally, programmers will have a PC VSTi version and a Mac VSTi version, so take care to get (and set up) the best one. Ordinarily, these days they’re both on the same cd rom.

DXi: Cakewalk, originally, didn’t go with VSTi, it moved with DXi, which is based on Microsoft direct X code. These days, however, they’ve relented an allow usage of VSTis with Sonar at a shell. DXi’s can’t be run on Macs.

The “I” stands for “tool”, like a softsynth or sampler to differentiate it from a plugin processor, like a compressor, reverb or delay.

AU, short for Audio Units, describes a format developed by Apple for Mac OS 10. x

Important note: Just because Logic favors AU doesn’t mean it’ll run all Audio Unit Plugins. This is Apple’s way of forcing plugin programmers to follow the principles it developed. Its a great thing, as the Audio Units that do pass are not as likely to crash Logic.

MAS refers to plugins which work with the MOTU Audio System in Digital Performer (Mac only), which could also use VSTi, AU and ReWire. You will notice that fewer plugins support MAS, and that is because MOTU DP users may use AU in addition to MAS.

RTAS plugins, though, won’t work in Logic, Cubase or Sonar.

What’s Rewire?

Rewire, is a strategy that pipes digital sound from Reason and Rebirth, Project 5 and Ableton’s Live to other sequencers. It basically enables you to run a sequencer inside of a another sequencer. Its not a plugin per se, but since most soft synths use Rewire I include it here.

There’s no information on the CD if it is burnt (AKAI/Roland/Emu/K2k)

AKAI/Roland/Emu/K2k format CDRoms Aren’t

You should absolutely use a program that lets
One to read/export the akai format into a standard format (Wav) i/e: CDXtract (www.cdxtract.com)

Or your favourite sampling software that supports those formats.

This is for all those amoung you who keep saying there’s no information on the CD when it’s burned.

A plugin wrapper usually refers to a software device that fools a host (i.e., the sequencer) to using formats which would be incompatible with no.

Through the use of wrappers, Sonar users may utilize VSTis and Logic Users can utilize VSTis. With no wrapper, Logic can only use AUs and Sonar (up to version 4) may only use DXis and Pro Tools LE not use VSTs.

There are a few disadvantages to using wrappers. If the wrapper doesn’t convert and pass on the information perfectly, there might be problems. Recall: Poor plugins crash sequencers.

Full list of ProAudioTorrents Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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