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privatehd.to PrivateHD is a private BitTorrent tracker focused on high definition movies/TV show torrents. PrivateHD is part of the torrent tracker network Avistaz that also runs the private torrent sites such as EuTorrents, Anime Torrents and Your Exotic.

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About website

PrivateHD.to is a BitTorrent site for High Quality, High Definition (HD) Movies and TV Shows.The Movies and TV shows quality is of 720p/1080p/2160p.Tracker is invite only but sometimes they open their registrations in weekends. Speed is good and they also have a nice community.They have 66k+ users and 4k+ torrents.They have a lot of freeleech torrents and it will make easy to build a good enough ratio. PrivateHD has a subtitles section where the users can find the subtitles for different torrents.

PrivateHD (PHD) is a relatively recent, and heavily underrated, High Definition (HD) private tracker. It’s one of the 5 members of this AvistaZ Network – another 4 being AvistaZ (ex AsiaTorrents), AnimeZ, CinemaZ (ex EUTorrents), and ExoticaZ. PHD has since attained a commendable growth in user base, quantity & diversity of content, and user interface design, and was created in May, 2015. The tracker now has 44,000+ customers, and primarily specializes in HD content for English language movies and TV series in a variety of resolutions (720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p) and rip types/sources (BDRip, BluRay, Full/Raw BluRay, HDRip, HDTV, REMUX, WEB-DL & WEBRip).

The site has a music collection in both MP3 and FLAC. Joining PrivateHD is not particularly difficult right now. You might be able to get an invite, if you are a member of other AvistaZ Network sites. Otherwise, you may attempt to join on forums that are class-restricted through a number of recruiting threads, or even during the signups. Content PHD currently has around 12,000+ torrents as follows: TV series torrents: 4,000+ Torrents: 7,000+ Music torrents: 600+ Do not let these numbers misguide you, while the numbers, especially for TV series, might seem relatively small in comparison to HD & General trackers. Television: A high number of the TV series torrents are full seasons (2,000+) – and more importantly – complete series packs (350+), as PHD has developed a solid reputation for uploading whole series packs for TV shows that finished broadcasting. While full series packs aren’t permitted on some other trackers, PHD welcomes them, which, in opinion, is a really convenient and a far better way of obtaining a full series (rather than downloading episodes or seasons individually).

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Apart from the P2P & Scene groups, many Usenet releases can be found on PHD as series and season packs. For continuing shows (i.e. shows that are still broadcasting), individual episodes are usually grouped and uploaded in a season pack when a season has finished broadcasting, and are deleted a week or so after that in order to avoid having duplicate content.

Standard Definition (SD) content is permitted only for complete shows (i.e. shows that have finished airing), AND only when the show aired fully in SD, or with a few seasons in SD & others in HD. These SD-only and series packs can be uploaded by Uploader rank and above. PHD allows one format (resolution & tear type/source) each episode/season pack/series pack. By way of example, only one 720p WEBRip, one 1080p BluRay, one REMUX, etc.. Different audio & video codecs are allowed for the identical format (e.g. 1080p BluRay DTS & 1080p BluRay DD5.1 can coexists for the same release.

Movies: The film selection isn’t especially large but is extremely active and experiencing a considerable growth rate on a daily basis, since PHD remains a new tracker. It has 1080p, 2,000 + REMUX, 800 + Full/Raw BluRay, and 720p films. 720p and 1080p are BluRay encodes. PHD doesn’t allow SD content for movies, and only permits one format (resolution & tear type/source) per movie. For instance, just one REMUX, 1 BluRay, and one 720p BluRay per movie.

With quality and content diversity being the key focus movies, both new and old, are being added every day. In due course, PHD will climb up the ranks of HD trackers. Music: There is not much to say about the audio section as it’s small in size, less energetic, and relatively quiet than the movies & TV sections. It’s around 600+ records in MP3 & FLAC formats.

Internal Pre-times & Releases EPSiLON (ex PrivateHD): Internal REMUX group, which now has some of the among all REMUX groups. EPSiLON releases both TV series and films, is active and extremely fast, and will be in the conversation for one of the REMUX groups in all private trackers. Apart from EPSiLON, their REMUX is also released by some users but those should be approved by staff. HDBEE: Internal Full/Raw BluRay group, still relatively young (about 5 months old), but such as EPSiLON, it is very active, and works with both TV & film Blu-ray Discs.

Pre-times aren’t the focus of the group. UTR-HD: Internal x265 discharge bands, which currently calls PHD home after KickassTorrents (KAT) was taken down. While the requirement for releases may not be particularly high right now, the UTR-HD is one of the most busy, x265 out there, and the best that focuses on encoding high quality 10-bit HEVC releases. UTR-HD does not focus on new releases, but they encode both new and old TV shows and films, and pre-times are not the primary focus. Like HDBEE, the group is still young on PHD (about 5 weeks), however, is growing by leaps and bounds. Pre-times: Besides internal releases, the pre-times for other P2P & Scene releases (for both movies & TV shows) on PHD are among the best & fastest anywhere. Uploaders are very aggressive and active among each other.

Tracker Specifics Ratio Maintenance: PHD is one of the simplest trackers keep and to build a good ratio. This is because there’s tons of torrents that are freeleech – any torrent that is 40. It used to be 30 GB, but has been recently increased to 40 GB to help fight Hit & Run, and I think it is a great idea. Torrents are marked with a Gold Star. Another reason why keeping a ratio is simple is due to the generous double upload credit you can earn (i.e. if you seed 10 GB, you’ll be blamed for 20 GB). Principles are detailed below: – 20 GB > No download discount (No icon) – 20.01 GB — 39.99 GB = Half-leech (Half Red Star) – 40 GB+ = Freeleech (Gold Star) – Internal release [UTR-HD, EPSiLON, HDBEE] = Double Upload (Green Diamond). Internal releases always have a Dual Upload status – Featured = Freeleech + Dual Upload (Gold Star). ‘Featured’ includes some user releases, some torrents that are dying, and torrents chosen by staff. Freeleech/Double Upload standing for this category has an expiry date Members are generally required to maintain a 1:1 ratio on all torrents downloaded, for as long as possible or seed. Not defined seed times is present in the present time.

Hit & Runs are not allowed and may result in a warning. Seeding: At any given time, around 90 percent of torrents are alive and seeded. From my experience, a lot of releases which are dead on other trackers are busy on PHD, and torrents on other trackers are seeded regardless of their age. If you’re trying to leech a torrent, a ‘Reseed Notification’ banner will be displayed on the homepage of each user who has downloaded it in the past, requesting them to reseed it. This works really well and happens automatically as long as there is at least 1 leecher from the swarm.

Speeds: Speed has hardly ever been a problem for me on PHD, and they have improved over time. A whole lot of users have seedboxes, and even older content has speeds that are excellent. As stated previously, the ‘Reseed Notification’ feature is very helpful in alerting users to reseed dead or dying content, so this helps with seeding rates. Some torrents that struggle with speed maybe added to the ‘Featured’ torrents, so users encourage and helps with rates.

Bonus Invites & Points Bonus Points: PHD as a fair bonus points system that rewards seeders based on a variety of factors: total amount of torrents being seeded, torrent’s dimensions, and torrent’s age (taking into consideration the amount of seeders). Simply stated, the bigger the torrent you’re seeding, and the older (and less seeded) they are, the more bonus points you’ll earn per hour. You can exchange bonus points for credit, invites, or they can be gifted by you . Invites: By exchanging you can make an invite.

Community Forums & Discussions: PHD has among the most active communities out there in the forums and in the comments section for each torrent. Like the site, the forums are designed, and various subjects — both torrent and associated — are discussed, with loads of learning opportunity for all tracker- and torrent-related topics. You’ll find a number of members online on the forums at any given time, and many are willing to assist and discuss a vast array of topics. Requests: Requests used to be handled via a subforum, but like all AvistaZ Network websites, PHD has introduced a dedicated, and a very request system.

You fill in the request form, and define how bonus points you are willing to provide the uploader if you want to request something. By contributing bonus points it can be upvoted by other users, and you have the option on increasing the bonus points. The requests section is extremely busy, and users are proactive in fulling requests and exceptional. A reasonable bonus points have been put up, and if your request is available somewhere, chances are your request will be fulfilled.

Staff: PHD has some of the most passionate, active, assisting, and genuinely respectful staff on any tracker. They are very much invested in PHD’s well-being, and do a job moderating and meticulously reviewing every torrent that was uploaded to ensure that it meets the rigorous upload rules. The team’s dedication is the reason PHD seems so good, and why all the content follows a consistent and very strict naming convention. Every uploaded torrent (except those uploaded by staff and certain uploaders) are marked as Unverified until they are confirmed by a staff member.

Policy: Implemented across all AvistaZ Network sites a user must use his/her account to seed or download torrent data within 30 days of account creation, after which if the account is unused it’ll be for inactivity. Newbies restrictions: Users are limited to downloading torrents that are at least 7 days old. Newbies can’t upload torrents, and are limited to downloading 5 torrents a day until they are encouraged to ‘Member’ rank. The simplest way is to grab active freeleech torrents that were posted or longer, preferably with dual credit, or active torrents if you have them in your group.

Nature of Enabled content across the AvistaZ network: PrivateHD — HD only, mainstream, English language (mostly USA & UK) shows & movies. AvistaZ — Asian content from all across the continent of Asia. CinemaZ — Content from South America, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Vague content, non-mainstream. AnimeZ — hentai and Anime, mostly Japanese. No Western anime allowed. ExoticaZ porn.

What makes PHD special or distinct from other trackers? While PHD Doesn’t offer perks , privileges, incentives, or consumer classes like other takers, it has a lot of things that makes it stand out among other trackers, including: User interface: In my view, PHD gets the layout with the user interface out of all private trackers. It’s not Gazelle-based, has one of the very best advanced search options, is aesthetically pleasing, and looks & feels like it belongs in the decade of the 2010. The same can’t be said about other trackers.

Keep in mind that PrivateHD is still in Beta Mode (Beta 3.0), and the Admins are continuously working on improving things even further. Series packs, no movie or arbitrary packs: Mentioned very handy way of snatching full completed series. This isn’t permitted on many TV, HD, and General trackers, but is allowed on PHD for displays that have ended. PHD does not allow packs. Meticulously You will not find dupes, incorrect or inconsistent torrent names episodes when packs have already been uploaded, bad quality, or any of those things you dislike about other trackers.

Access to AvistaZ Network: You could be able to get invites to the other 4 members of this AvistaZ Network if you are in good standing on PHD. That doesn’t mean that you can demand or publicly ask for invites. Use common sense. HEVC x265 content: For users who are into x265, look. There’s even a subforum to request these releases.

Name – PrivateHD (PHD)
Category – HD
Tracker Type – Ratio-Based, Hit & Run is not allowed
Birthday – May 2015
URL – privatehd.to
Getting In – Easy
Signup – Invite Only
Bonus Points – Yes
Total No. of Torrents – 12,000+
Total No. of Users – 44,000+
Maintaining Ratio / Seed Difficulty РEasy
IRC Details Server: irc.rizon.net Channel: #privatehd Port: 6667
Banned Countries – None

Full list of PrivateHD Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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