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Popularity of torrent sites & download methods in 2017


Probably every one of you ever heard of torrents. It is not difficult to hit on them when we move on the Internet. Especially if we used to download a lot of files by typing the name of the searched item by downloading the first torrent in the search engines. What exactly is it we can find out in a very simple way.

Generally the torrent is used to exchange files by internet users. Interestingly, the task of this file-sharing method is to relieve the server where the files are located. This is because files are exchanged between users connected to the Internet. Another advantage of this method of downloading files is that you can download the file at any time, because people who have a file are always available. Sometimes it happens that there are even several thousand people connected to the network who have the file you want to download. Even people who have only a portion of the file can send content that is on their computer to other users.

The torrent download method is available for a very long time. The first person to use and distribute it is Bram Cohen, who in 2002 first uploaded a file from one computer to another using this protocol. This method was later refined and became more and more popular month by month. More and more people are starting to use it.

The first company to start working on improving this method was called BitTorrent. General rules of the operation of torrents are not complicated and everyone can understand them. In brief. Protocol allows one file to be replicated to multiple users on the internet. The server on which the file is located is not currently loaded with multiple downloads by users around the world. It is great that there is a way to download the file in fragments.

The servers in the torrent download method are other users who have already acquired this file or are currently downloading it. Such a method is called in the P2P internet language. When you download a file and you own it on your computer automatically, your computer becomes a source for other P2P network users. The file source then becomes more robust and the copy speed is not limited at this point in time. It is well known that when you download files from the server you often do not reach high download speed due to not the best server capabilities.

Contrary to the torrent files and most often by downloading the file you have the possibility to use the entire internet connection that you have at home at home. There are several concepts that you must understand if you want to use the torrent network consciously.

The most important criterion when finding the source of the file you want to download is the number of “peers” – the bigger the better for you because you can then use your maximum link using the same upload from multiple sources. It must also be said that shared content on torrents is in many cases copyrighted and sometimes unknowingly we can become witnesses of Internet piracy, which is punishable.

However, the percentage of users caught is small compared to users who download torrents.


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