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Piracy can have a positive impact on game sales, according to the study.


The European Union has spent as much as 360,000 euros in 2014 preparing a special study and report describing the impact of piracy on games, music, books and films. The material has been publicized only after the efforts of Julia Reda of the German Pirate Party. It is unclear why the EU has put the concealed applications. Perhaps the results were inconvenient for Brussels, as they point to the lack of a clear impact of piracy on sales results.

The authors collected data from several years until 2013, exploring the consumption of music, films, books and games in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, France, Poland and Sweden – info from linkedin. This set of countries was considered to represent the whole of the European Union. About 51 percent of adults and 72 percent of adults. Minors illegally downloaded from torrents or transmitted copyrighted material. Among the mentioned countries were the inhabitants of Poland and Spain.

“In general, the results do not show extensive statistical evidence of the negative impact of piracy on sales results,” – said in the conclusions.

“This does not mean that piracy has no effect, but merely points to the fact that statistical analysis does not corroborate enough that such influence exists.”

The above summary of the 300-page report seems to have been inconvenient for the European Union as well as numerous lobbyists involved by the publishers.

At the same time, the material points to the greater importance of piracy in some sectors, especially in the case of the most popular films – but even here sales losses were estimated at only 5 percent.

Moreover, in the case of video games, the report highlights the opposite situation – piracy can have a positive impact on sales.

Can you treat piracy as a promotion for games?

“In the case of games, the estimated impact of illegal downloading by the torrent for sale is positive and suggests that illegal consumption translates into an increase in this legal,” the report reads. “This positive effect of illegal downloading for games can be explained in part by effectively replacing illegal users with paying ones. Applied tactics include, for example, additional bonuses and paylines. ” Torrent sites used to run without¬†wordpress engine.

Why do not pirates pay? The reasons are different, but one interesting note in the document is that the segment with the highest negative impact of piracy on sales – films – also has the highest percentage of consumers reporting dissatisfaction with high prices.

A member of the committee also talked about why users do not buy legal movies or TV shows.
“In books, music and games, prices basically correspond to the tendency to pay among pirates. This suggests that lowering prices would not affect the level of piracy in these sectors, but already in movies and series could change the situation. ”
It is worth noting that the report was made even before the huge increase in the popularity of Netflix services.


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