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passthepopcorn.me PassThePopcorn aka PTP is a ratio-based torrent tracker for movies. Users can filter your movies search by language, countries, tags, release type, freeleech, subtile, IMDb rating, container, codec, source, resolution, PTP rating, MC rating and the categories feature film, stand-up comedy, short film, miniseries and concert.

The torrent trackers movie collections are a helpful feature to find fresh movies.

PassthePopcorn is probably one of the largest movies tracker. They host torrents for over 100k movies of all genres! PTP is the home of several internal release groups such as HANDJOB, TBB & HRiP.

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About website

PTP is one of the movie trackers. The consumer base’s sheer size dwarfs the others and therefore you have a much bigger pool of torrent variation to select from. It has a bonus points system in place but their algorithm differs. The longer you seed items the more points you accumulate over time and you are granted by the lesser seeds on this torrent some additional points too. There are daily leech films under popcorn, which are preferred by staff, which are leech that is free in addition to contests that take place where by every movie under a specific genre is leech for 24hrs.

I discovered the forums are for obtaining points from mods and users from the perspective of a new user to the 26, extremely good. They supply incentive to get involved with competitions. General usability is fine with torrent browsing skins that are very easy with a layout and some amazing alternative to select from. You have to seed for 48hrs which is reasonable but most users tend to seed for longer than that obviously. As it is PTP does have encoding groups. Handjob is a bunch of users encoding roughly to criteria with Handbrake, but anyone can create a -HANDJOB as long as the acceptance thread is posted in by them. The quality varies a lot, and because of using Handbrake sources that ought to be filtered aren’t. It is true that they provide the majority of encodes, often for content.

TBB is on its last legs (approval thread goes for months before a response, their own thread pretty much dead). There’s also a bunch of freelancers doing encodes on their own. Apart from the content, what sets PTP apart is the fact that their rating system is superb and Golden Popcorn is great. This makes the Top 10 also far better. Apparently, some internals that are already dead in their home trackers are still residing at PTP.

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PassthePopcorn is considered the best and the greatest Movie tracker at the private trackers world with over 100k films in +250k torrents also they have a excellent community ( very helpful),and with all that they only have few inner Groups (TBB,HANDJOB & HRiP). That’s been said PTP is among the simplest private where u can keep up a good ratio due the Bonus system , Contests and Freeleech torrents ( you may get bonus points in the forum contests worth over 200gb only if u’re a new member) .

PTP features: Collections : very useful when you’re looking for something good to watch. Bookmarks : save you favorite movies Bonus Shop : where you can purchase stuff. HnR : functions as an early warning system. The moment you stop you torrents early, so you it’s easy to track down you will get HnRs. IRC Announce channel : building your own ratio and very helpful for snatching torrents that are freeleech early.

Passthepopcorn.me categories:

  • feature film
  • short film
  • miniseries
  • stand-up comedy
  • concert

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Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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