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partis.si Partis.si is one of the largest Slovenian torrent tracker. Among the torrents tracked are English P2P releases as well as Slovenian releases (dubbed, subbed or original content from Slovenia). Users accessing the private tracker with a non-slovenian IP address will be redirect to Google’s website.

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About website

Partis.si is the largest Slovenian private tracker where everything is extremely fast. Speeds are pre-times quicker than understand general trackers and sometimes are amazing. Large quantity of torrents are freeleech and fresh torrents never die so you can build up buffer very easy without seedbox. You should inform staff in order to not get warning if you opted to utilize seedbox.

Community is extremely big and helpful,they have 124295 active torrents which is larger than some personal trackers that are general all together and 324140 users. You can fid torrents in most categories even more and offered in any tracker,they have whole section . Partis.si is currently enabled for free sign up and once you create your account you should not login directly as it will redirect you to Google,instead you should ake password recovery and then just use your old password.

Tracker interface is in Slovenian and can be translated using Google translate. They don’t have bonus points system but very very easy to build ratio that is good there.

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Online file sharing
Hosting copyrighted files on web servers and directly supplying this content to users is illegal. It is also illegal to transfer copyrighted material from Internet servers to the user if the user does not own the original of this part.
BitTorrent Protocol
The BitTorrent protocol has already proven to be a completely legal solution to the free flow of information. It is a collection of information about certain files that are located in the virtual network among home users and are not hosted on any web server.
Partis.si is a portal that, in addition to many other applications, also contains tracker, which, through the BitTorrent protocol, builds its own private p2p network in the Slovenian system. Users share information about files that are part of a virtual network. NO file is hosted directly on the partis.si server. The Partis allows users to merely share properties, sizes, image material, resources, and other file information, but not directly transfer these files.

Tracker Definition: (source: Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia – BiTtorrent, Tracklist)

Tracker is a server program that knows the location of the file that we want. In order for the download to start, the client needs a file with extension of the .torrent name. In it, the data is needed for file transfer (name, size, control sum, …). If there is no .torrent extension file, the tracker can not be found and no download is possible. The special feature of this protocol is also that the trackers only connect the provider and the customer. They are not responsible for the legality of downloaded files. In other words, the owner of the tracker is not prosecuted if he has allowed the transfer of illegal content.
Content partis.si
For all content that is partis.si created by users, users are responsible for themselves. Leadership partis.si regularly reviews and moderates all content of the site, but is not responsible for the content of the portal by users. All other contents, the source code of the page, the image file, the logo and the overall graphic image of the page and the javascript and css files are copyrighted and under no circumstances are they permitted to be copied or reproduced.

Terms of use of the online service partis.si
The web service manager of partis.si is 42media applications corp., Hereinafter PARTIS
Users and content of the service
The online service partis.si, available on the Internet at partis.si, is intended for anyone who has access to the Internet and accepts the terms of use of the online service partis.si and undertakes to use the services solely for personal, non-commercial purposes in In accordance with applicable law, principles of morality and ethics, and these terms of use. The online service partis.si is geographically limited to users who have a Slovenian IP address, which means that they access the Internet in the territory of Slovenia.

The online service partis.si allows users to store information about files rather than files themselves.
Saving file information
Users can store information on their files free of charge on partis.si online free of charge, subject to the following conditions. limits:
Only file types can be stored: torrent, image material in standard formats (jpeg, gif, png, bmp), and bare text files.
The number of files that can be published by each user is not limited

The user undertakes to respect the following content instructions when saving files:
The contents of files must not be illegal, harmful, misleading, disputable, morally inappropriate or offensive,
The contents of the files may not be a copyrighted work or work in which a third party has other intellectual property rights unless the user has the explicit right to have such a protected file, Publish the content on the online service partis.si
The contents of the files should not constitute a violation of personal data protection legislation
The contents of files must not be intended for commercial exploitation.
PARTIS reserves the right to delete, censor or modify any file stored on the online service partis.si, insofar as it considers that a particular file constitutes a violation of these Terms of Use.

User registration

A user who wishes to take advantage of the functionality of the online service partis.si and store his own files and contents must be registered in advance. User registration runs through the web interface into which the user enters his / her information.
The user undertakes to comply with the following instructions when registering:
The data entered, in particular contact details, must be complete and true; Issuing for a third person or Registration of third party data without its permission is prohibited
Each user can have only one user name.

Content of the web service

PARTIS has no influence on the content of files and other content stored on the online service partis.si, as it is content that is entered on the web service by the users independently. Consequently, PARTIS assumes no responsibility for the authenticity, regularity and legality of the content stored on the online service partis.si by users. In case the contents of the file are contrary to these Terms of Use or the applicable law, anyone may inform the PARTIS by e-mail: [email protected], indicating the exact names of the files in question (eg http: // partis .si / torrent / XXX) and the reason for the appeal. After verification of the statements, PARTIS will take appropriate action and, if necessary, remove the disputed files.

In connection with the above obligation, PARTIS reserves the right to delete, censor or modify the files stored if it considers that the content as a whole or its part does not meet these conditions of use or violates or Could constitute an infringement of the applicable law. PARTIS also reserves the right to delete the individual user for the same reason and prevent him from continuing to use the online service partis.si.

Permitted use

Online service partis.si may only be used for personal, non-commercial use, unless otherwise provided by these terms of use or by special agreement. It is forbidden any unauthorized copying of the content of the online service partis.si, in particular individual files, their modification, and the inclusion in another web site, product or service, except for the copying of individual files based on the permission of the user who saved those files and other than the use that was Explicitly permitted through individual services of the online service partis.si. It is forbidden to “meta” search through the online service partis.si. It is forbidden to use automatic queries or other robots that automatically retrieve information from the web service partis.si or otherwise interact or communicate with the online service partis.si in a different way. For any commercial use of the online service partis.si, a prior agreement with PARTIS must be made. Files stored on the online service partis.si can be downloaded from users for personal home use, and it is forbidden to change copyrights, other notices on intellectual property rights, or other rights notices.
The user is explicitly banned from any of the following acts for which the user explicitly undertakes not to perform or attempt to perform:
The use of a service for the purpose of publishing or promoting any content and / or activity that is contrary to applicable law and / or public order and morality
The use of threats, an inferior, humiliating or offensive manner of expression in communication and expression that could violate the personal rights of third parties
Communicating with other users on behalf of third parties
Use of third-party personal data without its consent
Publishing untrue, illegal, harmful, misleading, controversial, morally inappropriate or offensive content
Exploiting the service for commercial, illegal or any other purposes than those specified in these Terms of Use
Distribution of copyrighted content or content owned by another legal or natural person
The use of computer codes, harmful programs or anything that could disturb, disable or harm this service, the service provider and its software and hardware, telecommunications devices or the electronic communications network
Any interference or attempt to interfere with the program and / or source code of the service with the intention or consequence of changing the terms of service of the service; In particular to allow the use of a service from another site or to gain access to third party data
Any attempt to obtain, collect, destroy, modify and / or store personal data of other users and the data entered by those users in order to use the service.
Intellectual property rights
All content of the web service partis.si is copyright protected by copyright as individual creations or as databases. Protection covers in particular data, texts, multimedia content, software and HTML, java and flash and other code. Authorized copyrighted content may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes, insofar as any particular use is prohibited by these terms of use or applicable law.

By entering the data into the web interface of the web service, partis.si transfers the material copyright to PARTIS on all stored files and contents, exclusively for those that are necessary for the purpose of publishing on the partis.si web service, but the transfer is non-exclusive, And time and territorial unlimited. The transfer of rights can be canceled by the user by deleting the stored file itself. The User guarantees PARTIS under liability for damages that all content published by him on the online service partis.si has the appropriate material copyrights and is obligated to compensate PARTIS for any damage that would result from the breach of this undertaking.

Limitation of liability
PARTIS is committed to ensuring that the entire content of the online service partis.si is of high quality and aesthetic, constantly accessible, lawful and up-to-date, and that it will not contain illegal or morally disputable elements, as well as any viruses, Trojan horses or similar Factors that could harm network infrastructure. Nevertheless, the online service partis.si is available as it is and without any guarantee of operation.
Regarding the provision of the online service partis.si, the following limits of liability apply, unless otherwise provided in these Terms of Use:
PARTIS does not assume responsibility for the content, accessibility, performance and impeccability of the online service partis.si, in particular, it is not responsible for the truth, correctness and legality of the content stored on the online service partis.si by users
PARTIS does not assume any liability for any potential damage to the user due to the inability to use the online service partis.si for the trust in the content of the online service partis.si, due to loss of data or for other reasons related to the operation and accessibility of the online service partis. You are
PARTIS assumes no responsibility for the loss of content and content motives resulting from misuse, technical inadequacy of the computer, and ignorance or clumsiness of the user
PARTIS can not guarantee the operation of the service in the event of a failure of the network of contractual partners, power failure or other technical disturbances that could temporarily interfere with the functioning of the online service partis.si.
The bidder reserves the right to terminate the provision of the online service partis.si at any time, for any reason and for any period, without prior notice, if it considers it necessary.
The limitation of liability in these terms of use is subject to the condition that it is in accordance with applicable law. In case of non-compliance, such a limitation of liability applies, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Data protection

The service user explicitly permits the provider to collect and process the information required for this purpose, in order to provide the online service partis.si, namely:
Information about the user, as entered by him on the partis.si web service
Information about saved files and other content
Information about the content reviewed
Information about the user’s IP address
Information about the time of using the online service partis.si.

The Tenderer undertakes not to provide the above mentioned user information to third parties with the exception of related persons providing certain support services necessary for the operation of the service and, in the event of a suspicion of violation of these Terms of Use, also to other persons (in particular to the national authorities) whose cooperation Is necessary in the prosecution of the offender.
The user explicitly allows the provider to periodically, for the purpose of direct marketing, send him messages about his own services and products and services and products of related parties free of charge in the sense of the ZGD-1.
The user has the right to inspect, copy, copy, update, repair, block and delete personal data that apply to him.
Change of Terms of Use
The Tenderer reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, if he deems it necessary. The modified terms of use apply from the publication on the website and are used for individual users since its acceptance of these new terms.

Full list of Partis.si Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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