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Why are we so often hearing about the police being requisitioned by our computers?


Have you downloaded movies online? Do not be surprised if your police force is going to your door to secure the evidence. The lawsuit has banned more than 10,000 computers from users in Europe.

European law does not provide for penalties for downloading movies online, but it is illegal to distribute them. Because of this, people using torrents can be held accountable – the program works by sharing files between users. Parts of the movie that have already been downloaded to the user’s disk are sent to other people who do not yet have them.

The prosecutor’s office is investigating the torrent users who gave their films and TV series in June and July 2014.
The police are to protect computers of over 2,600 internet users from the West Pomeranian province, based on IP numbers from which Polish production was collected. After verifying that the tracks have been retained after the movie was downloaded (and verifying that other titles were also downloaded), the devices will be returned.

The procedure can last for months, and even for years, the Ombudsman even acknowledged that this is a violation of the rights suspected of piracy. RPO noted that owners are deprived of tools to work, also lose access to private documents and photos, some of which may be sensitive data.

The addresses were provided by pirates looking for copyright owners. Often, however, they are over-zealous – an example may be the order by Cyfrowy Polsat and the Warner Bros. label. Remove from the search results of your own web pages. Pirated content was discovered.

Seizing the computer is not the only concern for people who download movies through torrents. Illegal distribution of copyrighted material is punishable by a fine and imprisonment of up to 2 years.

Poles download pirated movies in many different ways and are extremely active – according to Google statistics, Polish site was 4th in the world in terms of submitting claims from copyright owners – over 15 million files were questioned. The popularity of the site is partly due to the fact that for downloading from the material there is no threat of punishment.

Lawsuit filed in Eastern Europe?

The idea of ​​dealing with a provider instead of a host can naturally make a career also in Poland. Here, the courts may for example force local Internet providers to block access to exchange services. The industry hopes to make the platform more or less subdue the platform and bring it to a state where further operations will be unprofitable and that their operators will eventually surrender.


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