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More and more often hear about the end of an online file exchange


They call themselves The Pirate Bay, Gully, eBook Hell, or Serienjunkies.org: the platform for exchanging movies, music, games, software and eBooks is as much a star in the sky. They have a common feature: almost all the content exchanged there is illegal. Uploaders do not have the right to download, for example, the current blockbuster hit, or the artist’s top album – these are simply pirate copies. Google constantly removing pirated materials from its search results, but it’s still not enough.

File Exchange: We are innocent!

The entertainment industry has been struggling for years with such file exchanges (torrents), but it is difficult. Operators claim they do not offer any illegal downloads, but only provide online forums. Visitors can, for example, discuss current films and pop culture stars. Some fans on the margins also offer links to download illegal content, but operators can not do anything about it, they say.

The Court of Justice of the European Union makes clear.

But now the pirate ice and file sharing services are getting thin. The Court of Justice of the European Union (TSUE) has strengthened the position of rights holders in the fight against exchange services Рthe copyright foundation and, among other things, against the Pirate Bay service has challenged the platform operator, only demanding the Dutch platform operators to block access to the site. You can watch more about this on youtube torrent channels.

Responsibility of the site and forum with torrents for the content that is on it.

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands referred the matter to the Court of Justice of the European Union, and it has now delivered a groundbreaking verdict: the judges of the highest court of the EU have decided that if platforms are consciously and without the consent of the right holders, the exchange of films and music can be brought against them. This is also the case when not the platform itself, but its users have access to protected media because the responsible person behind the platform was very well informed about illegal content. Instead of stopping the exchange of illegal content, Pirate Bay operators were even encouraging users to download. In addition, the platform was run for profit and brought substantial advertising revenue. In other words, the classic arguments of such operators as Pirate Bay or Gully will not be effective in the future. Share this article on twitter if you like torrentproxylist.com

The Pirate Bay is now blocked in the territories of dozens of countries. Of course, the ruling of the EU Court of Justice does not imply the imposition of blockade of torrent search engines in all countries. It may, however, give rise to some strengthening of this type of trend, but the relevant injunctions so far remain in the legal question of individual states.


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