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notwhat.cd NotWhat.CD is a ratio-based torrent tracker for music. When former What.cd (WCD) shut down, many new music torrent trackers came up to welcome What.CD users. NWCD  has become a successful shelter for many What.CD users.

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Welcome to all our new users from our busy recruitment! We hope you find us as a wonderful incubator for the future of music trackers. NWCD is pleased to have a committed programmers working on our website daily. Here’s a taste of a few of the new features We’ve been working on in the past month:

Referral System: NWCD has chosen for a referral program in place of the standard invitation system. Rather than an invitation being sent out, new users will be given a referral email detailing how they could join our IRC network and meet with our employees and interview team before they are accepted into the community as a member.

Music Only: We’re removing non-music content classes such as Comics, Ebooks, Comedy and Software. In the future this might be expanded upon but at the moment we are focused on audio.

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Log Verification System (EAC & XLD): The NWCD Logchecker was expanded upon to mechanically verify checksums of both EAC and XLD logs in real time. All logs uploaded before this feature have been retroactively verified. Verified log torrents can be searched for on the search page under the Misc Choice. All torrents with Verified Logs will appear as:

If the torrent doesn’t appear as confirmed it means either the log file has no checksum to verify against or the confirmation failed (illegal characters or altered log)– those torrents are now trumpable using a torrent + log which can be successfully verified via our system. Users who upload altered logs will be warned and then have their uploading rights removed after multiple verification fails. Users may still upload logs without checksums but can’t upload altered log files.

Users who upload a non-english log must report the torrent to get a manual rescore. NWCD has the capability to manually rescore non-english logs and can correctly change the score on website. Users who don’t report for a rescore will have their log scored as 1 percent.

Lineage Field: Fulfilling our objective of building a precise and compressive database we’ve implemented a lineage area on upload and edit which will include ripping lineage, encoder settings or resource url for web releases. This feature will allow users to look for any string in the lineage area, effectively allowing to you search for web releases from a particular source or search for particular hardware used in the tear lineage like turntable, cartridge, pre-amp, etc..

HTTPS/HTTP Announce Toggle: Upon user request we’ve added the ability to toggle between the http and https declare in the user preferences. The https announce will be chosen by default and we highly recommend leaving HTTPS on. This option is found in the user preferences.

Multi-Format Upload Source Flag We’ve fixed the bug where multi-format uploads weren’t designated our origin flag in the . torrent.

Imgupload.php BB Code: BB Code format is currently on imgupload.php upon submit!

We’ve got tons of other exciting updates coming soon!

In celebration of a very successful recruitment drive that has led to NWCD swiftly closing in on the 3k active user threshold…

As a warm welcome to all our new members that have found their way to us through word of mouth, recruiting or because they had been what.cd/waffles refugees searching for a new home…

As a special thank you to our hard working programmers fidelflacstro, nieshoh1, xabeR and iCurse, without whom none of these milestones are possible…

As recognition to the relentless interview staff who between them have interviewed over 800 new members in the past week…

And finally to our community: to your constant focus on quality and for helping one another to achieve it, we give you our development offerings and the neighborhood freeleech picks below as a well-deserved thank you. Get downloading and enjoy the suggestions of your fellow NWCD members!

NotWhat.CD is a personal Music tracker arose when What.cd was RIP. It’s a extremely tough tracker for preserving ratio and they prohibit a lot. If you’re a member of Apollo or RedActed then this tracker is merely a collection for you since it does not have much torrents in comparison with Apollo and RedActed.
Top 3 options to the dead What.CD free audio BitTorrent tracker

If you’re into music you should have heard the news about the passing of invite-only music sharing music BitTorrent tracker named What.CD. For the uninitiated, Whats.CD was audio just BitTorrent tracker website which provided almost 3 million torrents from approximately 900,000 artists. The lightweight tracker used only 3GB of RAM to electricity more than five million peers.It was possibly the most significant music torrent community with a user base of 150,000 users.

On November 17, 2016, French authorities confiscated 12 servers belonging to What.CD, by the internet service provider OVH in the north of France.Shortly later, the website announced their closure on both the index page and Twitter, stating “Due to some recent events, What.CD is shutting down. We’re unlikely to return anytime soon in our present form. All website and user information has been ruined.

Now visitors to What.CD are greeted with a page that is dead. However, like every torrent website, What.CD’s death result in new music tracker websites coming up. While lots of these websites may be fakes but there are few genuine clones out there. We’ve chosen the top three options which will provide the What.CD experience. Pass the Headphones or PTH as it’s affectionately called by music fans is a major music torrent tracker of its own right. In accordance with Torrentfreak, PTH has already attained its 200,000th tracker connection. “Pass The Headphones is a brand new music tracker that aims to fill the void left in the aftermath of what.cd shutting down,” the founders clarified.

At the moment, this is a totally private network with gigantic security. If you’re a music lover, you must immediately line up for the invitation as Torrentfreak says that the community has been capped at 10,000. Xanax or Apollo

Apollo, initially called Xanax, is a personal music BitTorrent tracker. And just like PTH, there is a focus on safety.


NotWhat.CD is just another personal music BitTorrent tracker. Torrentfreak claims the creators are being extremely careful about letting anyone in. A visit to the website basically says as much. “You have stumbled upon a doorway where your mind is fundamental. There are none who’ll give you advice; those trials are yours to conquer . Entering here will require more than simply logic and strategy, but the standards are simply as hidden as what they show.”

If you’re into music, then you should try your luck at any of three trackers and receive your invitation as soon as possible. As already stated, most What.CD users are seeking to join up and the seats could be limited because of security concerns.

Full list of NotWhat.CD Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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