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You do not know exactly what VPN is (Virtual Private Network)?


Not surprisingly, the name itself is immediately associated with business IT, corporate security, it does not seem that ordinary user needed anything. And yet nothing further from the truth. VPN can not only be a great tool to protect your online privacy, but also one of the coolest solutions you can make to your home network. Are you out of the house? Are you surfing the Internet at work, at a hotel or at your friends? With a virtual private network you can access your home Internet access from anywhere, and this means that without the risks and limitations everywhere else.

How to best describe the VPN? It’s a network of securely connected devices (PCs, network drives, servers, smartphones, etc.), where it does not matter where these computers are and how they are connected to the Internet.
All these connected devices behave as if they were on the same local network, side by side, connected to the same router. All communication between them is through encrypted tunnels, so none of the Internet providers that use the cables used in these connections have a clue as to what goes on. In other words, VPN is a virtual version of a physical, secure network that connects devices so that they can exchange files and other resources as if they were standing side by side.

But what can a regular user use his own VPN? First, VPNs can be securely connected to remote resources over the Internet. Data transferred from or to a private cloud running on a server or network drive may be captured by third parties. However, if the connection is going through a virtual private network, no matter where you are, no one else will intercept them. This way you can also safely manage devices connected to your home network.

Secondly, your own VPN can be used to securely connect to different networks. With a properly configured VPN server, you can stay connected to the Internet even when connected to an open hotspot such as a hotel or a cafe. VPN by encrypting your Internet connection will prevent theft of passwords or cookies to authenticate web sites.

Third, the VPN itself is very useful for people who travel abroad, and would like to see there video content from Poland. Very often they are blocked for users from other countries (so called geoblocking). When you open the VoD website in your browser, you will see only a video unavailable message in our location. However, by connecting to such service through your own, operating in Poland VPN, we have a Polish IP address, so no geoblock will not. Lastly, your own VPN can be a great way for all those who would like to play with friends in LAN Party without having to physically move their computers to one home. Many games, especially the older ones, do not support online games over the Internet, but play on the local network. Here we easily create a local area network, give access to VPNs to all our friends, launch on one of the gaming server computers – and that’s it.


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