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No one accepts theft. And movies from torrents? It’s still according to many users is not theft.


The Internet is an oasis for the modern world and a guarantee of freedom. You can write almost anything you want, read, watch, evaluate – and find everything, even download the latest torrents. Openness and accessibility – they are basically a network. Text, image, sound, the ability to create, post, transform, and comment are the foundation of virtual communities. Their organization has enabled the emergence of social media, blogs, blogosphere and all start-ups. Totalitarian authorities are not without reason first of all the Internet, and, on the other hand, even governments that are considered democracies, as soon as anything on the Internet, are immediately accused of totalitarian attempts.

What are the restrictions for internet users?

Apart from piracy and downloading of various types of files with torrents, the threat may be user manipulation. We talk about the virtual world, and yet he really liberates us from many life limitations, even those related to time and space. Simply connect to the web, with one click – and free of charge – to use unlimited resources: weather, traffic, politics, economy. Encyclopaedias, maps, databases, TV channels, thematic sites and resources of many libraries are available without the need to move from your home or office. You can look in many places with a live view – from storks and eagle nests, exotic beaches, ski slopes, top tourist sites, museums, churches, to arctic stations, where outside the white snow is not very practical. We can quickly find friends and strangers, talk and show off, and see each other on screen – all the time free of charge …

We enjoy this freedom and we use it universally, even if we occasionally wonder if it is not necessary to limit it. There are undesirable effects, and it’s serious: growing hey, lack of culture, aggression, low level of content posted. Well and fake news – deliberately manipulated news, which – about horror – may even affect the supposed death of people who live and are well. It’s not fun anymore. The virtual world changes our functioning, leading some to emotional trouble, and sometimes even suicide. As one of my friends said: I already do not believe in what is on the Internet, even in what I wrote myself. This is a serious cost to the internet revolution.

Why are people reluctant to pay for content placed on the internet?

Freedom is a trick, but we do not like paying for content downloaded from the web. Since this is supposed to be – and is – a medium without borders, why should I pay for access to some sites or services? Since many sites do not charge users, where do we get the idea to pay for movies, music or texts?

And here we come to the point, although in our daily routine we prefer not to think about it and not to remember: the creation and delivery of valuable content must cost and someone must pay this cost.


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