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Movies, serials, music, ebooks, audiobooks are protected under the copyright law


Widespread access to the Internet and content provided on the network has not led to increased social awareness of copyright. Downloading movies, music and books from illegal sources is unfortunately still quite common, though in recent years it has evidently ceased to be a proof of the efficiency of moving around the Internet and a reason to be proud. As the Polish legislator treats these practices. What is allowed, and what is the penalty?

Movies, serials, music, ebooks, audiobooks for pc and smartphones & tablets are protected under the copyright law and related rights, but many people use torrents to get into their possession. At the same time, an authorized use of the Internet has been introduced, allowing them to be downloaded from the Internet, provided they are exclusively for home use of the astringent. The legislator sees no obstacle to making this content accessible to family and social gatherings. We described apple fight against pirates some time ago.

The law does not prohibit downloading from the Internet using a torrent of a movie, watching it with friends, downloading an audio file and playing it on the phone, or you can sleep peacefully after sending a friend’s e-book. However, the situation may complicate the operation of torrent files, which in certain cases consists in simultaneous downloading and uploading of downloaded files to an unlimited number of people using torrents at the same time. This is a violation of copyright law. People who download movies with torrents often do not realize that they simultaneously share them.

Anonymity in the network

For many people, online activity means feeling anonymity and impunity on the Internet. Nothing is more misleading, because every activity in the network, consisting in both P2P activities and using instant messaging, email, web browsing, downloading files, leaves a trace in the form of an IP number on the server. Server information provided by the server administrator, which will lead to the identification of the person using the IP number, may only be made at the request of the authorized persons, but also obliged to keep the information secret. The server administrator must provide the Police and prosecutor’s information.

Who and when can we search our computer?

Upon receiving information on the possibility of committing the offense and, therefore, unlawfully sharing the work, the police are required to safeguard the evidence and identify the perpetrator of the offense. He also has the right to search the rooms. According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, a search may be made by a public prosecutor or by a police or prosecutor. This order is issued in the form of an order that the police are required to show to the person to be searched. The legislator, however, foresaw a situation in which law enforcement agencies must act immediately, as the time required to obtain a prosecutor’s or court’s order may lead to the loss of the possibility of detaining a suspected person or things that may be evidence in a criminal case. Such a circumstance is referred to as “an urgent accident” and the search authority turns the order of the head of his unit or his service card and then immediately requests the court or prosecutor to approve the search. If you like our articles, follow us on facebook or share our articles on other social media.


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