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mininova.org Mininova.org is no more available! On April 4th, 2017 Mininova.org was shut down.

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After nearly five decades of loyal service, Mininova disabled access to over a million files when its website shut down. Beginning today publishers that are approved have the ability to upload files to the website, but there are loads of possible replacements and alternatives BitTorrent users may flock to. With an visits and close to a billion page views in the last 30 days, Mininova set a record that they’ll be not able to break in the future.

Last August a Dutch court ruled that Mininova had to remove all links to ‘infringing’ files. The Mininova team decided to throw in the towel and allow torrents to be submitted by uploaders since it is technically unfeasible to pre-approve or filter every infringing torrent file. This move resulted in the deletion of more than a million torrents, many of which not infringed any copyrights. Fortunately, there are lots of choices for those BitTorrent users that are currently looking for Fedora release, OpenSUSE or the most recent Ubuntu.

In our articles we provide a collection of torrent sites that are public that are still available, but there are of course hundreds more sites we could have included. If your personal favorite is missing, feel free to place it under — preferably with your reasons why it ought to be included in any lists.

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Mininova.org is the most popular BitTorrent site. The site is ranked in the top 100 of all websites on the Internet according to data from Alexa. The first public version of Mininova went live in 2005 and was hosted in the DSL line of Niek van der Maas, one of the site’s founders.

The name “Mininova” was motivated by SuprNova.org, the popular BitTorrent site that chose to close its doors in December 2004, a few days before Mininova premiered. Unsurprisingly, within a couple of days Niek’s connection could not handle the bandwidth. The website became one of the torrent sites, and over 5 billion files were downloaded from the site since it started. The Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN announced a lawsuit against Mininova May 2008.

The greatest torrent site on the world wide web, Mininova, has eliminated all torrents. The founders of Mininova took the radical decision as soon as they lost a civil dispute and were ordered to remove all infringing torrents from the site.

The choice to delete all infringing torrents of mininovaMininova marks the end of an era that began five years back. In December 2004, a meteor crater was left by the demise of the mighty Suprnova in the fledgling BitTorrent landscape. The dozens of new websites that emerged to fulfil the public’s increasing demands for torrents soon filled this gaping hole. Mininova became the most successful of all.

Five students founded in early 2005 Mininovaa month after its doors closed. The website started out as a hobby project created by teens, but in the years that followed the founders of the site were able to turn it into a thriving company that generated millions of dollars in earnings. With popularity came numerous complaints from copyright holders, who watched their property. For years Mininova has complied with these takedown requests, but earlier this year the Dutch outfit BREIN decided to take the site to court demanding that the operators proactively filter torrents pointing to material.

The case went to court and the verdict was announced. The judge ruled that Mininova is not responsible for any copyright infringements, but ordered it to remove all torrents linking to material within three months, or face a penalty of up to 5 million euros. To prevent having to pay these penalties, the Mininova team saw no other choice than to disable access to all torrents except those who were uploaded to their content distribution platform.

This means that only approved uploaders can share torrents throughout the website for now. None of these proved 100% successful, although during the last few months, several filtering techniques have been extensively tested by Mininova. “It’s very unfortunate that we are forced to take this action, but we saw no other option,” Mininova co-founder Niek told TorrentFreak.

Mininova has not decided yet if they will appeal the verdict, Niek farther told TorrentFreak. They’ve appealed the verdict pro-forma, which gives the company more time to decide whether they will continue with the appeal. A successful appeal is the only option for Mininova, as it looks now. On other projects besides Mininova the Mininova staff will focus in the meantime, in addition to growing the amount of users for their content distribution platform.

Mininova’s decision’s implications will have a huge influence on the BitTorrent community. The countless uploaders and Mininova users have to look for a home that is new, but maybe even more importantly, Mininova had the largest collection of user-submitted torrents that were utilized by dozens of torrent indexers. More details about the consequences and background of the conclusion of Mininova will be addressed in a follow up post.

Once the BitTorrent site on the world wide web, Mininova, will shut its doors. The site’s forum will close followed by the rest of the website a month. The Mininova staff is proud but they are being forced to stop as their distribution platform that is lawful is not sustainable. The demise of the Suprnova left a meteor crater. The dozens of sites that emerged to meet the public’s increasing demands for torrents soon filled this gaping hole. Mininova became the most successful of them all.

Five Dutch pupils founded Mininova a month after Suprnova closed its doors. The website initially began as a hobby project, but in the years that followed the founders of the site managed to turn it into a successful business that generated millions of dollars. With this success also came legal pressure. Copyright holders weren’t amused despite the fact that the site complied with takedown requests. In a lawsuit filed this eventually resulted in 2009.

As a result, the website had to remove all infringing torrents. The site stayed online but instead of allowing everyone Mininova allowed only pre-approved publishers to publish documents. Now, more than seven years after “going legal” the site will shut down for good. A notice urges their files to be backed up by uploaders before April 4th, when the plug will be pulled. Mininova’s shutting down The decision doesn’t indicate that the contribution platform was a failure. In fact million ‘legal’ torrents were downloaded from Mininova. However, the income of the site could not compensate for the costs.

“All goods things come to an end, and after more than 12 years we think it is a good time to close down the website which has been operating at a loss for some years,” Mininova co-founder Niek tells TorrentFreak. Looking back, Mininova has great memories. The site’s users have always been grateful and there were several artists who thanked the website’s operators for offering a promotional tool to them. “The support from our customers was especially amazing to experience, millions of people used the site on a daily basis and we got many emails daily — ranging from a simple ‘thank you’ to some extensive story how a particular upload created their day,” Niek states.

“The feedback from musicians was great to see too, many thanked us for boosting their content, since some of them broke through and signed with tags consequently,” he adds. Mininova’s dominance has been changed quite a bit since by the piracy and file-sharing ecosystem. Services became more popular first, and streaming websites and tools are the standard. Sites, on the other hand, show little progress according to Mininova’s founder, who believes that the growth of legal services could make them less relevant in the future.

“We haven’t seen many changes in the last decade — the current torrent websites look very like what Mininova did twelve years ago,” Niek says. “With content-specific distribution platforms such as Spotify and Netflix becoming increasingly more widespread and bandwidth becoming cheaper, there could be less of a demand for torrent websites in the future” The first founders of Mininova have proceeded as well. Theyhave parted ways and students.

Now and then, however, they look back at their lives appeared with a grin. “Overall we’re happy that we’ve been part of the history of the world wide web,” Niek concludes. “we would like to thank everybody who has been around and supported us through the times! There would have been no Mininova. So THANK YOU!”

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