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What Measures are Taken to Prevent Piracy?


The copyright violation is not a new thing. The producers and directors spend a lot of money and time to produce a movie. They expect to do a good business across the globe after releasing the movie. Their expectations go down as some thieves steal their content and publish it in the form of torrent on various torrent sites. It directly affects the business of the movies. The same thing happens with other contents like TV shows, songs, etc. The anti-piracy organizations are working really hard to prevent piracy and detect the problem causing elements across the internet.

The latest tactic the anti-piracy organizations are trying is hiring bitcoin bounty hunters. They are taking the support of people to track down the pirated content provider in the exchange of bitcoin bounties. The Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which everybody wants today to be a rich guy. Therefore, it seems a great tactic to stop piracy.

It is a new way of dealing with pirated content:

The content producers will do anything to prevent piracy of their content. They do not want others to take advantage of their hard work and therefore they need an effective solution. Providing money for detecting and tracking the pirated content is a novel method. The anti-piracy agencies agreed to offer bitcoins because thus they can have many people across the globe, who will work for the bounty. Now snitching on copyright infringers would be a bit easier because thousands or more people can become the bitcoin bounty hunters and start the extermination of pirated content sharing sites.

The concept is pretty simple. The content producers like book writers, movie producers, and music producers can add a unique ID watermark in their content before circulating the content. If the content gets leaked among the public, the bitcoin bounty hunters will hunt for that watermark and detect the pirated content. Thus, they can claim for the bounty by informing the copyright holders.

Is it effective?

The anti-piracy agencies had applied this tactic at-least two years ago and it seems like the tactic is working. Thousands of bitcoin seekers from all around the globe have shown their interest in detecting the leaks. If anybody tries to leak the pirated content, he will get caught through the bounty hunters. Bitcoin’s value is quite high in today’s time and governments have strict laws for piracy, so both of these things are demoralizing the pirated content publishers. Of course, the circulation of pirated content is still on and many publishers and producers are facing a considerable loss due to piracy issue.

The anti-piracy experts believe that the loss will reduce quickly, if all the content producers and publishers add an ID watermark with the help of anti-piracy outfit Digimarc. This watermark will help the bounty hunters in tracking and identifying the pirated content very quickly. Thus, the original owners of the content can prevent a bigger loss by paying for the Bitcoin bounty. It is not a permanent solution, but still it is working as a great solution.


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