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lztr.me LzTr is a Gazelle based private tracker specialized in movie & TV show soundtracks.

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About website

LzTr is a gazelle based personal tracker specialized in TV/Movies soundtracks.
Unlike other audio trackers this tracker is devoted to all sorts of osts.
Community is small comparing to other musical trackers , since they got about over 1K users more than 16K torrents .
Speeds are great , Old torrents are seeded well ! But maintaining ratio there hard as fresh torrents got 3/4 seeders/leechers.
No bonus points system found , but occasionally torrents being published [ Freeleech ] , just snatch them published!
Invites not very easy to find around , unless you given [two invites granted , 1 time ] . LzTr is a gazelle established music/audio tracker. Unlike other audio trackers this tracker is devoted to all sorts of osts. They also allow blues and jazz to be uploaded . A fantastic tracker but it’s not everyones piece of cake. For men and women that love this type of music this could be like a fantasy tracker for them.

House: Home comprises all latest news, website stats, surveys,staff selections, recommendations, movie of the month and the best collages.

Website stats: Maximum number of users is set to 5000 and empowered users are just around 1300+. This is 1 community that’s modest but happy with what they got.

Read page: Donot bother about the present boxes beside the icons I will let you know what that’s later on. Just take a look at the navigate page. Assess the browse page to have a better idea. After 24h, all torrents over 2GB will stay FL.
3. All torrents over 2GB today will continue to have perm. FL.
4. The next collages will have Perm.

Bonus system: No incentive system.Well I believe you do not need any incentive to boost you are ratio on this website.

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Invite system:
Invites aren’t tricky to get but given the very low number of users active on this website it’s hard to come across.

LzTr has 3 user stations:
#lztr – our primary chat / announce channel
#lztr-assistance – help station (no idling permitted; if you have been assisted and have no longer pending issues You’re expected to leave the station or you will be removed from it)
#lztr-handicapped – for account and / or bot help for the other two stations (no idling permitted)

Other Things You Ought to know about the tracker:

Uploading rules:
Please be sure that you go through the uploading rules before you upload anything on this website. I cant put down all of the uploading rules here but be sure to go through it as distinct sections/genres have distinct rules.Please dont run and hit.

Ratio system: Ratio rules are relaxed and not at all difficult to keep given the new freeleech system executed a month ago.

Radio: Very few people understand that LzTr comes with an official wireless network. You may want to tune in sometime when you are bored.Radio flows at 192kbps.


Request section: The petition on this site are 75 percent fullfilled that I beleive is really great for a community with only around 1500 people.being more precise they’ve 920 requests of that 75% are filled.

Log checker: Just like what.cd they have a log checker that rates your flac rip based on the log from 100. Use it if you upload flac content. I should inform you that snatches on a 100 percent flac is obviously much more than a 90 or maybe 95 percent FLAC upload not on this website but each website I have been to.Wouldn’t you just prefer 100 percent FLAC?

Image hosting: you also need to understand LzTr arranges for its own hosting. Its very easy to use and saves a whole lot of time. Clearly you can use it only if you are enrolled on Lztr

Staff: Staff is really good and are always prepared to assist you. Staff here isn’t rude in any way.

Personal opinions:

Personally I love this website. It helps me locate every ost like or desire. Or people into this sort of music this is the very best source. Speeds here are not great since the majority of the users here are largely on a house connection.Everyone is permitted to upload so the rate increases after first phase. Yet another thing I have discovered is that users with this website seed torrents for extended times irrespective of the ratio. Now this is one thing we all enjoy isnt it?

Tracker URL – lztr.us
Tracker Genre – Music
Tracker type – Ratio Based
Maintaining Ratio – Hard
Getting In – Hard to Get in
Sign up  – Invite only
Bonus System – no
Tracker IRC – #lztr #lztr-help #lztr-disabled

Full list of LzTr Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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