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linkomanija.net Linkomanija is a private tracker – invite only – signups closed.Language: Lithuanian 

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About website

Linkomanija.net is one of the oldest private trackers, counting 13years+

Users in this tracker have typical online speed of 100 mbps (12 MB/s) upload and download. Some of them have 500 mbps programs (62.5 MB/s download and upload) You can find users with 850 mbps+ (100+ MB/s download/upload) internet plans. If you don’t have online plan it migh be tricky to keep ratio that is good in this tracker. Last time they were available for public registration was in September 2014 They’ve IRC channel #LMInvite where you might get invitation (given by moderators or administrators) In 2009 Microsoft sued Linkomanija for Windows 7 distribution. In 2014 they dropped prices (both parties agreement) and allow LM to live (yet there are no Microsoft products on tracker anymore). Porn as well isn’t allowed.

The organizations, bureaus that were anti-piracy of different Lithuania sued 200 + times linkomanija – Linkomanija won All of the cases Tracker has a big variety of documents from movies, lossless songs to novels and anime. (135,846 torrents +) All uploaders in this tracker have a lot of experience and they upload newest stuff at the best quality. Maybe movies appear couple of hours later than in other trackers, but the download speed is really fast (I use all my 100 mbps bandwith when downloading files) All Larger files 30 GB+ (most frequently) have freeleech status 2-4 times a year admins announce “Siurbėlės” (leechers) event, where all your upload information counts 2x and download 0x. Event lasts for a week.

Main rules of Linkomanija:

If you are not active for 90 days – your account will be deleted. For user with 0 – accounts will be deleted in 28 days Lowest enabled ratio is 0.3 Advertisements or commercial in any kind of form Leads to ban It’s not permitted to have account on LM No asking for cracks – look in the comment section under torrents Trading or no selling of your invites. People aren’t encouraging to offer invitations openly, as inviter is resposible for person for one year. If encouraged person make troubles – inviter gets 1 warning 2 warnings and your account is deleted And all rules for example: respect other users, act and don’t swear.

Linkomanija Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

The main rules

The user must listen to the comments and tips of the LM team, otherwise the users will be warned.
Inactive users will be deleted after 90 days. Newly created account with 0 sent data will be deleted after 28 days.
The lowest possible rating is 0.3. VIP members do not care about rating. Become a VIP.
Aggressive behavior in a forum, comment, or IRC will end with a warning or a mute (gag).
It is forbidden to use Misleading Titles in LinkoMania to pretend to be admin. LM team you can find here.
Any requests are forbidden. If you want a torrent, write on a special topic.
Any abuse of the consumer is prohibited.
Advertising or trading in any form is prohibited. No referral links or ads!
It is forbidden to use various Bulletin Board Codes to draw attention of users, distort the image of the page, and so on.
Do not make sure uploaders are doing something bad. They are struggling for you. Respect them.
It is forbidden to create misleading files and torrents in zone 5.
Ask one question or questions to the Contact Center.
Any damage to the site is intolerable.
You must not have more than one account.
The Administration reserves the right to delete a comment, post, avatar, signature or any other content at any time.
The rules are updated at any time and users will not be warned about the changes. We advise you to sometimes throw your eyes.
Basic forum rules

Do not comment on people rating or torrents.
Do not write that the topic needs to be locked, moved or deleted. This is decided by the team of LM.
Themes must be clearly worded. Non-target topics are prohibited.
No aggressive behavior or meaningless controversy.
Do not post any messages that are not related to the topic. Do not post a forum!
No swear words!
No racist, religious, or otherwise capable of harassing users with comments and topics.
No links to torrents, pornography, warez, crack or other “dirty” pages.
No serials, CD keys, passwords or crack requests.
No double writing. If you want to write again and your message is the last one, instead of double writing select the edit function.
It is necessary to read rules created specifically for this section (if any).
Before you create a theme, make sure you create it in the proper section.
Do not spill old topics unnecessarily!

Basic torrent comment rule

Before asking, search for Torrent information in the interest you are interested in.
If you do not intend to download, do not comment.
Do not write messages that are not related to the torrent. Do not have torrents!
No comments from racists, religious people or any other people who might offend users.
No swindlers, comments on speed, aggressive behavior or disputes.
No links to torrents, pornography, warez, crack or other “dirty” pages.
No double writing. If you want to write again and your message is the last one, instead of double writing select the edit function.
No digests, files, CD keys, passwords or crack requests. Look in the description or comments.
No spoofing (scene detection).
No comments on +/- system and other ML options.
Avatars and signatures rules

Allowed formats are .gif, .jpg and .png.
You need to reduce your avatar to 150 pixels width, 250 px height and 150 pixels in size.
It is necessary to reduce your signature to 200 px in height and 300 KB in size.
Do not use other user’s avatar and signatures.
Racist, pornographic, religious or otherwise offend / unauthorized content awards and signatures are prohibited.
Advertising in an avatar or a signature is prohibited.
Invitations rules

The sale and exchange of invitations is prohibited.
Do not offer invitations to the public. Risk of getting an alert (read the last rule).
Do not ask for more invitations. In rare cases, invitations may apply to the IRC channel #LMinvite.
Do not ask for invitations to other torrent pages.
Be responsible for the invited person for 1 year. If the invite has been involved during the year, you will receive a warning.

Full list of Linkomanija Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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