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iptorrents.com IPTorrents aka IPT is a general private tracker and part of a tracker network that gained bad reputation among the private tracker community. Sites supposed to belong to this network include TorrentDay, Torrenting, Deildu,Speed.cd and Scenetime.

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About website

PT has been criticized for attacking (DDosSing) other trackers, stealing peers from different trackers, selling invites and scamming their own users (abusive use of users credentials, lottery scam).

IPTorrents (IPT) is one of the Oldest ‘n Popular Private Tracker For General & 0-day Content. IPT Tracks A huge Number Of Movies, TV-Shows, Games, Music, Apps, XXX, Boxsets (TV n Movies) n More. IPT has More than 663,225 Torrents With Lot Of Freeleechs With Dedicated UPloaders.

Overall, IPTorrents Is a Popular n Well Known Tracker In The Private Torrent World With Good Pretimes, Great Seeds n Speeds. Based on reports from many communities and Reddit IPTorrents is supposed to disable user accounts for no reason and asking to have the account discovered. If you were not aware was a post here about a group of people that was logging the IP addresses from IPTorrents’ peers and a large number of these IPs was dumped on a GitHub page. The post was understandably removed from this sub and the GitHub page was suspended. However, I believe the members from that place deserve to know more about the circumstance.

Regardless of whether or not you think that an IP address is sensitive information and how you feel about the tracker/owner, you should be aware this is happening. From what I know about IPT, there is a strong probability that this situation isn’t even being acknowledged on their own site and forums, so I thought the least we could do was inform people through channels like this sub. In addition, you need to know this appears to be ongoing. I will not post any links or sensitive information, but a upgrade claims to have IPs in the tens of thousands on the watch and so there is a reason to stay informed. There’s a chance your IP has been 22, these last couple of days, if you’ve been seeding from your house connection.

This is less of a concern for people using seedboxes or VPNs, but if you’re not using some of that look for a way to seed if you would like to keep doing and the best advice I can give is to prevent your torrents. You might also want to change your IP address by resetting or disconnecting your router to permit an IP change. You also have the choice of not caring about it. You don’t think it is a big deal, perhaps you do.

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So please be careful and take action to make sure your privacy, however, who knows what other sort of information they might be collecting. Hopefully this can be weighed in on by people than me and provide better advice or advice. Then it’ll get deleted too if staff from other trackers or the mods think this post does more damage, but we ought to think to properly alert and advise IPT’s members about it.

IPTorrents is a bittorrent tracker. It’s currently the second tracker. In 2013, IPT was responsible for the ddos of broadcasthe.net, passthepopcorn.me, and freshon.tv. The proprietor of IPTorrents (IPT) runs 6 trackers focused on scamming money from users via contributions: IPTorrents, TorrentDay, SceneTime, TorrenTing, Speed.cd and Deildu. He’s known as Microsoft/Zek and countless aliases online. Generally, the IPT proprietor torrent scam works like this: Constantly asks users for contributions which far exceed the costs of running the tracker, with banners, emails, and “donate now, get additional ratio” sales.

Since anyone can pay their way in Sells accounts to users that are new, meaning IPTorrents is not truly private. Disables users with a terrible ratio and telling them to donate to receive their ratio when they ask fixed the IPT IRC employees their account is gone. Holds periodic raffles where users are invited to donate for a ticket which could potentially win them physical prizes, providing a boost in profits to the IPT owner.

Source: Needed Things took a turn that was malicious in early 2014, when the IPT owner and his staff were captured using a modified tracker and scripting to steal peers and using them to populate the swarms on his trackers. He and his team were banned when the IPT owner was captured and in retaliation, he cyber-attacked some of the trackers responsible for catching/banning him and his team. IP torrents is a invite only torrent site which means you can’t just sign up for it.You’ll need someone with an invite to add you to the website. Alternately you can pick one of their donation plans to become a member. Why do we need such websites, when I can downland torrent now one may wonder that?

The way these sites work is they require you to maintain a ratio of how much you download if this is not met you’ll be barred from downloading torrents until un seed formerly download torrents and how much you upload. Thus they ensure that almost all Torrents are being seeded so you get good download speed despite the seeds to peers ratio being low.Also the magnet url in theses websites is not public (accessible only to members) so the likelihood of a corrupt/virus infected torrent is rare. In conclusion I would say it is well worth it if you are massive downloader of releases(matches specially) as it provides much higher download rates than public domain torrents.

IPTorrents (IPT) is one of the Oldest ‘n Popular Private Tracker For General & 0-day Content. IPT Tracks A huge Number Of Movies, TV-Shows, Games, Music, Apps, XXX, Boxsets (TV n Films) n More. IPT has Over 570,000 Torrents With Lot Of Freeleechs With Committed UPloaders. Hit & Run In Case You Have any Hit and Runs, A Text will appear next to Your Bonus Points : ” X Torrents Require Seeding “. The Torrent Will Be Removed from the List, once Your Seed Ratio Is Greater than 1:1. If you want to remove a HNR (Hit and Run), you can do this using the “50 bonus points” option from the HNR page, Or You Can Zap (Trade) Upload GB To Get HNRs Removed or “Torrent Considered Fully seeded after 336 Hours(2 weeks), no matter upload or ratio Torrent” IPTorrents Is a Popular n Well Known Tracker In The Private Torrent World Great Seeds n Speeds, With Good Pretimes.

The united kingdom site blocking bonanza continues with the High Court adding 32 “pirate” sites to the country’s unofficial ban list. The order requires six ISPs to block access to torrent sites, warez sites and portal sites that are streaming. Stop-blockedThe collection of websites that are blocked in the UK for facilitating copyright infringement is getting longer and longer. This week a new High Court judgment orders Sky, BT, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, Telefonica Virgin and UK to block access to 32 piracy related sites.

The recently blocked sites have millions of visitors a day combined and include Demonoid, Watchseries, IPTorrents IceFilms. BT begun incorporating the sites. The ISPs are expected to follow suit to come. This is the first time that private torrent sites are blocked in the UK. This is noteworthy, because sites like IPTorrents.com, BitSoup.me and TorrentDay.com have no pirated files recorded in public. These are only accessible to members of the websites in question.

Full list of IPTorrents Proxy Sites:



Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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