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Is It Illegal to Use the Torrent Sites?


Many countries are now planning to ban the torrent sites to prevent piracy. Some countries have already banned thousands of torrent sites, which provide free torrent download service. Is it a fair step to protect the rights of movie producers, TV show producers, and music industry? Of course, it is a necessary step and it should be taken to prevent piracy. However, the facts show that it is not working as the agencies have planned across the world. The users always find the methods of accessing the required content. The stream ripping is one of the most renowned techniques that millions of users across the globe have applied to access unlicensed content.

If you are continually using the torrent sites to download your favorite movies and shows, you must check that it is legal or illegal in your country. You may face legal charges if it is illegal in your country.

The site won’t work, if it is illegal:

Countries like India have banned the famous torrent search engines and sites. It was done to prevent users from viewing and downloading the torrent files. If it is also the case in your country, then you should understand that torrent is banned in your nation. Accessing, viewing, and downloading the torrents can be an illegal act and therefore you may need to pay the fine for your recent online activities. Of course, it has helped authorities in preventing the piracy to a good limit, but the users always find the second option to access the torrents.

Countries, where renowned torrent sites are blocked, the site owners have launched different sites with the same name. This is how the torrent business is going on. Many regular users have yet not got the details on the replacing sites of their favorite torrent sites, but soon they will get information about it and then they will use those sites to download the torrent. It shows how paralyzed today’s film and music industries have become. They simply cannot control the piracy of content online because millions of sites provide unlicensed content for free.

What do the users do to access blocked sites?

Every internet user of this age is smart enough to access the content he or she wants. Millions of users use the VPN tools to access the blocked sites. Yes, it is the best solution which many users apply, whenever they want to access something which is illegal in their country. The VPN tools simply change the original IP address with a machine generated IP address to allow the users to access any site they want.

There are still many countries where torrent sites are legally doing their business. The users gain the IP address of those countries and then download torrent files for free. It may be illegal to use the torrent sites and download the torrents in your country, but you can use the VPN sites and programs to hide your online identity and access the torrent sites without worrying about the legal issues.


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