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The Horror Charnel Proxy List


horrorcharnel.org The Horror Charnel aka THC is a movies torrent tracker specialized in horror, cult, sleaze and sci-fi movies. THC is a sister-site of Twilight Torrents and Twilights Zoom.

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About website

The Horror Charnel (THC) is a Personal Torrent Tracker for HORROR / CULT / SLEAZE Movies , This tracker is a must-have for horror fans, especially indie horror fans. There’s movies here you won’t find anywhere else. It is incredible how many exclusive and new releases are posted here weekly. A few of their releases finally filter down to websites like PTP and CG, but THC is the source point for quite a few.

So if you’re looking for a good tracker that has exclusive rips of horror movies you sometimes can not find on other trackers, then this is the website for you.
They’ve freeleech quite often , and at times they start sign up . Restricted [place by sys-bot]
Member has downloaded 25 GB.
Member’s ratio slides below 0.65
They’re sent a warning via PM
Invites are put to 0
Max torrents set to 4 [ downloading only, uploads are unlimited to provide you the best possible opportunity to save your account ]
They have 1 month to obtain their ratio back to a minimum of 0.85 or their account is auto disabled by the Sys-Bot (the account isn’t deleted as we don’t want them back )

The Horror Charnel Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

0 invites:

A member in good standing for at least 31 days
uploaded 20 GB

max torrents 80
invites 3:

*** Members who download only free torrents aren’t promoted. We’ll make an exception to the minimum download rule for uploaders and members who give more then they take. That choice is left up to staff discretion.

max torrents 100:
After time is up they are put back to whatever class they were previously.

Specific class for a recruiter for new members…

invites 20:

Charnel Friend [set by staff]
staff from other sites
same as Emissary & Member ++ except…
invites 20
can’t be auto pruned

Member ++ [set by sys-bot]
uploaded at least 40 GB
minimum ratio of 1.3
max torrents 100
invites 5
must keep ratio above 1.25 or be demoted
pruned after 6 months inactivity

Member x [set by sys-bot]
uploaded at least 100 GB
minimum ratio of 1.55
max torrents 100
invites 10
must keep ratio above 1.5 or be demoted
pruned after 12 months inactivity

Illuminati [set by staff, do not ask for it]
selected by us, Don’t ask us, this is for members of THC who have really gone the extra mile…
can’t be auto pruned

Power Mover [set by sys-bot]
a member in good standing for 31 days
uploaded 40 GB
has a ratio of 1.2 or better
Must have uploaded a minimum of 20 torrents within the previous 31 days
max torrents 100
invites 10
Must keep at least 20 torrents uploaded within the previous 31 days or be demoted to former rank
gets a shiny 666 badge of honour!

Forum Mod [selected by staff]
Oversees and moderates forums, can edit and delete posts, general aid and all around support.

Moderator [promoted by staff]
Same as Forum Mod, and can edit and delete torrents, in addition to moderate user comments and posts. If necessary, can warn or suspend accounts.

Exec Moderator [promoted by admin & sysop]
All the above, but has a key to the executive toilet.

Admin [selected by sysop]
One who cracks the whip and has many talents.

Codes the website, pays the bills, Drinks Bourbon and watches horror movies…

Horrorcharnel.org Categories:

  • comics
  • e-books
  • games
  • music
  • other
  • otr
  • action
  • adult
  • aliens
  • anthology
  • asian
  • bizarre
  • cannibal
  • cheese
  • comedy
  • creatures/monsters
  • crime
  • cult
  • demons
  • documentary
  • drama
  • drugs
  • exploitation
  • fantasy
  • foreign language
  • found footage
  • free
  • ghosts
  • giallo
  • gore
  • hammer
  • haunting
  • hicksploitation
  • indie
  • killer dolls
  • mad doctors
  • made for tv
  • martial arts
  • mutants
  • mystery
  • off-beat comedy
  • possession
  • post apocalypse
  • psychos
  • psychosis
  • puppets
  • religious
  • revenge
  • satanic
  • sci-fi
  • serial killers
  • short
  • slasher
  • sleaze
  • spaghetti westerns
  • supernatural
  • surreal
  • survival
  • theme of the month
  • thriller
  • toonz
  • tv series
  • vampire
  • voodoo
  • werewolf
  • witchcraft
  • zombie

Full list of The Horror Charnel Proxy Sites:



Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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