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hdclub.org HDClub is a Russian torrent site for films, animations, TV shows, documentaries, music and sport videos.

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About website

Site Categories:

  • animation
  • movie
  • hd audio
  • documentary
  • music video
  • tv show
  • sport
  • demo

HDClub is one of the finest Russian HD trackers.It has 22k Torrents and 169k users.Keeping a good ratio is easy thanks to its peers and 100 percent and 50% free torrents(silver and gold medal). They have tvshows and Russian movies that are dubbed and many Russian, but it is also possible to realize that they maintain the audio track on many of their movies/encodes. Sometimes they manage to winn some races with other HD trackers in releasing a full Bluray or encode.Also they often open the signups so joining is simple.

Language: Russian


HDCLUB.org is not a tracker in the classical sense, when everyone can pour anything on the resource, but in the end it turns out to be a file dump. It’s unlikely that you have time to repeatedly pseudo-correct releases. Our task is to collect under one roof the best of films and music. HDCLUB.ORG – the leader in Russian-language content on Blu-ray disks. Every worthy film, series, documentary, sporting event or concert will be presented to us in 1-10 kinds (web-dl, rip 720r, rip 1080p, rips 1080p 3D (Half-OU, SBS), remux, Blu-ray disc ( 2D, 3D, author’s build.)

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All rips / remuxes / author’s Blu-ray are prepared by the club’s team and are done on the principle “better later, but qualitatively and as much as possible.” We do not re-position the films in 10 variants with Low-profile voiceovers and video series of unknown origin. Used licensed voiceovers, clean studio voices and from the best and rips enkod groups. Only such an approach and skills of people who know their business can guarantee the quality.

If you do not agree with this ideology and are not ready to appreciate the best collection of movies and music in the best quality, a friendly atmosphere and an adequate attitude of the administration to your person – please, pass by HDCLUB.org

The torrent comments system is designed to: (1) express their respect and gratitude to the distributor, (2) to ask the specific technical question of interest to you regarding the distribution or release, (3) to provide interesting information pertaining to the distribution.
No other language than literary in the comments. A warning is issued for the mats, and for repeated incidents, a ban is issued.
It is forbidden to speak out of topic (offtopic), discuss political and religious topics, propagate perversions.
It is forbidden to use excessive quoting (overclocking).
It is forbidden to use the “spoiler” (inform the distribution of the main essence of the film, disclose the results of sports matches or musical competitions).
It is forbidden to abuse messages that do not carry semantic load (flood).
It is forbidden to start and provoke a verbal war, not related to the cause of the dispute (flame).
It is forbidden to create messages that follow one after another (overposting).
It is forbidden to use more than three smiles or three seals in one message.
It is forbidden to use colored fonts, to write in CAPITAL LETTERS and MIXED STYLES.
It is forbidden to edit or delete the Administration’s remarks in their communications, publicly make claims and discuss the actions of the Administration.
Boorish comments about temporary problems with distribution, requests / jokes about “gold / silver” and speed of distribution are forbidden. For stupid phrases a la “sid give gasku” and “gild” is given a warning. With repeated inadequate behavior – lifelong ban.
Links to the portals / alternate resources are forbidden. Requests for serial numbers, crack and patches are strictly prohibited.
Here nobody cares where else you found such a release or who and what is better. We do not need information about where, who and what laid out / posted.
Remember, distributions on the HDClub tracker are in no way designed to meet your personal requests: if you do not like the distribution, try to look for something that suits you in another place.
The third disabling of comments is forever. In special cases with full blocking (deactivation) of the account.

Full list of HDClub Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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