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hdbits.org HDBits is the HD tracker that has existed since 2006. This tracker is unlike any other in terms of community, speed and content.

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About website

It’s the one tracker I give a 10/10 for each class. It actually deserves its status. The only criticism I have is with the ratio system. I’ve been spoiled, but having to deal with a ratio after using trackers such as BTN for so long just feels antiquated to me. I am new to HDBits but everyone assures me that keeping a ratio here is easy once you begin, so hopefully that turns out to be true. The other thing I am not impressed with is the interface. It dated.

The tracker has been born in 2005 and it looks like it has not been updated since then, no matter which stylesheet you use. This is something they need to do some thing about. Aside from that, this tracker really does live up to the hype. Truly incredible. I don’t want to market this tracker. Its of a HD tracker ought to be a recognized standard. Some people say, the design is obsolete. Yes, it’s unpretentious and simple, but also nice-looking and calm.

The content and the community are the bases which makes this tracker so desirable. For those who have a home connection – don’t be disappointed. Grab seed and the freeleech torrents. You get Bonus points, which can be exchanged for the Upload. In addition, you can buy from 1-3 days of personal freeleech. All you need are enormous HDDs. This tracker is not just for Hollywood lovers, but art house, thrash and rare cinema are presented. If you did not find a bluray or encode, you can create a request, the greater reward to the uploader a request to be obtained by the greater opportunities.

HDBits – #1 Private Tracker. Known for its High excellent stuff that’s maintained by its rules. Its database that is Blu-ray is greater than any other tracker. You can find virtually every BD here (let it me spectacle or P2P), but that doesn’t mean all are seeded! It has great pre-times, speed, content. There are torrents, but they’re freeleech in case you download from home, otherwise 100% download will be count, in the event that you download them from server/seedbox. So maintaining ratio is here is a bit hard in the event you have seedbox/high speed net. You have to the understand what can provide you a ratio-boost and what to download.

HDBits.org Proxy List  >>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<<

Many Releasers Groups call HDB their ‘home’ – DON NTb, CtrlHD, ESiR, SbR, VietHD, TayTO, Positive and more. Well, even if this tracker has so much plus points, you guys don’t really have to spend A LOT money buying an invite/account (it different thing that you’re at risk anyways), so HD-T, M-Team are good alternatives if you are on look out for BDs. Categories: HDBits is devoted to supplying the highest quality High Definition encodes of Films and TV shows sourced either from HDTV or Blue-Ray/HD-DVD captures. Torrents: Statistics: HDBits is an older tracker which features a medium sized user-base. Rules: There are the rules that are same here as trackers in regards to such forum behavior, but the upload rules are quite strict on what can and can’t be uploaded.

The ratio principles are as follows: User Classes: There are a lot of user classes and moving up to the positions will take quite a while as promotion works off downloaded amount as opposed to uploaded amount like most sites do. Bonus System: HDBits includes a bonus system that rewards users for seeding with either upload credit or a custom title. Freeleech: Are a number of torrents available here, the first episode of any TV series is freeleech but the remainder at discretion of the staff. Worth noting is that all downloads count 75 percent of the size similar to ScT. Total image rips of HD-DVD or Blue-Ray sources are counted at 50% of your amount therefore maintaining a healthy ratio isn’t to hard.

A whole site-wide freeleech can happen but it’s very rare. Forums: The forums here are very easy to navigate and they’re quite active. There are always a great deal of people who will assist you with any problem you have, be it a tracker issue or encoding/playback difficulties. They’ve a good deal of experienced encoders that are pleased to assist you if you would like to get into encoding yourself, even the x264 developer is active in these forums. IRC: Server: irc.p2p-network. net Channel: #hdbits

Donations: Donations are accepted via PayPal and they are rewarded with a donor star and upload charge. Invites: Invites are handed out but making them requires you to be an. Worth noting is that on is the ratio with no freeleech payable, so your website ratio will be different to your invitation ratio, if you download a heap of half-leech or freeleech torrents. There’s absolutely not any way so you will need to keep an eye on it yourself to see your ratio.

Name – HDBits
Category – HD (High Definition)
URL – hdbits.org/login?returnto=%2F
Signup – Invites Only
Bonus System – Yes
Maintaining Ratio – Medium
IRC – Yes
Banned Countries – China, Egypt, Israel, Latvia, Turkey, Vietnam
Rarity – Very rare

Full list of HDBits.org Proxy Sites:

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Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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