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Good news for fans of the Game of Thrones


The premiere of the series The game for the throne 7. Fans are already waiting for the next episode Games for the throne. Good news for fans of the series The throne of the new season game is such that it will be available online. Will it be possible to download the Throne Game? A few days ago, a hacking attack on HBO appeared on the Internet, which resulted in the latest episodes of popular series being set to hit the Web. Internet users were wondering at this time whether it means that on the chomikuj or torrent will appear next episodes of Games of Thrones, including the latest season.HBO made a statement – we inform that the only legal opportunity to watch Games for the Throne 7 is HBO. If you want to see Game Tron 7 online buy out access to the legal platform HBO Go. Many of us, however, prefer not to pay for watching the show and will continue to search on the Internet, for example, via torrents. Year after year, the number of internet users looking for films and series is growing. And the film distributors are increasingly boldly facing them, enlarging, until recently a modest yet legitimate offer. From our guide you will learn where to find interesting content and how to use them. Being legal is not difficult. The basic source of access to a legal film offer is the VOD services, commonly speaking, online rental services on demand. Movies are viewed using streaming or real-time network transmission in a web browser window. This technology in most cases does not require users to install additional software. The operation of the site is based on three operational models:
Free, under which the recipient has access to specific titles made available free of charge. The sender only benefits from the ads displayed before the show.
Paid. Prices for viewing a single film range from a few to a dozen or so. In return we receive newer, premiere titles.
Subscription. For a one-time fee we have access to a specific set of content. This offer is constantly updated giving access to the largest number of online news.
Payment can be made in several ways. By electronic transfer from a bank account, using a credit card or via SMS The latter option is more expensive, as it charges to the mobile operator.

Many internet users, however, still risk to save some money on watching a movie and downloading it using a torrent. It is also a method that can surprise with its speed because films can appear there immediately after the premiere or even before the premiere.

On the wave of popularity of American, high-budget television series, the vod platforms that have so far been featured in movie theaters have also been opened. At Polish sites we can legally view, among others. “Spartacus” and “Hannibal”. Against the expectation of the Internet surfers also comes coded HBO station, which has been trying to attract new viewers for free for the first episode of such hits as “Game for the throne” or “Detective”. To view the entire series, however, you have to pay to become a station subscriber and buy additional service HBO GO. Similar, closed for spectators outside the service also offer other premium television. VodCanal + viewers were the first in Poland to receive the “House of Cards” series in February.


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