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goldenshara.net Language: Russian Access GoldenShara with these proxies when GoldenShara.net is blocked by your ISP, company, or university. Find more torrent proxies on GoldenShara’s proxy list.

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About website


“How to download”

1. For downloading on our tracker does not need registration, this is an open torrent tracker. Register only if you want to take advantage of additional features (leave comments on distributions, create distributions themselves, etc.).

2. Download and install the torrent client if it is not already installed. For Windows: version 1.8.2 if you do not need support for Magnet-links (click to download), or 2.2.1 if you need support for Magnet-links (click for download)

3. Download the torrent file (click on the Download .torrent link or pic image) or click on the Magnet link (pic), it will open in your torrent client.

4. If you downloaded the torrent file – open it in your torrent client.

5. After you open a torrent file or a magnet link in the torrent client, the content of the distribution itself starts playing (the game, the movie, the series, the music, etc., it’s identical for the torrent and the magnet link, Use the option that suits you)

And all, it remains only to wait until the distribution is downloaded.
What you read on this page up to the present moment is a short scheme of using torrent trackers for downloading something. Below, all this is described in more detail.

Our site is a torrent tracker, that is, a place where torrent files and magnet links are stored. These files and links themselves contain only a description of what they can download, but do not contain the information itself. In order to download the information itself (movie, series, game, etc.) you need to download a torrent file from our tracker (clicking on the download link. Torrent or pic image) or click on the Magnet link (pic), open the torrent Or a link in a special program (it’s called a “torrent client”), and a torrent client is already downloading a movie, a series, a game from the torrent-file or a magnet-link from the web.

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Bittorrent is a protocol for exchanging data over the Internet, the essence of which is that you exchange data with other exactly the same network members. Hence the basic principle is to give the same number of downloads. More about Bittorrent you can read in this topic.
Where to begin?
First you need to install the torrent client. The program by which you will download and distribute files with goldenshara.com.
(To speed up the process, you can simply click on the link “Download with MediaGet …” – the MediaGet client installer will boot and run, after downloading and launching it, the download will begin automatically where you clicked on this link)
BitTorrent clients (click to view)
If you have already found the distribution you need – then you just need to download the .torrent file and open it in the installed torrent client, or click on the magnet link – after that download will begin.

If you need to find the right distribution, we recommend that you read the instruction How to use the Tracker Search, this will greatly simplify the search process.
Find the material you are interested in, go to the desired topic and download the .torrent file or click on the magnet link.
Please note that for downloading on our tracker does not need registration, you only need it if you want to write messages in forum topics or create your own distributions.
Be careful that the torrent file is downloaded by a browser (such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla firefox, etc.), and not download managers (such as FlashGet, ReGet, Download Master, etc.). If you are an Opera user, disable the built-in bittorrent client.

If you want to download a torrent file, but the link to download is inactive, then look at the status of the distribution, because For some statuses, downloading a torrent file is prohibited (statuses “closed”, “repeat”, “unformed”).

When downloading a torrent file, select not “save”, but “open”, then the torrent file will open in the torrent client and the download will begin.

You can also open the torrent file in the client manually by double clicking on it or through the torrent client interface by clicking the Add torrent button, find the downloaded torrent file and press Open.

Next, specify where to save the downloaded files. Here you can choose which files to distribute from the download, if you do not need all. After that, click OK

The client starts searching for sidi and peers, who are currently downloading and sharing this content with you. After that, the selected files will be downloaded.

Remember that the actual participants in the distribution of users can be less than indicated on the tracker, or more because:
– The user’s client crashed and did not shut down normally from the distribution. The user will be visible for a while in the list, until the tracker deletes it automatically after the expiry date.
– The user has a very weak channel or the client runs so many tasks that almost nothing remains for each task.
– The user put a pause task in the client.
– The user downloaded not all the files from the distribution.
– In torrents with open DHT (and this is almost all torrents on our tracker), the search for peers is made

The instruction “how to use the search”

At the beginning a little terminology:

1. Theme (or topic) – this is what you see the list by going to any forum on our tracker (for example, if you go to the Movies forum you will see a list of movie titles, each issue is dealt with a different theme);
2. Message – any of the messages in the subject.
3. Distribution is a topic to which a corresponding torrent file is attached, which can be downloaded (that is, registered on our tracker).

Search is carried out only by topic names.
The minimum word size for searching for a forum or tracker is two letters or a symbol.

Search options for distributions
Searching for a tracker is looking only for distribution, i.e. Themes (topics) in which the torrent file is attached to and registered with the tracker on the tracker.

In the top menu, select the Distribution tab.

1) In the left field, select the sections to be searched. To simplify the selection of sections, there are 2 assistants: category selection – if you select a category here, only those categories will be displayed, and the right selection of the section is where the sections are organized into a folded tree structure.

* Selecting top-level partitions (with a darker background) is not possible, searching by them is not performed (but they do not contain distributions).
* If you select only the root partition, then the search for its subkeys will not be performed. To select the sections of interest, hold down the CTRL key and click on the sections of interest
* To select multiple partitions or subsections, use the Ctrl and Shift keys, just like in any other Windows application.

2) You can arrange the distribution of the following properties:

* Registered (selected by default)
* Topic name
* Downloaded
* Number of ciders
* Number of lichas
* Rate of return
* Download speed
* Size of distribution
* Last message
* Last seeder

3) You can select the sorting direction:

* Ascending
* Descending (selected by default)

4) You can withdraw hands for a certain time. Default is selected for all time.
5) When displaying the search results, you can choose to display the fields. By default, the forum and author fields are selected.

Search in sections and subsections

Sometimes there is a situation where you need to find some distribution in one particular subsection, or, if necessary, in all subsections of one common section. In this case, you can do this:

Select the Distribution item in the top menu, select the desired section or subsections (using Ctrl or Shift), in the Title field enter the name of the topic you need, and click the “Search”

Search options for the Forum (both for the names of topics like containing torrent (by distribution), and on topics without torrent)

Search on the forum is looking for any topic on the forum (both torrent (distribution), and without a torrent).
On the main page, select the Search tab.

1) In the Forum field, select the sections to be searched.

* Selecting top-level partitions (with a darker background) is not possible, searching by them is not performed.
* If you select only one root partition, then the search for its subkeys will not be performed. To select the sections of interest, hold down the CTRL key and click on the sections of interest
* To select multiple partitions or subsections, use the Ctrl and Shift keys, just like in any other Windows application.

2) Search results can be displayed as:

* Themes (selected by default)
* Messages

And you can also arrange topics by time. The default is selected for all time.

3) You can choose to display topics that are new since the last visit.

Auxiliary elements of the search for distributions (the tab Distributions, search by tracker) and on the forum (the Search tab)

* To search for a distribution / topic by part of a word, type in the search for this part and separate it with a space from the next word or part of it
For example on request:


As a result, will be found Pinocchio, Buran, Gimlet, etc.
Note: the minimum length of a word part is 2 characters.
* You can search in three modes:
1. the phrase entirely – will be found distributions, in the name of which there is a phrase entirely (with spaces and punctuation marks)
2. All words – distributions will be found, in the name of which there are all the words from the search phrase (in the name of the distribution between them there may be other words and the order of words may be different)
3. any of the words – all the distributions will be found, in the name of which there will be one or more words from the search phrase

Attention! Punctuation marks, numbers and other symbols except the space are part of the word in this search mode.

Alphabetical search
When ordering by topic name, it is necessary to take into account that for the computer ordering in alphabetical order has a number of features. The alphabetical order for the computer is as follows:

* Punctuation marks (dot, hyphen, double quotes, single quotes, braces, etc.)
* Digits from 0 to 9
* Letters of the Latin alphabet
* Some additional punctuation marks (underscore, for example)
* Cyrillic characters
* Some special graphic symbols (

For example, paired double quotes)

How can I find a user if he has not left a single message?

In the top menu there is a Users item for searching users. You can either specify the full username or part of it and end it with a *.

Search Tips

* If you want to know which of the distributions are popular among users, then in the search for the tracker, sort by Downloaded and descending.
* To search for hands that do not have siders, arrange the distribution by: by the number of lits, by descending and
Source was not: from 2 weeks – to 1 day (any of the available values, inclusive).
* If there are a lot of pages in the topic, and you want to render in the middle, for example, and do not want to scroll to the desired one, you can in the address line of the tracker http://goldenshara.com/viewtopic.php?t=number_temas&a…=number of message
Substitute the number of the topic and the number of the message and render on the desired page. When calculating the message number, please note that 30 messages are placed by default on the page.
For example, if you want to be on page 37, then instead of the message number you must substitute 1080, i.e. 36 * 30.
* If you want to be on a certain page in the subsection, you substitute the values ​​in the address line http://goldenshara.com/viewforum.php?f=id_trains …t = number of the page
When calculating the number, note that 50 pages are placed on 1 page.

How to track new torrents, topics and messages in sections?

Use the Show options option on the right side of the status line (the line starting with “You came as: …”)

Examples of using the search:

1. Find all the films of the genre “thriller” for 2004:

Select the Distribution tab in the top menu, type “2004 thriller” in the search bar, click Search;

2. Find all the quality movies DVDrip with the licensed genre soundtrack Comedy for 2009:

Select the Distribution tab in the top menu, select the 2009 Movies forum, type “comedy dvdrip license” in the search bar, click Search;

On our tracker there is a tool designed to make it easier for you to track new hands and messages on our site – RSS feed.

With it, you will receive notifications of new distributions and messages without entering our site.

To receive notifications of new distributions and messages, you will need an RSS-client (for example, the built-in client from Opera browser, Microsoft Outlook or any other convenient for you).

Links to the RSS feed are located in the top menu of all pages and at the bottom, above the counters.

The link to the RSS feed is context sensitive. This means that the transition through this link on different pages will lead to different results:

– on the main page and pages that do not display the content of the forum and topic – RSS feed of the last hands in all sections;

– on the forum view page – RSS feed of the last distributions of this forum;

– on the topic view page – RSS feed of the latest messages in this topic.

These Rules are designed to streamline communication in this forum, they are binding for all participants.
Administration reserves the right to edit and delete user messages, if these messages do not meet the basic requirements and topics of this forum.
The administration reserves the right to disconnect from the forum persons who violate the procedure and the Rules.
In addition, the Administration reserves the right to modify these Rules.

1. Registration.

Registration on our tracker is voluntary, it is needed only if you decide to take a more active part of our resource (that is, write messages, comments, do your distributions, and not just download, for this, registration is not needed).

Please note, if the name you chose to participate in the forum:
– repeats the already existing or violates the rules of decency and morality (such Nicks as: Hitler, Allah-Akbar, Shokha, Pahan, etc.)
– bears advertising sites
– contains profanity
– similar to the degree of confusion with the moderator or admin,
Your account may be deactivated without notice.

In addition, do not choose yourself avatars that contain obscene images that mimic ranks on the forum or copying avatars of administrators or moderators.
Please note that the signature under your messages can not be used to create links to any other network resources (without any exceptions). If you create a link in your signature and refuse to delete it, your account will be deactivated.

2. Limitations on the forum.
All participants of this forum are prohibited from:
2.1. To offend the forum participants in any form (any rudeness, threats, personal insults and obscene statements, including in a covert form, both in relation to legal entities and specific individuals are prohibited). Participants must observe a respectful form of communication.

2.2. Use in communication on the forum obscene expressions and words, including in a veiled form.

2.3. To engage in overclocking and multiplying off-topic.

2.4. Create themes with names that do not explain briefly its essence: “help”, “problem” and the like.

2.5. Write advertising texts and commercial messages (except for individual cases approved by the administration).

2.6. Do business with the help of a resource (except for individual cases approved by the administration).

2.7. Use the forum as a mail bulletin board for private messages addressed to a particular participant (for this there is mail and LAN).

2.8. To manifest racial, national and religious hostility, to propagandize terrorism, extremism, fascism, drugs and other topics that are incompatible with the generally accepted laws of morality and decency.

2.9. This resource is Russian-speaking, communication in other languages ​​on our forum is undesirable.

2.10. Give links to other resources on the network in order to advertise these resources (exceptions may be links to information, a home page or a description of the program / movie, samples, screenshots, information on the release group, information about the translator group and similar links).

2.11. Publicly make claims and discuss the actions of the moderator or administrator. A forum participant who disagrees with the actions of the moderator may express his disagreement with the moderator by mail or in a personal message. If there is no answer from the moderator or the answer, in the opinion of the participant, unreasonable, the latter has the right to send correspondence with the moderator to the administrator. The final decision is made by the administrator. This decision is final and not negotiable.

3. Restrictions on the tracker.
All those who create the distribution (uploading the file for the public download) are obliged to control the content of this distribution in terms of quality (for example, lack of sound in movies, uninhabited protection in programs, inoperability of the program, etc.).
All participants of the hands on this tracker are prohibited:
3.1. Create and post for download a distribution that duplicates what already exists on goldenshara.com. Duplicating is considered not differing either in content or in quality of the information.

3.2. To create and post for distribution a distribution containing documentary shootings of scenes and objects that violate the social norms of morality.

3.3. Unauthorized reloading the torrent file in the moderator’s private distribution without eliminating the reasons for which the distribution was closed.

The moderator and / or the administrator decides whether to meet these requirements. In their authority to edit, move, close or delete the distribution.

4. Moderators and administrators.
– Moderators are selected from among the most active and competent users of the resource.
– The moderator can be transferred to the “Experienced User” category if there is no active moderator activity for two months or more.
– Moderators monitor compliance with the Forum Rules.
– The moderator can edit or move the user message if he deems necessary.
– The moderator can close the topic, if the topic has lost relevance, if the participants deviated from its essence or for other reasons.
– The moderator can move the topic to the most appropriate category.
The specified actions can be carried out also by the administrator.

5. The avatar and the signature of the forum participants must also comply with the following points:

5.1 Signature:
– Maximum height: 80 points (in other words, no more than four userbars or eight lines of text (font size 10), width: 750 points.
– The total weight of images contained in the signature should not exceed 150 Kb.
– Content: inadmissible violence, threats (on demographic, national, religious or political basis), profanity (profanity, callousness, rudeness, etc.), debauchery (pornography), discrimination in any manifestations, texts and images of advertising or commercial Nature, imitation ranks / ranks of this resource, as well as images of provocative persuasion, incl. Using Nazi symbols.
– Animation: Strongly blinking signatures are prohibited (the degree of blinking is determined by the administration).
– The signature under your messages can not be used to create links to any network resources. If you create a link in your signature, you may be prohibited from displaying the signature without warning.

5.2 Avatar:
– The maximum size: 100х100 points; Weight: up to 50 KB.
– Content: inadmissible violence, threats (on a demographic, national, religious or political basis), profanity (abusive language, callousness, rudeness, etc.), debauchery (pornography), discrimination in any forms, drug propaganda, commercial advertising and Advertising texts, imitation ranks / ranks of this resource, intentional similarity with the avatar’s members of the administration, as well as provocative images, incl. Using Nazi symbols.
– Animation: strongly flashing avatars are prohibited (the degree of blinking is determined by the administration).
Once again we want to remind you that before leaving your message, keep in mind the following:

-In the course of the discussion, a strong request to strictly adhere to the topic!
-Discovery of the declared topic may lead to its (topic) closure.
-Do not open the same topics! From this forum becomes a garbage heap!
-When sorting the same themes, the topics with a later date are deleted first.
-Call the topics so that it’s clear what they are about!
Otherwise, do not be surprised if they are removed or no one answers.

Rules for registering hands on our tracker

Before asking a question, try to search the solution on the forum first. It is possible that your problem is widely known and it has long been a solution. If you still have doubts, determine to which of the subgroups this problem applies, and bring your question to discussion.

Login and Registration
Why can not I login?

Did you register? You must be registered in order to enter. Maybe you have been denied access to the tracker (in this case you will see a message that you entered an incorrect or inactive user name)? If so, then you’d better contact the administrator ([email protected]) to find out why this happened. If you have been registered and you have not been denied access, then make sure that you enter the correct name and password. Usually the problem is precisely this.

Why do I need to register at all?

You can not do this, on our tracker you can download everything without registration, there are no restrictions for downloading without registration, we do not have (including speed). But if you want to leave messages in topics on our forums or create your own distributions – then registration is required.
In addition, registration gives you additional options that are not available to anonymous users: lack of advertising, avatars, private messages, sending e-mail, participating in groups, etc. Registration will take you only a couple of minutes, so we recommend this.

Why does it automatically turn off me?

If you do not check the Remember option, you will be able to remain under your name on the forum for only a limited time. This is done so that no one else can use your account. In order that you do not automatically disconnect from the forum, you can select the Remember option, but we do not recommend you do this on a public computer, for example, in a library, Internet café, university, etc.

How do I prevent my username appearing in the list of active users?

In the settings of your profile you will find the option Hide your stay on the forum, if you choose Yes, you will be visible only to administrators and yourself. For all others, you will be shown as a hidden user.

I forgot password!

Do not panic! Although your password can not be restored, you can be assigned a new one. To do this, click on the Forgot Password ?, follow the instructions and you will be able to log in again soon

I am registered, but I can not login!

First: check if you entered the correct name and password.
Second, it’s possible that your account requires activation. Our tracker requires that all new users be activated independently or by the administrator of the forum before you can enter it. The main reason for activation is that it reduces the opportunities for spam on the tracker. If you received an e-mail, then click on the link in it, if you did not receive the email, make sure that you specified the correct e-mail address. If you are sure that you entered the correct e-mail address, but did not receive the letters, then contact the administrator ([email protected]) of the tracker.

I was registered, but I can not log in anymore!

The most likely reasons are: you entered an incorrect name or password (check the email you were sent when you registered) or the administrator deleted or blocked your account for some reason. If the second is true, then maybe you did not write a single message? User accounts that have not left more than one message are deleted when the inputs to the tracker are not logged in after 365 days

User settings and settings
How can I change my settings?

All your settings are stored in the database (if you are registered). To change them, go to the Profile section (usually the link to it is at the top of the forum, but there may be exceptions). There you can change all your settings

In the forums the wrong time!

Time is usually right, but you can see the time relating to another time zone, not to the one in which you are. In this case, you can change the time zone to the one in which you are: Moscow, Kiev, etc. Please note that to change the time zone, as well as to change most settings, you must be a registered user.

How can I put a picture under my name?

There can be two pictures under the username. The first picture refers to your rank (moderator-intern, moderator, etc.). A little below there can be a bigger picture, called “avatara”.

How can I change my rank?

You can not change your rank, only the administration of the tracker can do it.

When I click on the “Send e-mail” link, do they require me to log in?

Only registered users can send an e-mail through the built-in forum form.

Creating messages
How do I create a topic (distribution) in the forum?

Easily, click on the corresponding button in the forum or topic window. You may have to register before you can post a message. What you can do in this forum is listed at the bottom of the forum page and topic (you can start topics in this forum, you can reply to messages, etc.)

How can I edit or delete a post?

If you are not an administrator or forum moderator, you can edit only your own posts. You can edit the message by clicking on the Edit button pertaining to this message. If someone has already responded to your message, a small text will appear below it, it shows how many times you edited the message. This message does not appear, if no one responds to your message, it also does not appear if your post has been edited by the administrator or moderator (they should leave a note where it says why they did it).

How do I add a signature to my post?

In order to attach a signature, you must first create it in your profile. After the creation, you should tick the Add signature field in the form of sending a message, so that the signature is added. You can also make the signature join by default if you check the corresponding item in your profile (you can disable the signature in certain messages by removing the Attach signature checkbox)

How to create a poll?

Creating a poll is easy: when you create a topic (or edit the first message in the topic, if you have the right) just below the main form for creating messages, you will see the Create poll form. If you do not see it, then most likely you do not have rights to create a survey. You must enter a poll topic, then at least two answer options (to add a response variant, enter it and click the Add option button.) You can also set a time limit for polling, 0 means a permanent poll, there is also a limit on the number of answer options, it is set Administrator.

How can I edit or delete a poll?

As well as messages, polls can only be deleted by their creators, moderators or administrators. To edit the poll, go to edit the first message in the topic (it always applies to the poll). If no one has time to vote, then users can edit or delete the poll, but if someone has already voted, only moderators or administrators can delete it. This is done so that it is impossible to change the answers, while people have already voted.

Why can not I vote in the survey?

Only registered users can participate in the survey (to prevent fraudulent results from anonymous users).
to come back to the beginning

Formatting of messages and types of created themes

What is BBCode?

BBCode is a special implementation of HTML, the ability to use BBCode is determined by the administrator (you can also disable it in every message you create). BBCode is very similar to HTML, the tags in it are enclosed in square brackets [and] rather than <and>, it gives the user more options in creating messages. For more information about BBCode, see the BBCode manual, which is linked to from the message submission form.

Can I use HTML?

No, in our tracker you can not use HTML

What are smileys?

Smileys or emoticons are small pictures that can be used to express feelings, for example 🙂 means joy, 🙁 means sadness.You can see the complete list of emoticons in the form of creating messages.Only do not overuse them: they can easily make a message Unreadable, and the moderator can edit your message, or even delete it.
to come back to the beginning

Can I embed pictures?

You can insert pictures into messages. But there is no way to upload pictures to the forum. You must specify a link to the image that is on a public server, for example: http://www.some-unknown-place.net/my-picture.gif. You can not specify a link to your computer (unless, of course, it is a public server), or to pictures that are behind the authorization mechanism, for example in mail.ru mailboxes, on password-protected sites, etc. To display a picture in a message, use the [img] BBCode tag or the corresponding HTML tag (if allowed).

What is an “Ad”?

The ad often contains important information that you should read as soon as possible. Announcements are always at the very top of the forum in which they were created. The ability to create ads depends on your level of access, which is determined by the administrator.

What is a Sticky Topic?

Sticky topics are below the ads on the forum view page, and thus only on the first page. Usually they also carry some important information, and you should read them as soon as you have the opportunity. Just like when creating ads, you need the required level of access.

What is “The topic is closed”?

Topics can be closed only by moderators or administrators. You can not reply to private topics, and any poll in a closed topic automatically stops. Topics are closed for many reasons …

Levels of users and groups

Who are the administrators?

Administrators have the highest level of control over the forum. These people can control all aspects of the forum: assigning access, disabling users, creating user groups and appointing moderators, etc. They also have full moderator rights in all forums.

Who are the moderators?

Moderators are users (or groups of users) whose job it is to monitor the forums on a daily basis. They have the ability to edit, delete, close and re-open topics, move and share topics in the forums for which they respond. The main tasks of the moderators: not to allow confusion in forums, insults, follow up, so that messages correspond to the topic of the forum.

What are user groups?

Administrators can group users into groups. Each user can be in several groups, and each group can be assigned individual access rights. This makes it easier for administrators to work with the appointment of several users by forum moderators, or by providing access to private forums, etc.

How do I join a group?

In order to join the group, click on the “Groups” link, which is usually at the top (but this depends on the design) and you will see a list of groups. Not all groups are public, some can be private, and some can be hidden. If the group is public, then you can request membership in it by clicking on the corresponding button. The moderator of the group will have to approve your participation in the group, he can ask why you want to join. Please do not pester the group moderator, figuring out why your request was rejected, he may have his reasons.
How do I become a group moderator?

User groups are created by forum administrators, they also appoint group moderators. If you are interested in creating a group, then contact the administrator, try to send him a private message.

Private messages

I can not send a private message!

This can be caused by three reasons; You are not registered and / or not logged in to the forum, the administrator has prohibited sending personal messages to the entire forum or the administrator has forbidden you personally to send private messages. If the third is true, then ask the administrator why he did it.
I keep receiving unwanted private messages all the time!

Inform the administrator: it can generally prohibit this user from sending private messages.
I received a spam or an abusive e-mail from someone from this forum!

I’m sorry to hear that. The form of sending e-mail on this tracker includes precautions and the ability to track users who send such messages. You should write an e-mail to the administrator of the forum with a full copy of the received letter, it is very important to include all the headers (they contain detailed information about the user

Full list of GoldenShara Proxy Sites:

– No proxies yet


Note: Some proxy sites may be outdated or just non-working. In that case please contact us and we will remove old domains. Also if you meet any alive domain that proxy particular torrent site, please leave a link in comments and we will check & add your url to the list.


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